Darlene Ortiz became popular after being featured as the first cover girl of rap & became a Hip Hop icon. Also, she has appeared in multiple music videos and modeled in dozens of magazines.

Picture of American personality, Darlene Ortiz
Caption: Picture of American personality, Darlene Ortiz (Photo: Instagram)

Is Darlene Ortiz Mexican?

In the year 1967, Darlene was born and raised in the Ortiz family. However, she isn't of Mexican ethnicity. Darlene is of Asian ethnicity. 

Childhood picture of Darlene Ortiz with a dog
Caption: Childhood picture of Darlene Ortiz with a dog (Photo: Instagram)

Likewise, she has American nationality.

Is Darlene Ortiz Married?

Darlene Ortiz is yet to be married, therefore, she hasn't a husband. For a long period of time, she remains single. In the past, Darlene was in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Ice-T. Her ex-boyfriend's name is Ice-T whose full name is Tracy Lauren Marrow

Darlene Ortiz with her ex-boyfriend Ice-T & their son
Caption: Darlene Ortiz with her ex-boyfriend Ice-T & their son (Photo: Getty Images)

Therefore, she was unable to get married to her boyfriend & make him her husband. After the breakup with her boyfriend, she lives a low-profile life. Therefore, only limited information about Darlene's personal life available. 

Is Darlene Ortiz a Mother of  Kids? 

Yes, Darlene Ortiz is a mother of a son, shared with her ex-boyfriend Ice-T. Reportedly, Darlene met Ice-T for the first time in the year 1984 MC’d at the now-famous Radiotron in Los Angeles. In an effort to impress Darlene at the club, he told her he would like to put her on the cover of his next album. In 2015, Darlene told Complex;

Darlene Ortiz with her ex-beau Ice-T
Caption: Darlene Ortiz with her ex-beau Ice-T (Photo: Pinterest)

“When we went on our first date he was like, ‘I don’t really even have an album.’ He was like, ‘I don’t even have a deal"


Then she appeared on the cover of his debut album, Rhyme Pays. Darlene referred to her 17-year relationship as "beautiful," even though Ice-T is almost ten years her senior. Ice-T was an inspiration to Darlene and their relationship reflected her childhood. She said

Darlene Ortiz with her ex-boyfriend Ice-T
Caption: Darlene Ortiz with her ex-boyfriend Ice-T  (Photo: Getty Images)

“I didn’t have any guidance. He could’ve told me anything; I was so intrigued with him. He used to pimp when he was in the service for extra cash. That very well could’ve happened to me. I was that open when I met him”


Darlene added that her tomboy upbringing also contributed to her success in music.

“Well, I was a tomboy, and when I started here. I started gravitating towards the entire hip-hop movement. I just felt it. And, I turned into a b-girl. So I went from a tomboy to a b-girl. Kind of a natural transition right there, and I just started dancing”

Darlene Ortiz with her ex-boyfriend Ice-T
Caption: Darlene Ortiz with her ex-boyfriend Ice-T  (Photo: Getty Images)


Out of their romantic relationship, Darlene & Ice-T became parents of a son Tracy Marrow Jr. The duo's son Marrow Jr was born on November 23, 1991. After the birth of their child, they couldn't maintain their relationship. Sadly, Darlene & Ice-T ended their relationship with a breakup in the year 2001. Darlene published her memoir about her earlier life when their son was older, titled, “Definition of Down: My Life with Ice T and the Birth of Hip Hop.”

“I had to share our story, but our son was way too young to do it then so I had to wait until he was an adult and could better understand what I was going to put in there. It’s really a great story”


About Darlene Ortiz's Ex-Boyfriend Ice-T

Darlene Ortiz's ex-boyfriend's full name is Tracy Lauren Marrow well-known as Ice-T born on February 16, 1958. In the early 1980s, Ice-T started his career as a musician. His band Body Count was founded by him and he is a member as well. The rapper's hit studio albums include Rhyme Pays, Power, O.G. Original Gangster, Home Invasion, The Seventh Deadly Sin, Body Count, Manslaughter, etc. 

Picture of Darlene Ortiz's ex-partner Ice-T
Caption: Picture of Darlene Ortiz's ex-partner Ice-T  (Photo: Twitter)

Ice-T has received the honorary Grammy Award twice in his career, once in 1991 and again in 2021. Two of his songs have been nominated for MTV Video Music Awards. In 1996 and 2002, the vocalist won the NAACP Image Award twice. The rapper's private life is known to the public due to his prominence. Ice-T has been in several relationships but currently is married to his wife Coco Austin.

Darlene Ortiz's Net Worth

Darlene Ortiz has a net worth of over $1 Million, earned out of her professional career. Her prime source of earnings came from the entertainment industry. While working as a model, Darlene earned a handsome sum of money. 

Darlene Ortiz clicking selfie while sitting inside the car
Caption: Darlene Ortiz clicking selfie while sitting inside the car (Photo: Instagram)

Also, she earned a handsome sum from working as a fitness instructor. Sadly, her yearly salary has yet to be mentioned in the public. Darlene Ortiz's ex-boyfriend Ice-T's net worth is estimated at around $60 Million

What is the Height of Darlene Ortiz? 

Being a mode & fitness instructor, Darlene has a healthy & slim fit body. Darlene Ortiz has a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.72 M tall. While her body weighs around 143 pounds or 65Kg. Darlene has black color hair with dark brown eyes color.


A renowned model, entrepreneur, writer, fitness influencer, internet personality, and songwriter, Darlene Ortiz lives in New York City. Tracy Lauren Marrow aka Ice-T, the famous American rapper she dated for almost 17 years, made her famous. As well as appearing in her ex-partner's music videos, she has appeared in other music videos. Audiences consider her a hip-hop icon due to her appearances in such videos. 

Picture collection of Darlene Ortiz
Caption: Picture collection of Darlene Ortiz (Photo: Instagram)

Also, she has been working as a radio personality who co-hosts a radio show with Corey Holcomb. She first became famous under Ice-T's shadow, but later created her own personality in the industry. Co-authored her biography, Definition of Down: My Life with Ice T & the Birth of Hip Hop - B/w Version, with the eminent author Heidi Cuda. Also, she is active on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter as well as Facebook.