Candy Stevens came into the spotlight for having illicit relationships with Charles Manson. Likewise, her ex-husband Charles American lawbreaker and clique pioneer. 

Caption: Ex-Wife of Charles Manson

Candy Stevens Real Name

Her real name Leona Rae Musser. As per reports, Candy was born around the year 1940. Well, details of her birthplace unclear but she originated from Los Angeles, California.

Having American nationality, Candy is of Caucasian ethnicity. It is described in the book  The Family: The Story of Charles Manson’s Dune Buggy Attack Battalion by author, Ed Sanders. Generally, people assumed, she might have come from a broken family most possibly for her choice of career. 

Stevens Job

She along with her ladies, served as a protitute across the States. Her late husband attempted to increase his domain in December 1959 by transporting Candy and another girl from California to New Mexico so they could perform feats in Lordsburg.

But they were discovered by the cops. Charlie was facing new federal charges for transgressing the Mann Act, which outlawed moving women across state lines for prostitution.

Candy Stevens Net Worth

From her work, she may have collected decent sum of money. As per reports, Candy Stevens has an estimated net worth of around $500, thousand. Yet, details of her actual worth missing. 

Candy Stevens & Charles Manson Relationship

Candy met Charles in her late teens probably around the mid-’50s. Then she started working as a prostitute for him. It's unknown if she already worked in the field or if Charles forced her into it.

She was just another pimp that he was profiting from. In order to persuade the judge and jury to forgive her murderous husband, she also on one or two instances lied about being pregnant.

Candy Stevens Married Life with Husband Manson

Candy Stevens got married to her husband Charles Manson in 1959, according to authors Lis Wiehl and Caitlin Rother’s book, Hunting Charles Manson: The Quest for Justice in the Days of Helter Skelter. He tried to sabotage investigators by marrying Stevens, but law forbade wives to testify against their husbands.

Despite that, she ended up testifying against the late murderer husband Manson and he went to prison again. Therefore, she didn't have a blissful married life with her spouse. She became pregnant with Manson’s child in March 1960. 

Candy became mother of a son Charles Luther Manson, born in September 1960. Finally, she got divorce from Manson officially in January 1964. Likewise, she got full custody of her son Charles Luther Manson. 

About Candy Stevens Son

As per reports, Candy son has Charles Luther Manson reportedly changed his name to Jay Charles Warner

Well, he gained popular due to his infamous parents. As per reports, Charles died of unknown causes in 2007. 

Candy Stevens Ex-Husband Charles Manson Death

Charles Manson died in jail while serving life his punishment. On 19 November 2017, Charles passed away at the clinic in Bakersfield, California.

Why Candy Stevens Arrested? 

Thank to Candy's significant other Manson, she got captured. Candy alongside Manson's different young ladies turned stunts while he ate hallucinogenic mushrooms with Yaqui Indians and played Russian roulette with an emptied firearm. Each of the three was accused of driving a taken vehicle across state lines, just as submitting prostitution.

She appeared to be reluctant to do something amazing for the well-being of Manson. Likewise, she affirmed against her significant other as a "material observer" so as to get her own charges erased. She authoritatively expressed that Manson was answerable for removing her from the state in April 1960.

Sincere Message to Judge 

Candy and Manson send a "sincere" letter to Judge William Mathes. At that point his proposals from the therapist and boss post-trial supervisor. They chose to give Manson one final possibility at reclamation, he suspended his 10-year sentence.

From that point forward, Manson gave five years of probation. He had to admit to one tally of "articulating and distributing" one of the Treasury checks "with a plan to cheat" so as to have the other two tallies excused — yet at any rate, he didn't need to go through 10 years in a correctional facility.