Brooke Wells is popular as one of the world's best athletes. Also, she is well-known as a real-life Superwoman.

Picture of CrossFit athlete, Brooke Wells
Caption: Picture of CrossFit athlete, Brooke Wells (Photo: Instagram)

Is Brooke Wells Married? 

Brooke Wells is yet to be married. It is a matter of interest to many of her fans to know about her boyfriend or husband and possible romantic life. Also, it is unknown whether she has dated in the past or not. Surely, Wells is yet to be married and have a family. As per reports, Brooke seems to enjoy life being single.

Brooke Wells with her friends
Caption: Brooke Wells with her friends (Photo: Instagram)

Despite her efforts, she hasn't found love and got into a marital relationship. As per reports, she hasn't married anyone in her life. Brooke is tight-lipped about her personal life, and little is known about her love life. She is more focused on her professional career rather than being in affairs. 

Who is Brooke Wells Dating? Boyfriend

Brooke Wells isn't dating anyone and her relationship status is single. At the moment, she isn't even linked to anyone as her partner or boyfriend. In August 2018, Brooke and Alec Smith took a trip to the Bahamas and their chemistry generated a lot of online buzzes. She posted pictures of their Bahamas vacation with a caption that suggested they were dating, which sparked rumors. 

Brooke Wells with her rumored boyfriend Alec Smith
Caption: Brooke Wells with her rumored boyfriend Alec Smith (Photo: Pinterest)

Brooke and Alec played a prank to make everyone think they were dating, but it was all just a prank. Her rumored boyfriend Alec Smith, a fellow CrossFit star. She revealed the nature of her relationship with Alec at the end of the trip. She said; 

“We’re very good friends and strictly just friends. We both don’t see each other as more than just friends. That’s what makes it fun. We can just joke about it together and it’s not serious by any means.”

Brooke Wells with her father Ben and twin sister Sydney
Caption: Brooke Wells with her father Ben and twin sister Sydney (Photo: Instagram)


In 2017, she spoke of her dream boyfriend, I could maybe date someone I could share a bar with, but nothing lower. Brooke has laid it all out in the open, but it seems she hasn't found anyone worthy of the title boyfriend.

What's Brooke Wells Net Worth? 

As per reports, Brooke Wells earned an estimated net worth of $1 Million. She has collected a decent sum of money through participating in different CrossFit games. Likewise, Brooke earned money through brand promotions as well. She won $12,000 after finished 16th place in CrossFit Games 2015. 

Brooke Wells posing for the picture
Caption: Brooke Wells posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

In 2016, she finished in 6th position and won $30,000. Likewise, she won $13,000 after being in 14th place in 2017. Brooke earns, on average, $2,175 to $3,626 per promotional post after being a social media personality. Crossfit games have a winning amount that varies from $7,000 - $300,000 depending on where they place at the end.

Brooke Wells Diet

Brooke Wells has been following strict diet plans. Also, she hired a nutrition coach named Adee Cazayoux. She consumes 2,300 calories per day through a set amount of fat, carbs, and protein.

Picture of Brooke Wells doing exercise
Caption: Picture of Brooke Wells doing exercise (Photo: Instagram)

She tried many on-trend diets in the past, including the Paleo diet and carb backloading, but did not get the desired results, so she hired a nutrition coach.

Who Is Brooke Wells? 

Brooke Wells is a CrossFit athlete, born on July 14, 1995, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She is the daughter parents Ben Wells (father) and mother Lisa Wells. Her dad Ben, a personal trainer. Also, Brooke has a twin sister Sydney Wells, a track and field athlete. By nationality, she is an American citizen. She used to be a track and field athlete while studying at Southside High School. 

Brooke Wells with his twin sister Sydney
Caption: Brooke Wells with his twin sister Sydney (Photo: Instagram)

She enrolled at the University of Arkansas, then moved to University in Missouri-Columbia in 2014 with her sister. As a full-time student, she had to balance classes and training. In May 2018, she graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management. At the age of 19, she participated in a competitive sport for the first time. 

Picture of Brooke Wells doing exercise
Caption: Picture of Brooke Wells doing exercise (Photo: Instagram)

In the year 2015, she won the Central Regional CrossFit competition. Having competed every year since 2015, Brooke Wells has been a mainstay athlete in the CrossFit Games for the last eight years. Three times she has cracked the top 10, even placing fifth in 2020. During the 2021 games, she dislocated her elbow mid-rep. She surges to fifth place at the 2022 CrossFit Games less than a year after reconstructive elbow surgery. Brooke Wells stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67 meters tall.