Katherine Flores known professionally as Tatu Baby rose to popularity after featuring as a contestant on the tattoo competition reality show ‘Ink Master’ in season 2. Also, she is an online influencer and television personality.

Picture of American tattoo artist, Katherine Flores
Caption: Picture of American tattoo artist, Katherine Flores (Photo: getty images)

Does Katherine Flores Have a Husband? 

Katherine Flores doesn't have a husband. However, she has been involved in dating a few handsome men in the past. Despite being not married, Flores is the mother of a child. She is yet to find the love of her life and got into a marital relationship.

Katherine Flores clicking picture with her boyfriend Steve Butcher
Caption: Katherine Flores clicking a picture with her boyfriend Steve Butcher (Photo: Instagram)

Katherine isn't dating neither she has ever married anyone in her life. There is little information about her love life since she is tight-lipped about her personal life. She has been seen at several public events with her male co-stars and friends but has never mentioned them as husbands or boyfriends.

Katherine Flores Boyfriend & Children

Initially, Katherine Flores, well-known to be dating Eddie Soto. Out of their romantic relationship, they became parents of a son Deniro Roman Soto. Deniro was born on May 23, 2014, then his dad Eddie convicted on drug charges and sentenced to 5 years in federal prison when he was reportedly only 1 year old. Soto is known to have had connections with the Miami narcotics ring.

Katherine Flores carrying her son Deniro
Caption: Katherine Flores carrying her son Deniro (Photo: Instagram)

Also, Flores mentioned that he was unfaithful to her during her pregnancy, and eventually, their relationship ended. However, Eddie continued to meet his son Deniro during prison visits. She and Eddie got back together upon his release in 2019. A part of the reconciliation was due to Eddie's appearance when he came out of prison, according to Katherine. Together, Eddie and Deniro agreed to raise Deniro; both separately acknowledged Eddie had a lot of catching up to do as a father.

Katherine Flores with her ex-boyfriend Eddie Soto, when she was pregnant
Caption: Katherine Flores with her ex-boyfriend Eddie Soto, when she was pregnant (Photo: thecinemaholic)

They continued to argue, however. Katherine announced a few months later that she had broken up with Eddie, realizing their relationship wasn't going anywhere. The media appearances and posts Katherine makes since Eddie's departure are conspicuously absent. Therefore, her relationship with the father of her child is over for good.

Is Katherine Flores Dating?

Katherine Flores is dating her boyfriend Steve Butcher, who is an Award-Winning Hyperrealism & Tattoo Artist. She has been sharing lovely pictures with her boyfriend Butcher. Previously, she was briefly linked with Ceasar Emmanuel in 2017, star of the tattoo reality show ‘Black Ink Crew,’ who claimed that they had had a fling. 

Katherine Flores with her boyfriend Steve Butcher
Caption: Katherine Flores with her boyfriend Steve Butcher (Photo: Instagram)

Katherine, however, claimed they were just friends and that nothing had happened between them. At present, Katherine appears to be without any romantic interests of her own. It's possible that she is keeping her relationship clandestine from the media, as she has likely done in the past as well.

Katherine Flores Parents

On October 28, 1987, Katherine "Tatu Baby" Flores was born in Miami, Florida to Colombian parents. When she was four years old, Tatu Baby's father, a drug kingpin in Queens, New York, was killed. The Telegraph reports that her father was a "colleague of Pablo Escobar", the Colombian drug lord; Distractify called him "infamous." Flores does not reveal the name of her father on Cartel Crew

Katherine Flores clicking selfie
Caption: Katherine Flores clicking selfie (Photo: Instagram)

Having lost her father, Katherine's mother decided to leave the drug business to protect her children. In the series Cartel Crew, Tatu Baby is just one of a group of Miami-based individuals with ties to the drug trade. She explains on the show

"My dad was a big drug kingpin in New York and he was murdered when I was 4 years old," "The first time I found out about my father was when I mentioned his name to one of my friend's father and his face just went pale ghost... He's like, 'Don't go around repeating to people that he was your father.' That's the moment that I went and talked to my mother and she told me a lot of information about my father." She went on to describe her "tough" upbringing and how her mom tried to get away from the drug business following her dad's death. "Growing up and being Colombian, it was very tough for my mom," she added. "What many people will see as glitz and glamour, my mom lived the hard truth and reality of it all. And all she knew when my dad passed away was that she wanted to run away as far away from it and put it behind her."
Katherine Flores with her son Deniro
Caption: Katherine Flores with her son Deniro (Photo: Instagram)

She continued, 

"Unfortunately, that past is a part of my life and she doesn't like to talk about it and I want to know more about my father. So, it is a big conflict and a big tension in our relationship. She doesn't like when Colombians are related to the cocaine business because Colombians, we're are much more than that and she's right. But it is part of our history, and it's definitely part of my life."

About Katherine Flores

Katherine Flores popularly known as Tatu Baby is an American tattoo artist & reality television personality as well. During season 2 of Ink Master season 2 in 2012, she placed fourth, followed by season 3 of the same show in 2013.

Katherine Flores posing for the picture
Caption: Katherine Flores posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

She currently appears as the main cast member on Cartel Crew (2019–present), another reality show about people connected to drug cartels. In Miami, Florida, Tatu Baby continues to work as a tattoo artist. As per reports, Katherine Flores earned an estimated net worth of $2 Million.