Tim Ferriss is popular for his "4-Hour" self-help book series including the 4-Hour Work Week, the 4-Hour Body, and the 4-Hour Chef. Likewise, he is an American entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster.

Picture of American entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss
Caption: Picture of American entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss (Photo: Instagram) 

Does Tim Ferris Have a Wife?

In spite of his active involvement in spreading ideas about love and marriage, Tim Ferris has kept his dating, girlfriend, wife, and marriage status a closely guarded secret. He claimed that a blonde woman posing as his girlfriend attended a Tony Robbins seminar in July 2012.

Tim Ferriss with Karlie Kloss
Caption: Tim Ferriss with Karlie Kloss (Photo: pinterest)

Also, Ferris revealed that he was seeing a lady of mixed Indian heritage from 2012 to July 2015. The status of his casual relationship or marriage has not been confirmed. So, we can say, Tim Ferris doesn't have a wife. 

About Tim Ferris Relationship/Girlfriend

Ferriss has kept his relationships private, but he has revealed how he and his girlfriend keep their relationship strong. He and his mysterious girlfriend dedicated a certain amount of time every week to discuss things that could make them uncomfortable or defensive while talking to Ramit Sethi on The Tim Ferriss Show. 

Tim Ferriss with his friend
Caption: Tim Ferriss with his friend (Photo: Pinterest)

"We have a number of rituals and things in the calendar that I think are important for the care and nurturing of the relationship… What we did was set up what we call this batching times once a week or once every two weeks where we sit down and she has a chance to talk to me..."


 Additionally, he said that his stoic upbringing might have contributed to his lack of emotional openness. His girlfriend and he began doing this after noticing that Ferriss tended to shut off emotionally or react defensively to certain topics.

Tim Ferriss Family

Tim Ferriss was born to parents who were both fervent Christians. His father worked as a real estate agent, and mother, a physical therapist. Although his family struggled financially as he and his brother grew up, their education was never compromised. As a child, Ferriss suffered from poor health, prompting him to seek self-improvement. Tim grew up in East Hampton, New York in the car of his family. 

Picture of Tim Ferriss with his friend
Caption: Picture of Tim Ferriss with his friend (Photo: tim)

With the author's occasional assistance, Ferris' family now actively participates in their church's fundraising activities. Tim joined Princeton University after graduating from St. Paul's School. In the year 2000, he earned a B.A. in East Asian studies from Princeton University. He worked in sales at a data storage company after graduating from Princeton. 

Tim Ferriss Quick Facts

  • Tim Ferriss is an American entrepreneur, investor, author, podcaster, and lifestyle guru, born July 20, 1977
  • After becoming well-known through his "4-Hour" self-help book series, which focused on lifestyle optimizations, he has since reconsidered this approach.
  • Throughout the book, he discussed the weight-loss effects of the slow-carb diet. 
Picture of Tim Ferriss with the dog
Caption: Picture of Tim Ferriss with the dog (Photo: Instagram)

  • It's safe to say he's a multi-millionaire with more than four best-selling books under his belt and financial stakes in Alibaba and Uber.
  • Tim Ferriss earned an estimated net worth of $100 Million as per reports.
  • As per reports, he charges $54,000 per episode with two sponsorships per episode. 
  • Tim Ferriss stands at 5 feet and 9 inches or 1.7 meters tall.