Marlene Golden Wilkerson rose to popularity as the celebrity wife of American professional basketball player, Kyrie Irving.

Picture of Marlene Golden Wilkerson
Caption: Picture of Marlene Golden Wilkerson (Photo: Instagram)

When was Marlene Golden Wilkerson Born? 

On the 18th of August, 1993, Marlene Golden Wilkerson was born in Compton, California, United States. Sadly, she has kept the details of her parents private. She is the daughter of Alaine Lee Lugo. Her mom Lugo worked as a registered nurse, but not much is known about her father. Also, she has a sibling brother whose identity is kept private. 

Childhood picture of Marlene Golden Wilkerson
Caption: Childhood picture of Marlene Golden Wilkerson (Photo: Instagram)

Having American nationality, Wilkerson is of African-American ethnicity. She joined San Jacinto High School located in San Jacinto, California. In 2011, Marlene enrolled at California State University located in Dominguez Hills. She graduated with a degree in Marketing in the year 2015.


In November 2011, she started working as a marketing associate for Victoria’s Secret. Wilkerson joined Hillstone Restaurant as a server after working for three years, in 2014. She began to work at Crystal Clean LA in 2015. In the company, she worked as a marketing intern. Marlene founded her brand, The Find Guru in June 2015 and working as the CEO of the brand. Also, she is a lifestyle guru, model, and blogger. She created a YouTube channel called The Find Guru on September 6, 2015. Her YouTube channel seeks to spread a clean, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Marlene mostly produces content about beauty, exercise, and fashion.

Marlene Golden Wilkerson posing for the picture
Caption: Marlene Golden Wilkerson posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

As per reports, her YouTube channel has more than 782k subscribers with over 51.75 million views as of this writing. She discusses in one of the videos on her channel how she launched her own company at the age of 20. After graduating from college, she says she started her own clothing brand and promoted it on social media. In addition to all of these things, Wilkerson is working to build a career as an Instagram model. 

What's Marlene Golden Wilkerson Net Worth?

As per reports, Marlene Golden Wilkerson has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. She has her own company and is a well-known social media influencer, which is essentially her main source of income. Also, she definitely earns a respectable sum of money from her YouTube channel. Similarly to this, sponsored Instagram posts may be another way for her to make money. On the other hand, her husband Kyrie Irving's net worth is estimated at around $90 Million.

Marlene Golden Wilkerson sitting inside the car
Caption: Marlene Golden Wilkerson sitting inside the car (Photo: Instagram)

Also, he has been earning an annual salary of around $35 Million. Unfortunately, his anti-Semitic remarks caused him to lose a number of his prominent sponsors. However, Kyrie has been earning a big buck from his NBA deals. He signed one of the largest in the NBA contract, worth $136.5 million with the Brooklyn Nets on July 6, 2019. 

Is Marlene Golden Wilkerson Married?

Reports suggested Marlene Golden Wilkerson got married to her husband Kyrie Irving. However, the duo hasn't confirmed any news regarding their marriage. Reportedly, Wilkerson and Irving began dating in the year 2018. Previously, she was romantically involved with soccer player Layvin Kurzawa and basketball player Dexter Strickland. They were first seen together in public in 2018 at Kyrie's Invitational, yet their first meeting or date has not been made public.

Marlene Golden Wilkerson with Kyrie Irving
Caption: Marlene Golden Wilkerson with Kyrie Irving (Photo: Instagram)

Then, they ignited engagement speculation when Marlene was seen wearing a huge diamond ring on her finger in the year 2019. The paparazzi caught a photo of the stone on Marlene's finger as she and Kyrie out in New York City. A year after disclosing the rock on her finger, Marlene stopped following Kyrie on Instagram. Kyrie stopped pursuing her on Instagram as well, but whatever the issue was, it was handled immediately.

Marlene Golden Wilkerson Kids

She fell pregnant with a baby boy in 2020. Later, she posted pregnancy photos that featured her and her spouse Irving. She captioned; 
“14 months postpartum, and it’s my favorite journey yet. “A teacher, leader, explorer, observer, and protector. The most gentle father and best friend. We celebrate your presence and impact daily.”
Marlene Golden Wilkerson with Kyrie Irving & their son
Caption: Marlene Golden Wilkerson with Kyrie Irving & their son (Photo: Instagram)

The couple blessed with a son, born in June 2021. However, they have kept their son's identity private. Marlene welcomed their second child a daughter, whose identity also kept private. She is the mother of two kids (son & daughter). 

Height of Marlene Golden Wilkerson

Marlene Golden Wilkerson has a height of 1.73 meters or 5 feet 6 inches tall. While her body weighs around 66 kg or 145 pounds. Likewise, Marlene has black curly hair with beautiful dark brown eyes.