Caitlin Dewey is an American journalist and cultural commentator who founded the paper's blog, The Intersect. Also, she writes for the Buffalo News who had worked for The Washington Post.

Picture of American Journalist, Caitlin Dewey
Caption: Picture of American Journalist, Caitlin Dewey (Photo: The Washington Post)

What is Caitlin Dewey Net Worth?   

As per reports, Caitlin Dewey has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million. Out of her working career, Dewey has been able to collect a decent sum of money. According to salaryexplore, the average salary of a Journalist in the United States typically earns around $110,000  per year.

Caitlin Dewey posing for a picture out the building
Caption: Caitlin Dewey posing for a picture out the building (Photo: nytimes)

Caitlin has been earning money and living a comfortable life. As her popularity grew, Dewey's net worth will be increased. Also, she has been earning money working as a writer. 

When was Caitlin Dewey Born?

On August 15, 1989, Caitlin Dewey was born and grew up in Buffalo, New York. Her full name is Caitlin Dewey Rainwater. However, she has hidden the details of her family background, parents, and siblings details. Caitlin has American nationality and is of white ethnicity. 

After graduating from a local high school, she joined the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Also, Dewey won The New York Times' 2012 "Modern Love: College Essay Contest". Also, she can speak Spanish fluently. 

When Caitlin Dewey Started Her Professional Career?

In the year 2011, Caitlin Dewey started her professional career as a reporter. She writes for the Buffalo News. After working years for The Washington Post, she gained experience. Then Caitlin founded the Post's blog the Intersect. Also, she was the food policy writer for Wonkblog, another Post blog. In December 2015, she wrote an 82-week column for the Post entitled "What Was Fake On The Internet This Week". 

Caitlin Dewey posing for a picture
Caption: Caitlin Dewey posing for a picture (Photo: Pinterest)

After her reporting on Gamergate, which involves harassment of women in the online gaming world, the issue was investigated by Congress. Caitlin has won awards from the Society of Features Journalism and other organizations. From 2014 to 2016, she published a daily newsletter about internet culture, Links I would GChat you if we were friends. In the year 2016, due to her work, she was a Webby Award honoree. Caitlin resurrected the newsletter as a weekly mailing, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Who is Caitlin Dewey Husband?

Caitlin Dewey is happily married to her husband Jason Rainwater. As per reports, she met Jason online. After knowing each other well, they started dating and fell in love. Before getting married, the duo had dated for many years. Eventually, Caitlin tied the wedding knot to her husband Rainwater on September 2, 2017. 

Caitlin Dewey with her husband Jason Rainwater
Caption: Caitlin Dewey with her husband Jason Rainwater (Photo: nytimes)

Caitlin and Jason got married in the presence of friends and family. As per reports, the duo's lavish wedding ceremony was held in the mansion on Avenue a luxury hotel. After their marriage, the couple has been living blissfully together. Caithlin has yet to share news about her kids. 

Caitlin Dewey Height

Caitlin Dewey stands at a decent height with a slim body. While Caitlin has light brown and hazel eyes color.