American actress, Connie Britton is well-known for playing two major roles in her acting career; Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights and Rayna James in Nashville. Likewise, she is famous for her gorgeous long hair.

Picture of American actress, Connie Britton
Caption: Picture of American actress, Connie Britton (Photo: nexttribe)

Still Married! Who is Connie Britton Husabnd?

Unfortunately, Connie Britton isn't still married but enjoying her relationship. In her early 20s, Connie Britton tied the knot for the first time with her husband John Britton. She met her first husband Britton while attending Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, United States. After a brief dating relationship, Connie got married to her husband John in 1991. 

Connie Britton with her co-actor Eric Bana
Caption: Connie Britton with her co-actor Eric Bana (Photo: TV Insider) 

Her ex-husband John, an investment banker. The couple, however, couldn't handle the problems of their marriage. As a result, she divorced with her husband John in 1995, four years after they took their wedding vows. In 2009, she told Redbook magazine "I was about 29 when my husband and I split up", it was hard and admittedly so. Contrary to popular belief, she clarified that despite all the hardships, she and her ex-husband fared well.

Connie Britton with Steven Levitan
Caption: Connie Britton with Steven Levitan (Photo: Getty Images)

The separation was easier because they were young and had no children. Britton also recalled her young age at the time she had her husband. Over the years, she has changed a lot and grown up. Her love life has remained relatively private since her split with her ex-husband. Despite using social media, she keeps her personal information private. That does not mean she has not dated anyone else.

Connie's Relationship After Divorce with Husband 

After she entered her 40s, Connie gave love a second chance. In the year 2009, she started dating fellow actor Jason Mantzoukas. Connie confirmed her relationship with Jason in the interview with Redbook. Since turning 40, Britton has experienced the best thing that has ever happened to her. 

Connie Britton with her ex-boyfriend Jason Mantzoukas
Caption: Connie Britton with her ex-boyfriend Jason Mantzoukas (Photo: Twitter)

Also, she remarked that her relationship with Jason was  "awesome," reiterating it happened after she turned 40. However, Connie and Jason's relationship didn't go well, and shortly parted ways.

Connie Britton's View on Marriage

Connie shared her piece of mind about marriage. In the future, this actress wanted to get married. She explained spending her 30s exploring how Connie anted a marriage to be. 

Connie Britton posing for the picture
Caption: Connie Britton posing for the picture (Photo: justjared)

According to her, people often get their ideas from romantic views or their parents, but that might not be the best idea. Afterward, she expressed optimism about getting married again and having children.

Is Connie Britton Dating Now? 

Connie Britton is dating producer David E. Windsor. The couple first sparked dating rumors when they were spotted together in a trendy Sushi Park restaurant in West Hollywood in September 2021. The duo apparently confirmed the rumors a month later. 

Connie Britton with her boyfriend David E. Windsor
Caption: Connie Britton with her boyfriend David E. Windsor (Photo: Daily Mail)

Likewise, Connie and David spotted holding hands and sharing a passionate smooch. She hasn't shared any updates on her personal life. However, it is revealed that Connie is dating This Is Us writer and producer David. Also, David separated from his wife, who he shares two children with, Archie and Tilly.

Does Connie Britton Have Kids? 

Connie Britton made the decision to become a mother in the year 2011. As a result, she adopted her only child, son Yoby, from Ethiopia. Connie fulfilled her dreams of being a mother after adopting her child when he was nine months old. She said 

Connie Britton clicking selfie with her son Yoby
Caption: Connie Britton clicking a selfie with her son Yoby (Photo: People)

'I had no idea what I was even getting into. So it wasn't so much "I can do this" as much as I knew I wanted to be a mom,' 


Both of Connie parents had passed away within three years.

"Oh, no. My family is no more." 'I mean, I have a twin sister, but that was a big loss, losing my parents. And I wasn't in a relationship that felt like it was going to be a marriage relationship.'


Picture of Connie Britton celebrating the birthday of her son Yoby
Caption: Picture of Connie Britton celebrating the birthday of her son Yoby (Photo: People)

She added

'And so I was like, "What am I waiting for? I know I want to adopt. I can do this." But that was a little delusional because it turns out it's a really hard thing to do, but I would only encourage anybody to do it. You can do it!'