Brandon DiCamillo rose to popularity for his appearances in the CKY video series as a CKY Crew member. Also, he is renowned for appearing in other movies and TV shows such as Jackass, Unholy Union, and Viva la Bam.

Picture of American TV personality, Brandon DiCamillo
Caption: Picture of American TV personality, Brandon DiCamillo (Photo: amazon)

When did Brandon DiCamillo Get Married? His Wife

Fans of DiCamillo eager to know every juicy detail about his personal life. Also, he has not yet shared the details of his first meeting with his wife and the tenure of their relationship. In October 2014, Brandon DiCamillo tied the wedding knot with his wife Bonnie McNeil. He got married to his longtime girlfriend in a private wedding ceremony. 

Brandon DiCamillo with his wife Bonnie McNeil & their 2 kids
Caption: Brandon DiCamillo with his wife Bonnie McNeil & their 2 kids (Photo: tumblr) 

The couple's matrimonial union is thus unavailable to fans. Brandon has also maintained a distance from social networking sites as part of his act of maintaining privacy over his life. They have been happily married for more than 10 years. Likewise, they are making their married life stronger and living happily. 

Does Brandon DiCamillo Have Kids? 

Brandon DiCamillo has shared two kids with his beautiful wife Bonnie McNeil. The couple welcomed their first child, son Ralph DiCamillo, born in 2016. 

After that, they blessed with their 2nd child, daughter Kyler DiCamillo, born in 2017. Brandon and his wife McNeil share a close relationship with them. Also, they kept their children away from the spotlight as well. 

What's Brandon DiCamillo Net Worth?

Brandon DiCamillo earned an estimated net worth of $650, thousand. Despite his fame from other channels, his net worth may not seem large for a member of the comedy troupe.

Picture of Brandon DiCamillo while the car in the background
Caption: Picture of Brandon DiCamillo while the car in the background (Photo: YouTube)

Likewise, he has been involved in multiple works and earned a decent sum of money. Dicamillo American actor, stunt performer, screenwriter, producer, as well as gamer. With his family, Brandon has been living a comfortable life. 

What Happened To Brandon DiCamillo?

The CKY-affiliated videos Brandon appeared in alongside Bam Margera made him famous. However, he hasn't appeared in any CKY-related projects in recent years. Minghags was his last role.

Picture of Brandon DiCamillo
Caption: Picture of Brandon DiCamillo (Photo: Pinterest)

His fans may wonder why he is no longer featured in CKY projects. Since 2017, DiCamillo has renounced his affiliation with the CKY group to live a private life with his family.

Short Bio About Brandon DiCamillo

Brandon DiCamillo is an American former television personality, actor, stunt performer, filmmaker, gamer, and musician born on 15 November 1976. His birth name is Brandon Ralph Dicamillo. Brandon was born and raised in West Chester, PA by his parents. Aside from that, he has also worked in different departments such as electrical, music, costume, and wardrobe.

Brandon DiCamillo posing for the picture
Caption: Brandon DiCamillo posing for the picture (Photo: static)

Brandon has appeared in movies such as Borrowed Happiness, Race Riot, Minghags, Hotdog Casserole, The Wrestler, Haggard, and Destroying America, among others. He has also written Minghags, Hotdog Casserole, Bamimation, Blastazoid, Haggard, and CKY2K. Additionally, he is well known as a member of a comedy troupe and for his underground video series, Camp Kill Yourself (CKY), which began his association with Jackass.