Tracy Marrow Jr is an American musician, popular as the elder son of his parents Ice-T & Darlene Ortiz. Likewise, his father Ice-T is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, producer, and mother Ortiz who is a model and writer.

American musician Tracy Marrow Jr
Caption: American musician Tracy Marrow Jr (Photo: Getty Images) 

Tracy Marrow Jr Mother 

As we already mentioned, he is the elder son of his parents Ice-T (father) and Darlene Ortiz (mother). Tracy Marrow Jr birth date is 23rd November 1991 and his birthplace is New York. Tracy has American nationality and is of Black ethnicity. 

Tracy Marrow Jr with his mother Darlene Ortiz
Caption: Tracy Marrow Jr with his mother Darlene Ortiz (Photo: eCelebrityMirror)

Also, he has two siblings sisters LeTesha Marrow and Chanel Nicole Marrow. His nephew's name is  Elyjah Marrow. Tracy grandparents' were Alice Marrow and Solomon Marrow.

Is Tracy Marrow Jr Married? 

As per reports, Tracy Marrow Jr is yet to be married. Likewise, he has been living a low-profile life regarding his personal life. Well, Marrow Jr might be a married man and have a wife, as we assume. However, without any official information about Tracy's personal life, we can't say anything. Likewise, Tracy might be dating someone but we lack evidence. So without his confirmation, we can't reveal many details about his personal life. 

Tracy Marrow Jr with his friend
Caption: Tracy Marrow Jr with his friend (Photo: Getty Images)

He surely has kept his personal life info far away from the media. He would get his dream girl if he is single. If he is in a relationship, Tracy already got his dream girl. Hope he will soon reveal the details about his girlfriend. Also, he has stayed far away from rumors and controversy. Surely, Marrow Jr will inform his fans if he got married or is involved in a relationship with his girlfriend. 

Tracy Marrow Jr Parents' Relationship

Tracy Marrow Jr mother Darlene at the age of 17 when he just started up his career as a rapper. Then they started dating soon after. Also, they were considered one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. 

Tracy Marrow Jr teenage picture with his father Ice-T
Caption: Tracy Marrow Jr teenage picture with his father Ice-T (Photo: E! Online)

From their romantic relationship, they became parents. Despite being parents of a son, Ice and Darlene couldn't maintain their relationship and separated ways. His parents never got married. Actually, they ended their relationship after their son's birth. Despite his parents, they shared a good relationship till now. 

Why was Tracy Marrow Jr Arrested?

Tracy Marrow Jr was arrested on 10 October 2012 because his vehicle music was too loud. When police pulled him over in Los Angeles, he turned off the music. But the Police arrested him because of a $10,000 warrant on Tracy for speeding.

What is Tracy Marrow Jr Net Worth?

As per reports, Tracy Marrow Jr has a net worth of $1 Million. This celebrity son surely lived a luxurious life since his childhood. Tracy's father Ice-T has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

Tracy Marrow Jr's dad Ice-T sitting inside the car
Caption: Tracy Marrow Jr's dad Ice-T sitting inside the car (Photo: Pinterest)

His father Ice earned $250,000 per episode of "Law & Order: SVU." after working as the writer. Then his work out to around $6 million per season before syndication royalties. Ice sold a penthouse apartment in North Bergen, New Jersey for $1.1 Million in the year 2016. Marrow Jr has been living a lavish life since his childhood.

Height of Tracy Marrow Jr

Tracy Marrow Jr has a height of 5 feet 8 inches i.e (1.73m) tall. While his body weighs around 68kgs or 150lbs. He has black-colored hair with the same color eyes i.e black. 


In the year 2017, Tracy Marrow Jr joined his father’s heavy metal band Body Count. He has been working as the backing vocal. Some of his credit songs include  “Bloodlust” such as “No Lives Matter”, “This Is Why We Ride” and “Raining in Blood / Postmortem 2017”. 

Tracy Marrow Jr posing for picture
Caption: Tracy Marrow Jr posing for a picture (Photo: Getty Images)

Tracy then went on to work with his father on songs “Bum-Rush”, “All Love Is Lost” and “The Ski Mask Way”, by the end of 2017. Then rumors started circulating the internet that Tracy might launch his solo career. But later the news turned out to be fake. For now, he is busy improving his skills. However, Tracy has over 31.6k followers on his Instagram but he has kept his Instagram account private. 

Short Info About Tracy Marrow Jr's Father Ice-T

Tracy Marrow Jr's father is well-known by his stage name Ice-T who is an American rapper, songwriter, actor & producer. In 1987, after releasing his debut album Rhyme Pays, he was signed to Sire Records. This was the first hip-hop album to include explicit content stickers. Rhyme $yndicate Records was established by Marrow Sr (named after the collective of hip-hop artists he was part of), and he released Power, another platinum-selling album. Several of his albums have also gone gold. Ice-T co-founded the heavy metal band Body Count, which he introduced on the track "Body Count" from his 1991 rap album O.G Original Gangster. In the year 1992, the band released its self-titled debut album.

Tracy Marrow Jr's father Ice-T performing  in the stage
Caption: Tracy Marrow Jr's father Ice-T performing on the stage (Photo: CNBC)

During the release of his track "Cop Killer", Ice-T faced controversy over the lyrics that discussed killing police officers. Warner Bros released him from his contract. Later in February 1993, he released his next solo album, Home Invasion, through Priority Records. During the late 1990s, Ice-T released two more albums Body Count & Born Dead. Ice-T appeared in small roles in several films during the 1980s, including Breakin', Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Rappin', before his breakthrough role in New Jack City in 1991, playing police detective Scotty Appleton.

Tracy Marrow Jr's dad Ice-T posing for picture
Caption: Tracy Marrow Jr's dad Ice-T posing for a picture (Photo: GeekWire)

For his role in Surviving the Game in the year 1994, he received top billing, & he continued to appear in small roles in TV series and other films throughout the 1990s. In the NBC crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, he portrays Detective/Sergeant Odafin Tutuola since 2000. On E!, a reality television show called Ice Loves Coco, featuring Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin, aired for three seasons from 2011-2013. He began hosting the Oxygen cable channel's true-crime documentary In Ice Cold Blood in 2018, which is in its third season as of 2020.