Keith Nale, a best-known firefighter, who rose to popularity after becoming a part of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” and “Survivor: Cambodia”.

Picture of Firefighter, Keith Nale
Caption: Picture of Firefighter, Keith Nale (Photo: eonline)

When was Keith Nale Born?

On March 23, 1961, he was born in Louisiana USA. He was a private person who had kept his personal life private. Nale graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Agriculture.

Job of Keith Nale

Nale worked as a Fire Caption for the City of Shreveport Fire Department in Louisiana. Likewise, he owned a Ranch and managed it along with his family. In the year 2015, Keith had a passion for politics and ran for Bossier Parish Police Jury but lost. 

Career of Nale in The Survivor Show

Keith struggled with the strategic aspect of the game and the misfit role that his folksy nature first put him in San Juan del Sur as an underdog from the start. He was frequently attacked following the merging and never established himself as a fundamental component of any lasting coalition. He nevertheless made it all the way to the final four as a result of his prowess in Immunity Challenges and a great sense of opportunity, which allowed him to act as a mercenary vote between competing alliances. Keith missed the Final Tribal Council by one day when eventual winner Natalie Anderson persuaded Jaclyn Schultz that he posed the greatest threat to victory.

Keith Nale posing for the picture
Caption: Keith Nale posing for the picture (Photo: deadline)

When he got back to Cambodia, Keith played a similar game that was a little more cooperative and spent some time in the Bayon Alliance in the majority. He soon switched his allegiance to the Witches' Coven coalition though, when his seeming strategic inattention cost him the respect of his comrades. As a result, his laid-back demeanor and understated opportunism once again propelled him further into the fray. Just two days before the Final Tribal Council, he was ousted after Kelley Wentworth, the main target of the majority, earned immunity.

Keith Nale Net Worth

At the time of his death, Keith Nale had an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million as per reports. From his working career as a fire captain, he earned a hefty sum of money. 

Keith Nale sitting in the swing
Caption: Keith Nale sitting in the swing (Photo: foxtv)

Also, he earned handsome money being a part of the survival show. Nale had lived a comfortable during his life time. 

Wife of Keith Nale

At the time of his death, Keith was happily married to his wife Dana Nale. His wife Dana, graduate of Stephen High School. They kept their marriage a very private matter and haven't discussed it much in the media. 

Keith Nale with his wife Dana Nale
Caption: Keith Nale with his wife Dana Nale (Photo: usmagazine)

The couple became parents of two kids, a son Wesley Nale and a daughter Shannon Nale. Keith and his wife Dana have been married for around three decades before their marriage ended with his death.

Keith Nale Death

Keith Nale's cause of death is cancer. At the age of 62, he passed away. Before his death, Nale battled cancer for a few months. The team of Juan del Sur and 2015's Survivor: Cambodia said;

Picture of Keith Nale
Caption: Picture of Keith Nale (Photo: parade)

"On behalf of the entire Survivor crew, we send our deepest condolences to the Nale family," the statement said. "Keith was a one-of-a-kind human. Completely unique in every way. He brought endless joy and laughter to Survivor fans and to those of us who made the show with him. He was adored by so many and will be greatly missed."


Keith Nale Height

Keith Nale had a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75 m tall.