American actor, Kali Muscle has appeared in movies like Wonder Woman, The Dog Who Saved The Holidays, Applebaum, and Savior, among others. Also, he is an author, bodybuilder, and entertainer as well.

Picture of American actor & bodybuilder Kali Muscle
Caption: Picture of American actor & bodybuilder Kali Muscle (Photo: amazon)

Still Married; Who is Kali Muscle Frist Wife? 

Kali Muscle is still a married man, who got married twice in his life. At present, he is happily married to his 2nd wife Helena Vladis. Previously, Kali was married to Dvyne Kirkendall. His first wife Dvyne is an author, singer, model, actress, and owner of a makeup line as well. As per reports, they started dating around 2007 and got married somewhere around 2010. 

Kali Muscle with his ex-wife Dvyne Kirkendall
Caption: Kali Muscle with his ex-wife Dvyne Kirkendall (Photo: Facebook)

In 2016, the couple separated after 9 years of togetherness and 6 years of marriage. Due to their unhealthy relationship, no one was surprised by the couple's decision to split. In a now-deleted YouTube video posted on October 16, 2016, he listed the reasons for his divorce. Dvyne, according to him, lacked financial responsibility and did not work hard to earn a living. Also, he disclosed that she often stole money from his bank account.

When Kali Muscle Got Married to His 2nd Wife?

In June 2017, Kali Muscle secretly tied the wedding knot to his 2nd wife Helena Vladis. His wife Helena is also a fellow fitness fanatic. She describes herself online as an entrepreneur, and shares a YouTube Channel called Hyphy Family with her bodybuilding husband Kali.

Kali Muscle with his wife Helena Vladis
Caption: Kali Muscle with his wife Helena Vladis (Photo: Instagram)

They met at the fitness expo. The duo click selfies together and she knew they were meant to be together. Helena admitted on their Hyphy Family YouTube page in June 2017 that she didn't know anything about her now husband until her ex sent her footage of Kali Muscle working out. Since 2017, they have been happily married without any rumors or controversy regarding her personal life.

Kali Muscle Father of Twins

Kali Muscle shared twins kids with his wife Helena. On December 25, 2019, they welcomed twin Kali Muscle Kirkendall ll (son) and daughter Brooke Taylor Kirkendall. The duo has a family YouTube channel called Hyphy Family on which they post videos of their family.

Kali Muscle with his wife Helena Vladis & their twin kids
Caption: Kali Muscle with his wife Helena Vladis & their twin kids (Photo: Instagram)

Kali along with his wife Helena's Instagram accounts shares lovely pictures of their twins' kids. As he points out in his introductory video to his channel, Kali has put his past behind him and is moving forward, sharing positivity and love with his wife and twins.

Is Kali Muscle Alive?

Kali Muscle is still alive but has suffered a massive heart attack. Through his official YouTube channel, he revealed the news of a heart attack. He underwent critical condition but was able to survive. He called it the 'scariest moment' of his life after suffering a heart attack and revealing it on his YouTube channel.

Picture of Kali Muscle, when he was in hospital
Caption: Picture of Kali Muscle, when he was in hospital (Photo: YouTube)

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, he claimed his artery was '100% clogged'. Kali told his fans to take care of their health since not everyone receives a second chance. After having a successful surgery, he is living a healthy life. 

Who is Kali Muscle?

Kali Muscle is an American actor, author, bodybuilder, and entertainer, born on February 18, 1975. His real name is Kali "Muscle" Kirkendall. He was born and raised in Oakland, California. Kali had faced a lot of problems in his childhood. As per reports, he had never met his biological father after his parents got divorced. Kali's mother raised him along with her 2nd husband.

Kali Muscle posing for the picture
Caption: Kali Muscle posing for the picture (Photo: The Sun)

Unfortunately, his siblings got killed in the accidental self-shooting. All of Kali's family members lost contact with him after that. Likewise, he became popular for his workout and nutrition videos on his YouTube channel. Kali has starred on screen in commercials for brands such as Taco Bell, GEICO, Snickers, Comcast, Honda, and others.

Kali Muscle clicking selfie
Caption: Kali Muscle clicking selfie (Photo: distractify)

Likewise, he has appeared in such as Wonder Woman and The Dog Who Saved The Holidays, and others. Kali Muscle earned an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Kali Muscle stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches or 1.77 meters tall.