Fay Maltese rose to popularity as the ex-wife of American retired actor Gene Hackman. Her former husband Hackman is well-known for the role as Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle in the critically acclaimed thriller The French Connection in 1971.

Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman
Caption: Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman (Photo: Pinterest)

Fay Maltese Wiki

Fay Maltese was born and raised in New York. Her birth date January 1, 1928, but reportedly 89 years old at the time of her demise. Her full name Faye Philippa Maltese. Maltese held American nationality and belonged to mixed ethnicity, from an Italian family.

Whereas her ex-husband Gene Hackman was born on January 30, 1930, in San Bernardino, California. Well, only limited information about her early years available on the internet.

Fay Maltese's Married Life

Fay met her former husband Gene wasn't popular. As per reports, he was in the military at the age of 25. In the year 1955, she met her ex-husband Hackman at a Y.M.C.A. in New York. They instantly connected at their first meeting and without a due, started dating. The duo got in a romantic relationship for almost a year before, they tied the wedding knot. 

Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman
Caption: Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman (Photo: imago)

Eventually, Fay got married to her husband Gene in the year 1956 in a private wedding ceremony among their close friends and family members. Out of their married life, they became parents to three children, son Christopher Allen Hackman, born in 1960, and two daughters Leslie Anne Hackman, in October 1966, and Elizabeth Jean Hackman, born in August 1962. 

Fay Maltese Divorce with Her Husband Gene Heckman

After 30 years of marriage, Maltese and her husband Heckman decided to get a divorce. They got married, when Gene was struggling to become an actor. In order to start a career in acting, he left his military job. He may have invested all of his time in achieving achievement since he wanted recognition and money at the time. Gene said; 

Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman
Caption: Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman (Photo: gettyimages)

“You become very selfish as an actor. Even though I  had a family, I took jobs that would separate us for three or four months at a time. The temptations in that, the money and recognition, it was too much for the poor boy in me. I wasn’t able to handle that.” 

Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman
Caption: Fay Maltese with her ex-husband Gene Hackman (Photo: Pinterest)

The breakup of their relationship was brought on by Hackman because he didn't prioritize his wife and family. However, Fay and Gene managed to stay with him for 30 years but couldn’t hold longer. The couple eventually divorced in 1986, regardless, didn’t give any statement behind the reason for their partition.

Did Faye Marry Again After Her Divorce?

After her breakup with her ex-partner, there was no word of Faye Maltese getting engaged. She essentially disappeared from the spotlight until her passing in 2017.

Gene Hackman with his wife Betsy Arakawa
Caption: Gene Hackman with his wife Betsy Arakawa (Photo: repstatic)

In contrast, her ex-husband afterward got married to Betsy Arakawa, his second wife, who is 30 years younger than her husband Gene. They got married in 1991, and they live in a house in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She and Gene Hackman remain wed.

Fay Maltese's Death 

At the age of 89, Fay Maltese died on April 26, 2017. She may have passed away naturally with no illnesses or accident reports. Family and admirers were devastated by her passing.

Fay Maltese's Career

Fay Maltese worked in the New York Bank as a chemical bank secretary. She used to support her family, as her ex-husband Gene just started his professional career. 

Maltese supported her family while working at a bank when her ex-husband Gene only getting started in his line of work.

Fay Maltese Net Worth

Fay Maltese must have earned a decent sum of money & surely collected a decent net worth back then. Likewise, she had lived a comfortable life until her death. Maltese's ex-husband Gene Hackman earned an estimated net worth of $80 Million, out of his professional career.