English actor, Alan Rickman well-known for his role in the Harry Potter Franchise. Likewise, he appeared in a number of additional films over the years.

Picture of English actor, Alan Rickman
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Alan Rickman Early Life

In the neighborhood of Acton, London, he was born on February 21st of 1946. His birth name Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman. He grew up with three siblings and working-class parents in the rubble of World War II. His parents Bernard Rickman (father), and Margaret Doreen Rose Bartlett (mother). When he was 8 years old, his dad Bernard pass away from cancer. Alan also had a tight jaw at birth, which contributed to the distinctive tone of voice that would later make him stand out in the acting profession.

Alan's mom Margaret raise the family alone after the passing of his father. At an early age, he displayed artistic talents at school. He attended Chelsea College of Art and Design after finishing high school before going to the Royal College of Art. He first made the decision to pursue a career in graphic design because he believed it would be more reliable and stable than performing. Eventually, he left the graphic design studio and focused entirely on his professional acting career. After his audition, he was subsequently admitted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He attended this prestigious theater school for two years, ultimately graduating in 1974.


Rickman's first acting jobs after graduating from RADA came from avant-garde theatrical organizations. He started playing in productions of Shakespeare's plays during the early years of his professional career. Soon after, he started working with the Royal Shakespeare Company and had his big TV debut in "The Barchester Chronicles." Also, he quickly began to book lead roles on the stage, resulting in a Tony Award nomination for his role in an adaptation of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses." He started to get main roles on the stage swiftly, which led to a Tony Award nomination for his performance in an adaptation of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses." Alan debuted in Hollywood in 1988's "Die Hard," portraying the German bad guy Hans Gruber against Bruce Willis. His portrayal of a villain regarded as one of the most recognizable in movie history because of his performance.

Alan Rickman with his co-stars
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This proved to be a lucrative niche for Rickman as he went on to establish himself as one of Hollywood's most sought-after villains. Also, he credited with "stealing the show" at Kevin Costner's expense. Additionally, in the 1990s, he played parts in "Truly, Madly, Deeply," "Sense and Sensibility," and "Quigley Down Under." Alan continued to perform on stage and received a lot of positive press for many London and New York-based theatre shows. Despite having had success playing villains, he eventually grew dissatisfied with his typecasting. As a result, he pursued several humorous parts in movies like "Galaxy Quest."

Picture of Alan Rickman
Caption: Picture of Alan Rickman (Photo: wikimedia)

Rickman played Severus Snape in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" in 2001, which is perhaps one of his most iconic performances. Up to the release of the last film in 2011, he would continue to portray this character. Throughout the 2000s, Alan continued to make cameos in films and plays such as "Love Actually," "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," and "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." Alan's productivity started to decline by the 2010s. He garnered a lot of appreciation for his depiction of Snape in the whole "Harry Potter" series once the last movie was released. Then Alan continued to appear on stage in plays like "Seminar." He directed & starred in a film called "A Little Chaos" in the year 2014. His most recent significant live-action picture, 2015's "Eye in the Sky," opened to resounding critical acclaim. 

Alan Rickman Net Worth

At the time of his death, Alan Rickman's net worth estimated at around $16 Million. He became the 20th highest-grossing actor in film history, mostly due to the Harry Potter franchise. As per reports, his films have grossed over $3.4 billion

Alan Rickman coming out of the car
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His home loft in West Village, New York, hit the market for $1.69 million in the year 2020. Originally, he purchased the residence for just under $1 million in 2009. Likewise, Rickman had lived a lavish life when he was alive. 

Personal Life of Alan Rickman

At the age of 18, he met Rima Horton in 1965, who became his partner in the early 1970s. They were together ever since 1965. From 1986 until 2006, his wife Horton served on the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council as a councilor for the Labour Party. Also, she is an economics lecturer at Kingston University in London. 

Alan Rickman with his wife Rima Horton
Caption: Alan Rickman with his wife Rima Horton (Photo: people)

As per reports, Alan got married to his wife Rima Horton in a private ceremony in New York City in 2012. Actually, he confirmed the news of their wedding in the year 2015. Sadly, the married couple never had any children. Once Alan said about the decision; 
"You should remember I am not the only one involved. There is another person here. I would have loved a family."


Also, Alan laughed that he bought Rima a $200 gold band ring "that she never wears". 

About Alan Rickman Death

In the year 2015, he began experiencing serious medical issues and suffered a minor stroke. The medical check revealed that Alan had pancreatic cancer that had not yet been detected. 

Picture of Alan Rickman
Caption: Picture of Alan Rickman (Photo: guim)

Later it was discovered that this cancer was deadly, and Alan only told his closest friends and family members. He lost his battle with cancer on January 14, 2016, at the age of 69, and died in London.

Alan Rickman Height

Alan Rickman had a height of 6 feet or 1.85 m tall.