American podcaster, announcer, internet entrepreneur, and media personality, Adam Clark Curry is famous for his stint as VJ on MTV. Also, he is one of the first celebrities personally to create and administer Web sites.

Adam Curry, American Announcer
Caption: Adam Curry, American Announcer

What is Adam Curry Net Worth?

From his working career, he has been earning a handsome sum of money. Therefore, Adam Curry has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. But surely he has been earning an over-average salary after years of experience. He founded a video-sharing site called PodShow, which later changed its name to Mevio, with Ron Bloom in the year 2005. 

Picture of Adam Curry
Caption: Picture of Adam Curry (Photo: amazon)

Then Mevio claimed to have reached 9 million unique visitors in May 2008 just after three years. After that, it raised money around $15 million third round in July 2008. The company "brand safe" has raised over $38 million since its launch. Later, Meviore was branded as Bitesize Entertainment and ultimately BiteSizeTV, located in Los Angeles, CA. 

Adam Curry Eyes (Disease)

Curry has Tourette syndrome as he has discussed. It is an eyes disease of Adam Curry in which, he might repeatedly blink your eyes, shrug your shoulders or blurt out unusual sounds or offensive words. 

Adam Curry Parents

Adam Curry was born on 3 September 1964, as Adam Clark Curry in Arlington County, Virginia, United States. His birth sign is Virgo. 

He was born to parents Valerie Gail Clark (mother) and Jay Curry (father). Having American nationality, Adam belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Adam Curry Height

Adam Curry has a height of 1.96 meters tall or 6 feet 5 inches tall. Also, he has light white-colored hair with hazel-colored eyes. 

Who is Adam Curry Wife? His Daughter

Adam Curry was married to Dutch television/radio personality Patricia Paay. The couple married in 1989. After living together for a long time, they divorced in the year 2009. From their marriage, the couple has a daughter, Christina Curry

Adam Curry with his ex-wife Patricia Paay
Caption: Adam Curry with his ex-wife Patricia Paay

After the divorce from Patricia, he again married Micky Hoogendijk who is a Dutch actress, presenter, model, and professional photographer. The couple married in July 2012. On January 29, 2015, Adam announced on the No Agenda Show that he and Hoogendijk had separated.

Adam Curry with his ex-wife Micky Hoogendijk
Caption: Adam Curry with his ex-wife Micky Hoogendijk

The couple divorced in 2015. After that, he married his girlfriend Tina Snider after dating for four years on May 19, 2019, in Austin, Texas. Adam is the nephew of former CIA official and the United States Ambassador to Korea, Donald Gregg, whom he calls "Uncle Don" in his podcast.

Where Does Adam Curry Live?

Adam Curry has lived in Belgium, Guildford, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin at one time or another since 1999.

Career Started in the early 80s

Adam lived in his hometown until he was eight years old. Later, he moved to Amstelveen in The Netherlands where he lived there until the late ‘80s. Also, he became involved in radio in the early ‘80s. After that, he started at a Dutch pirate radio under the name John Holden, and soon enough made a break with the Dutch weekly pop-music television program entitled “Countdown”.

Adam Curry adulthood picture
Caption: Adam Curry adulthood picture

 Also, the show had an English version, which was broadcast through the pan-European music channel Music Box. Further on, he joined Veronica, a Dutch broadcast station where he worked as a host for several radio and TV shows produced by the station.

In the year 1987, he returned to the States and got the job of VJ on MTV; he was the host of “Headbangers Ball”, “MTV Top 20 Video Countdown”, and many others. During his stint on “MTV's top 20 Video Countdown”, he interviewed several music stars including Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

Also, he worked on radio, hosting the national program HitLine USA, which also added to his net worth. Back in the year 1993, he started a website with the domain name, which was disapproved by MTV’s officials and Adam’s superiors, which resulted in a suit by MTV for unauthorized use of their domain name.

Adam Curry, American Announcer
Caption: Adam Curry, American Announcer

However, Adam didn’t give up on the idea to put his voice online as well launched OnRamp, a web-portal design, and hosting company. Soon enough his company grew in size, and success was unavoidable. 

Then he sold his firm to Think New Ideas Inc. which was partly his firm. Later on, it was merged with Answerthink; just before the acquisition, it counted more than 7400 employees and had operations in seven countries.

After concluding his business ventures in the USA

Curry moved back to The Netherlands, where he easily found new engagements thanks to the old glory; he was the host of a morning talk/music show on Radio Veronica. Moreover, he also made several appearances on screen, which included being a part of the reality show “Adam’s Family”, with the rest of the cast being his wife and children.

Adam Curry, American Announcer
Caption: Adam Curry, American Announcer

After that, he started the multimedia company United Resources of Jamby, however, it was unsuccessful, alongside several other ventures in 1999. Nevertheless, he made a break with the PodShow in 2004, a video-sharing site, which he used for launching several podcast shows, like “Daily Source Code”, while also teaming up with other TV and radio personalities to give them a chance to showcase their own programs.

The highly popular result “The Dawn and Drew Show”, hosted by Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus. His PodShow started in 2005, on Sirius Satellite Radio, and lasted until the year 2007. Curry then started hosting “No Agenda”, with John C. Dvorak. Then his show reached extreme popularity, which increased his net worth to a large degree.