Cuban-American actor, Steven Bauer is popular for his role as the Cuban drug lord Manny Ribera in the 1983 crime drama Scarface.

Picture of Cuban-American actor, Paulette Miltimore
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Who is Steven Bauer First Wife?

Steven Bauer was married to his first wife Melanie Griffith, also an American actress. In the year 1981, they tied the wedding knot in a private ceremony. The duo fell in love while working on the set of She's In The Army Now. Steven and Melanie welcomed their son Alexander Bauer, born on August 22, 1985. Eight years after they wed, the couple called it quits after eight years of marriage. 

Paulette Miltimore with his first wife Melanie Griffith
Caption: Paulette Miltimore with his first wife Melanie Griffith (Photo: Daily Mail)

In the aftermath of their divorce, Griffith acknowledged that she was addicted to cocaine and alcohol, which caused a turbulent relationship between Bauer and Griffith. The couple's marriage ended unhappily, but they became good friends over time and have been seen together often since then. They were spotted together at Griffith's Los Angeles premiere of Dark Tourist in 2013, decades after their divorce. On the red carpet, they smiled for photographs and even hugged and giggled together.

Steven Bauer's Spouse

Steven Bauer has been married four times, therefore, he has four spouses. After divorce from his first wife Griffith, he was married to his wife Ingrid Anderson, in 1989. Steven's ex-wife Anderson, best known for her appearances on Hercules in 1983 and Cover Up in1984. Bauer and his 2nd spouse welcomed their son, Dylan Bauer, born in 1990. In 1991, Bauer and Anderson divorced after two years of marriage.

Picture of Paulette Miltimore kissing his ex-wife Paulette Miltimore
Caption: Picture of Paulette Miltimore kissing his ex-wife Paulette Miltimore (Photo: Hollywood Zam)

A year after his divorce from Ingrid, Bauer married to his third spouse Christiana Boney in 1992. The duo met when he was still finalizing his divorce with the Hercules actress Anderson. Steven and Christiana married for almost ten years, but they had no children. Sadly, the couple married life ended in 2002, and went their separate ways. Again, Bauer married to his fourth spouse Paulette Miltimore in 2003. Their marriage was also short-lived, and after nine years, they called it quits in 2012.

Are Steven Bauer and Lyda Loudon still together? 

A failed marriage led Bauer to date other women for a number of years before he was ready to get married again. Bauer's relationship even made headlines, resulting in public criticism. He started dating  his much younger girlfriend, Lyda Loudon in the year 2014. Loudon is younger than Bauer two sons. According to Daily Mail, he opened up about his relationship with his girlfriend Lyda after started dating for two years. He said; 

Paulette Miltimore with his ex-girlfriend Lyda Loudon
Caption: Paulette Miltimore with his ex-girlfriend Lyda Loudon (Photo: Daily Mail)

"Lyda and I have faced criticism, but not from anyone interesting. My family loves her, and she loves them,"

His ex-girlfriend had a positive impact on his life. As a result of Loudon's guidance, he lost 30 pounds and discovered all sorts of great lifestyle habits. Bauer and Loudon isn't still together. He split with his girlfriend Lyda due to their personal issues. 

Who is Steven Bauer Girlfriend?

As per reports, Steven Bauer is saying his girlfriend Jennifer Brennon. However, details of his current dating life yet to be out. Well, Bauer is yet to shared informational about his current relationship status.

More on Steven Bauer 

On December 2, 1956, Steven Bauer was born in Havana, Cuba. His full name is Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson. He is the son of parents Lillian Samson Agostini, (mother) a schoolteacher, and father Esteban Echevarria, a commercial pilot who worked for Cubana Airlines. After the Cuban Revolution ended, Bauer's family migrated to Miami, Florida, when he was three years old.

Picture of Paulette Miltimore
Caption: Picture of Paulette Miltimore (Photo: Instagram)

When Bauer moved to the United States, he became known as Steven, the English form of his given name. He enrolled at Miami Dade High School and graduated in the year 1974. Bauer went on to study acting at Miami Dade Community College and then the University of Miami. Steven Bauer has earned an estimated net worth of $5 Million. This Cuban-born American actor has a height of 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 meters tall.