Larry Elder rose to popularity after working as a conservative talk radio host. Likewise, he worked as an author, attorney, and documentary filmmaker. People want to know more about his personal life, so we are going to discuss about his wife, kids, and so on. 

Picture of American radio host, Larry Elder
Caption: Picture of American radio host, Larry Elder (Photo: politico) 

Who is Larry Elder's Wife?

Larry Elder was married for two years. His ex-wife whose identity missing, a female physician. His married life ended in the year 1994. The reason for their divorce was that his ex-wife wanted to have children and he did not. As a result, he didn't have any children to date. Larry Elder hasn't confirmed, his marital status at present. Also, a picture of Larry's wife isn't out in the media. 

Larry Elder with his ex-fiancee Alexandra Datig
Caption: Larry Elder with his ex-fiancee Alexandra Datig (Photo: The Sun) 

As per rumors, he got married to his longtime girlfriend, Alexandra Datig in 2014. Neither Larry nor Datig confirmed about their marriage. He has kept his married life under wraps, despite being open about his political views. Elder and Datig, however, broke off their engagement in 2015, according to reports.

Larry Elder with his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig
Caption: Larry Elder with his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig (Photo: politico)  

As per reports, he began dating Alexandra Datig back in 2012. After a year of their relationship, they also got engaged in 2013. But they called off their engagement in 2015 after a misunderstanding. Elder has mentioned his "girlfriend" several times on social media, but the reference remains vague, without clarifying whether he means Alexandra. Also, she has produced more than 100 episodes of the Larry Elder Show.

Who is Larry Elder’s Ex-fiancee Datig?

Alexandra Datig was born in Luzern, Switzerland, to an American father who came from an affluent Hollywood family. As per Dating, her dad fought in the Second World War and was wounded in combat. Alexandra's mother Swiss-born haute couture fashion model. In the year 1986, she moved to the US with her parents. 

Larry Elder with his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig
Caption: Larry Elder with his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig (Photo: NYT) 

In the year 2001, she started her career in politics. Datig has worked as a political commentator for Fox News, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and C-SPAN, among others. She has a double major in criminal justice and communications as per her Twitter. Also, she is the editor-in-chief of Front Page Index, a political blog.

Reason for Larry Elder and Datig Split

After Elder waved a gun at her while high on marijuana, Datig ended an 18-month engagement. A heated argument was taking place when the incident occurred when their relationship was falling apart. Datig said Elder "walked over to the nightstand, opened the door, and took out the gun" after she became silent. During our conversation, he checked if it was loaded.

Larry Elder with his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig
Caption: Larry Elder with his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig (Photo: yimg)

During the interview, Datig said she thought she was having a "Phil Spector moment," referring to the deceased record producer convicted of killing Lana Clarkson. She said 
“My fear was great, and I understood I needed to de-escalate. “He was threatening to throw me out on the street ... and rather than answer back or throw something, I tried to use every tool I had in recovery ... I just walked out,’’


Then she added; 

"I locked myself into the bedroom downstairs.’ I was raised that you never use a gun in anger, and you don’t use it when you’re drunk or you’re high to make a point in frustration - which is what he did,’’


In response to the allegations, Elder said the allegations  "beneath me". He tweeted; 

"People do not get into public life precisely because of this type of politics of personal destruction. I am not going to dignify this with a response — it’s beneath me,"


About Larry Elder Relationship & Girlfriend

Larry went out with several girls in his younger years. Then he started dating Patricia Stewart after the breakup. Elder and Stewart dated for 16 years but their relationship lasted from 1996 until 2012. They remain friends and still talk to each other often even after their breakup. 

Larry Elder with his friend
Caption: Larry Elder with his friend (Photo: foxtv)

Reports suggested he has a new girlfriend after ending his relationship with dating. However, details of his present relationship status kept hidden. Elder revealed that he has been accused of sexual assault twice before.

Short Bio About Larry Elder

Larry Elder is a conservative radio talk show host, author, and former attorney, born April 27, 1952. He is the middle child of his parents Randolph Elder, and Viola Conley Elder. His dad Randolph a former the United States Marine Corps sergeant who opened a cafĂ© in LA's Pico-Union neighborhood in the early 60s. Larry's mom Viola, a former clerk for the United States Department of War. His father died in 2011. Also, he has two siblings brothers Kirk Elder and Dennis Elder. His real name is Laurence Allen Elder

Larry Elder posing for the picture
Caption: Larry Elder posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram) 

He was born in Los Angeles but grew up in the city's Pico-Union and South Central areas. He joined Crenshaw High School and then took advanced honors courses at Fairfax High School. He enrolled at Brown University in 1970 and obtained his BA in political science. Also, he earn his JD from the University of Michigan Law School in 1977. KABC started the program in 1993 and ran it until 2008, followed by another run from 2010 to 2014. Larry Elder earned an estimated net worth of $6 Million with an annual salary of $2 Million