Former American football running back Marshawn Lynch is well-known for his time with the Seattle Seahawks, where he began to flourish and develop his notorious "Beast Mode" playing style. Likewise, he has helped lead the Seahawks to victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Picture of Former American football running back Marshawn Lynch
Caption: Picture of Former American football running back Marshawn Lynch (Photo: ESPN)

Who is Marshawn Lynch Wife?

Marshawn Lynch yet to have a beautiful wife who has been involved in relationships with different ladies. Well, he is rumored to be married to Charmaine Glock which isn't true news. Charmaine is the rumored wife of Lynch. Neither Lynch nor Glock confirmed about their marriage or dating affairs.

Marshawn Lynch picture attached with his rumored wife Charmaine Glock
Caption: Marshawn Lynch picture attached with his rumored wife Charmaine Glock (Photo: fabwags)

Marshawn Lynch will surely tie the wedding knot with the love of his life. Over the years, rumors of him being involved in different relationships. However, Marshawn hasn't confirmed many of his relationships with the public. He hasn't confirmed his present relationship status.

About Marshawn Lynch Rumored Wife Glock

Marshawn Lynch rumored wife Charmaine Glock although we can’t tell if that’s correct. He never confirmed anything related to his marriage with Glock. Lynch was linked to Charmaine, a model in 2013. On January 1st, 1989, she was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington. With her family, she resides in Seattle, Glock works at 24/7-365 RetroGrade Engineering. 

Marshawn Lynch picture attached with Charmaine Glock
Caption: Marshawn Lynch picture attached with Charmaine Glock (Photo: Pinterest) 

Glock is interested in being an athlete and loves adventure sports. Likewise, she is s most interested in dirt biking through trails, cliff diving, and surfing. Lynch isn't the mother of his rumored child, and they are not together, she said in an interview with Inked. She has commented about Lynch’s personality as well. Charmaine may or may not be his wife, but it appears that she had some sort of relationship with him in the past.

Marshawn Lynch’s Girlfriend

Marshawn Lynch is yet to confirm his relationship status. However, he has been in a relationship with a few beautiful ladies. As per reports, he has dated his girlfriend Netta Brielle. Reports suggested they might have dated for a long period of time before their split. His former girlfriend Brielle is a  singer/songwriter. 

Marshawn Lynch picture attached with his ex-girlfriend Netta Brielle
Caption: Marshawn Lynch picture attached with his ex-girlfriend Netta Brielle (Photo: terexowens)

Lynch's girlfriend history isn’t as impressive as Lynch fans & followers might imagine it could be. He was seen innocently flirting with a married NFL reporter Colleen Wolfe. The New York Post put up a video of Marshawn innocently flirting with Wolfe in July 2017. Many people assumed Colleen as the girlfriend of Lynch which isn't true. Actually, she has been happily married to her husband John Gonzalez since 2011.

Marshawn Lynch's Controversy

In 2014, Lynch was accused of assaulting a woman. However, Marshawn was found innocent so the cops charged the girl with making false accusations after a few months later. 

According to her, she hooked up with a guy she thought was Marshawn Lynch. She was told several times by the guy that he wasn't who he claimed to be.

Family of Marshawn Lynch

Lynch is the son of parents Maurice Sapp (father), and mother Delisa Lynch. His mom Denise, held a 200-meter track record at Oakland Technical High School. Likewise, his mother Denise raised him alone after his parents got split. Marshawn's father Sapp is serving a 24-year sentence for burglary and had been convicted six times earlier, twice on serious charges. 

Marshawn Lynch with his mother Delisa
Caption: Marshawn Lynch with his mother Delisa (Photo: Twitter)

Also, he has three siblings Davonte Lynch, Marreesha Lynch, and David Lynch. He studied at Oakland Technical High School who has participated in basketball, track, and wrestling matches in addition to football. Later, Lynch joined the University of California, Berkeley, and majored in social welfare. While in the University, he was nicknamed ‘Money’.

Quick Facts About Marshawn Lynch

  • In Oakland, California, USA, Lynch was born on April 22, 1986, and his full name is Marshawn Terrell Lynch.
  • Also, he has several relatives, including his uncle and cousins, who also played professional football. 
  • During the game, he refers to himself as being in "beast mode". 
  • Lynch fans nicknamed his style ‘Beast Quark’.
  • He was charged in a hit and run case in June 2008 and had his driver's license revoked. 
  • Marshawn was arrested on firearm-possession charges and was suspended for three games in the year 2009. 
  • Lynch was arrested for driving erratically in the year 2012. 
  • Also, Marshawn is well-known for the community activities which he does through his Fam 1st Family Foundation.
Marshawn Lynch posing for the picture
Caption: Marshawn Lynch posing for the picture (Photo: USA Today)

  • His habit of eating Skittles during games, even while he is playing, dates back to high school.
  • In the 2007 NFL Draft, Lynch was selected by Buffalo Bills. 
  • Marshawn Lynch earned an estimated net worth of $35 Million with a salary of $7 Million per year. 
  • With Buffalo, he had signed a contract worth $19 million over six years with a $3 million signing bonus as his first contract. 
  • He signed a four-year deal for $31 Million with Seattle in the year 2012. 
  • For falling back and grabbing his crotch while extending the ball behind his head, Lynch was fined $11,050 by the NFL.
  • In the year 2015, Marshawn signed a two-year extension for $24 million.
  • Lynch signed for two years with Oakland for $9 million with a max of $16.5 million in 2017. 
  • Marshawn decided to become a part owner of the FCF Beasts after retiring.
  • Marshawn Lynch stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches or 1.8 meters tall.