YouTuber, Derrick Jaxn is generally known as the Relationship Guru. His own video blog tributes regularly manage sentiment and connections. 

YouTuber; Derrick Jaxn
Caption: YouTuber; Derrick Jaxn

Who is Derrick Jaxn Wife? 

Derrick Jaxn wife Da'Naia Jackson filed for divorce from the relationship expert on August 28, 2020. Also, she claimed, the duo had been separated for at least six months at the time of the filing. Jackson with her two young children lived in Colorado. Also, she explained entitled to a divorce on the grounds that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” with “no prospects for a reconciliation.” Da'Naia claimed she is “fit and proper” and giving her primary physical custody of the minor children is in their "best interests."

Derrick Jaxn with his wife Da’Naia Jackson
Caption: Derrick Jaxn with his wife Da’Naia Jackson (Photo: The Sun)

She asked that she have sole discretion and joint legal custody of the minor children. In compliance with the Georgia Child Support Guidelines, Da'Naia asked the court to order child support. She claimed that Derrick is her "very dependent" source of maintenance and support. Well, she court filing said 

“She is entitled to receive lump sum and/or periodic alimony from Respondent on both a temporary and permanent basis.”
Caption: Derrick Jaxn with his 2 kids (Photo: Instagram)

Likewise, she requested Derrick pay her attorney fees. As per reports, Jaxn never responded to the petition. On October 2, 2020,  Da’Naia dismissed the divorce.

When Derrick Jaxn Got Married? 

Derrick Janxn got married to his wife Da'Naia Jackson in January 2018. Prior to the wedding, they shared daughter Marley Jaxn born in October 2016. In November 2016, they got ready for marriage. At that point, she was experiencing post-pregnancy anxiety. It helped her tackle the issues with respect to her downturn and to fit impeccably in her wedding dress also.

Derrick Jaxn with his wife Da’Naia Jackson in their wedding
Caption: Derrick Jaxn with his wife Da’Naia Jackson in their wedding (Photo: The Sun)

His wife Da'Naia remains at home dealing with their little girl and helps Derrick in his business and personal adventures. Likewise, they shared another kid whose details yet to be out. The couple is still married despite facing troubles in their married life. 

Derrick Jaxn Ethnicity

On July third, 1989, Derrick Jaxn was born in Alabama, United States. He separated from his parents at an early age. He was raised by a single parent a while later. He confronted a couple of issues because of the absence of family underpins. Having American nationality, Jaxn is of Afro-American.

He has 5 siblings whose details yet to be out in the media. Likewise, J
axn graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Business and Information Science. After his graduation, he began working.

Derrick Jaxn Height

Derrick Jaxn remains at a height of 5 feet 7 inches i.e 1.7meters tall. He has a muscular body with a body weighing around 196 pounds or 89kg. Jaxn has black eyes color with dark black hair shading.

Did Derrick Jaxn Cheat on His Wife?

Yes, Derrick Jaxn has cheated on his wife Jackson. He along with his wife uploaded a video under the title "Did I Cheat in My Marriage? #TheTruth". Derrick accepted that he was unfaithful during his marriage as revealed in the video. 

Derrick Jaxn with his wife Da’Naia Jackson
Caption: Derrick Jaxn with his wife Da’Naia Jackson (Photo: The Sun)

But his wife Jackson stood by his side shockingly. After this incident many questions arise and people thought, she was forced by her husband but she also denied it. 

Past Relationship of Derrick Jaxn 

At the point when he shared a viral video of a man getting dismissed by his better half in the wake of proposing marriage freely. At that point, he shared the account of his proposition disappointment with his sweetheart. Derrick composed

'Yeeears back, I nearly wound up in this identical circumstance with my then-sweetheart, however express gratitude toward God I asked her first in private on the off chance that she would wed me and she affably told my rear end NOPE! I took that ring directly off loan and spared myself the mortification this sibling needed to persevere.' 

 He showed his weak history and lonely relationships. Additionally, he had a great impulse in playing it safe in a relationship from the beginning.

What is Derrick Jaxn's Net Worth? 

Derrick Jaxn has an estimated net worth of $2.5 Million. Also, his YouTube channel makes pays between $8.4k-$134.5k yearly. Derrick sells several books, including the titles “A Cheating Man’s Heart” and “Single Mothers Are for Grown Men Only!”, which retail from anywhere between $9.99 for a single copy to a bundle of books for $28.99 and a Mentally Stimulate Me series of card games which includes a complete set for $74.99 on his derrickjaxn dot com. 

Derrick Jaxn clicking selfie while sitting inside the car
Caption: Derrick Jaxn clicking a selfie while sitting inside the car (Photo: Instagram)

Also, the featured product on the site is the book “Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other,” for $19.99From the books distributed, he has been earning a good aggregate of cash.

Career & Books of Derrick Jaxn

After graduation, he began working in deals and advertising positions for the Fortune 500 Company. At that point, Jax started his YouTube divert in December 2010. He has been making recordings on the subject of adoration, sentiment rules, and regulations seeing someone at that point.

Derrick Jaxn posing for the picture
Caption: Derrick Jaxn posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

At that point, Derrick has gathered more than 800k+ endorsers on his YouTube channel named Derrick Jaxn. During his school years, he was a competitor. Jaxn discovered his enthusiasm for composing and has distributed in excess of 5 books. Additionally, he is a powerful orator too. 

Derrick Jaxn posing for the picture
Caption: Derrick Jaxn posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

He is additionally a creator and inspirational orator with respect to life and connections. He has just distributed nine acclaimed books like Don't Forget Your Crown, I Still Want It, A Cheating Man's Heart, A Cheating Man's Heart 2, I Still Deserve It, Single Mother is for Grown Men Only, and I've Come Too Far.