Amber Rachdi rose to popularity in 2015 after appearing on TLC's My 600-lb Life season 3. Well, she became a social media influencer and a reality television personality.

Picture of a reality television personality, Amber Rachdi
Caption: Picture of a reality television personality, Amber Rachdi (Photo: Instagram)

What is Amber Rachdi's Ethnicity?

On June 22, 1990, Amber Rachdi was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Amber has never disclosed any information about her parents in the media. However, she grew up along with her younger sibling brother Omar Rachdi

Having American nationality, Rachdi is of mixed (Moroccan-American) ethnicity. Likewise, she follows the Islam religion. She has completed her education from a local high school in Portland. 

Amber Rachdi's Career

In 2015, Rachdi rose to prominence after appearing in the third season of My 600-lb Life. From a young age, she has struggled with obesity. At the age of 5, Amber weighed 160 pounds. Rachdi appeared on the reality show when she weighed 657 pounds at the age of 23. She had gastric surgery after losing 20 pounds. Likewise, Amber lost 377 pounds in a year as well. 

Picture of Amber Rachdi clicking selfie
Caption: Picture of Amber Rachdi clicking selfie (Photo: Instagram)

As a result of being part of the reality show, she has lost more than 400 pounds. Her change is one of the most remarkable in the entire history of My 600 LP Life. Soon after, she became a reality TV star as well as a social media influencer. Amber has amassed a sizable fan base since her appearance on the show. As a result, her official Instagram account has more than 250K followers.

Amber Rachdi's Scandal

Rachdi was one of the first celebrities to accuse the reality show production business of treating her unfairly. Apart from that, Amber Rachdi hasn't been associated with any rumors or disputes that can endanger her profession.

Picture of Amber Rachdi clicking selfie
Caption: Picture of Amber Rachdi clicking selfie (Photo: Instagram)

She stays away from the media as well as any situations or controversial behavior that can damage her reputation. Also, Amber is living a low-profile life.

What is Amber Rachdi's Net Worth?

As per reports, Amber Rachdi has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Well, most of her net worth collected from being a part of the reality show My 600-Lb, Life from TLC. Likewise, reality shows provide the majority of Rachdi's income. 

Amber Rachdi clicking a selfie while sitting inside the car
Caption: Amber Rachdi clicking a selfie while sitting inside the car (Photo: Instagram)

Amber with her family lives a lavish life in Houston, Texas, United States. Additionally, Rachdi earned a handsome sum of money from brand endorsements. 

Wedding of Amber Rachdi; Who is Her Husband?

Amber Rachdi tied the wedding knot with her husband Steve. However, she has kept her wedding date & venue private. Before their marriage, they dated and eventually got engaged in the year 2016. Likewise, she has kept her husband’s identity a secret from the general public. Amber yet to share her husband picture in the media. Well, Rachdi used to frequently mention him in her tweets. 

Amber Rachdi with her ex-boyfriend Rowdy
Caption: Amber Rachdi with her ex-boyfriend Rowdy (Photo: Daily Mail)

Therefore, we can say, Amber is living a blissful married life with her husband. Sadly, she hasn't mentioned of him since 2020. Also, it hard to tell whether, Rachdi has shared kids with her husband or not. Previously, she was in a relationship with her boyfriend Rowdy. However, she ditched her dodgy boyfriend, Rowdy, soon after the show ended. Also, her ex-boyfriend Rowdy appeared on My 600-lb Life with them before the two broke up. 

What's Amber Rachdi's Height?

The reality television star, Amber Rachdi hasn't revealed her current height or weight. However, she weighed 657 pounds when she first appeared on the show at the age of 23. Later, she lost over 400 pounds during and after the show. 

This social media influencer, Rachdi continued to lose weight and started going to therapy. But deatils of her weight loss yet to be published. Likewise, Rachdi has dark brown hair with light brown eyes that enhance her appearance. 

About Amber Rachdi's Surgery & Weight Loss

Amber Rachdi under underwent gastric bypass surgery to restrict the volume of food her stomach can hold. After the surgery, she lost 267lbs over the course of a year. Again, Amber undergo excess skin removal surgery once she reaches 250lbs. Even when Amber loses 17 pounds in three months at a slower rate than Dr. Nowzaradan had challenged her to, after assessing her progress, he decides to schedule the surgery.

Picture of Amber Rachdi's weight loss journey
Caption: Picture of Amber Rachdi's weight loss journey (Photo: goalcast)

After a successful surgery, Amber is discharged and hurried back to the hospital three days later with terrible chest symptoms. Thought to be having a heart attack, Dr. Nowzaradan speculates, it turns out to be an anxiety attack. Amber meets with a counselor over the following few months to learn healthy coping mechanisms for her ongoing anxiety now that comfort eating is out of the question.