Deena Centofanti is an Emmy award-winning anchor/reporter, popular for incorporating knee-high boots during her report. Also, she specializes in health reporting and anchors "The Nine".

Picture of American journalist, Deena Centofanti
Caption: Picture of American journalist, Deena Centofanti (Photo: fox tv)

When did Deena Centofanti Get Married?

In the year 1997, Deena Centofanti got married to her husband Keith Stiornek. Centofanti's husband Keith is the vice president at Fox 2 Network.  Since then, they have been living happily, sharing life's ups & downs. The duo met in 1990 when she started her Tv career at WSYX in Columbus. 

Caption: Deena Centofanti with her husband Keith Stiornek in their wedding dress (Photo: Instagram)

The duo's relationship started as a friend and then started dating each other. After knowing each other well, they decided to tie the wedding knot. Denna shared some of her wedding pictures on Instagram on June 16, 2021, and wishing her husband 25 years anniversary. 

Deena Centofanti Shared 3 Kids with Her Husband

Deena Centofanti shared three kids (two daughters & a son) with her husband Keith. The couple has three children; Ellie Stiornek, Mia Stiornek (daughters), and a son Casey Stiornek. The duo welcomed their elder son born in 1999.

Deena Centofanti with her husband Keith Stiornek & their 3 kids
Caption: Deena Centofanti with her husband Keith Stiornek & their 3 kids (Photo: Instagram)

Deena add pictures of her with her three kids on May 9, 2021, and seems to be enjoying themselves together. 

She said 

"[Hilton Head, 2005] so grateful to you 3 for making me a mom and teaching me as much as I hope I’m teaching you (btw I hope you still wear a life jacket in the ocean)".

Cantofanti with her family lives in Detroit, Michigan.

Deena Centofanti Net Worth

Deena Centofanti earned an estimated net worth of $2 Million as per reports. As per reports, she has been earning an annual salary of $50, thousand. The journalist work in the WJBK FOX 2 network, earns from $48,684 to $52,713.

Picture of Deena Centofanti filling gas on her car
Caption: Picture of Deena Centofanti filling gas on her car (Photo: Facebook)

As we all know, Deena's prime source of earnings came from her professional job as a journalist. Likewise, with her family, she has been living a comfortable life as well. 

Who is Deena Centofanti?

On October 4th 1965, Deena was born to parents Joe Centofanti (father) and mother Marsha Centofanti. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Also, she has an elder brother Joyce Centofanti, born deaf, accompanied by cerebral palsy. While in high school, Deena participated in a speech class that inspired her to pursue journalism.

Balck & White picture of Deena Centofanti
Caption: Balck & White picture of Deena Centofanti (Photo: Facebook)

She joined Miami University and earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. She began working as a production assistant at ABC’s WSYX-TV in 1990. During the Gulf War, she recalled sleeping on the floors and ordering pizza for meals so she could cover on-time broadcasts. After her marriage, FOX2 offered her a job-based in the Michigan area.

Picture of Deena Centofanti while in the studio
Caption: Picture of Deena Centofanti while in the studio (Photo: Facebook)

In the year 1993, she received her first on-air role as a morning show anchor. She has been working as a health reporter working at the FOX 2 broadcasting station. Deena Centofanti stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68 meters tall. 

Deena Centofanti's Boots

A woman's beauty and stunning figure are often praised in the news world. The number of fans and pages dedicated solely to praising their beauty might surprise you. Similarly, Deena is known for her youthful appearance and style and is praised for her attractiveness.

Deena Centofanti posing for the picture
Caption: Deena Centofanti posing for the picture (Photo: Pinterest)

However, it's her choice of footwear that's got people talking!. She may not be trending for her glamorous body or anything, but her boots are. Her knee-high boots complete every outfit, whether it's a vibrant dress or a blue dress. Her boots are so popular that there is even a blog dedicated to them.