Brendan Penny gained popularity after playing the role of Detective Brian Lucas in the Canadian crime drama Motive. Also, he is popular for portraying A.J Garland in the first installment of the series Whistler.

Picture of Canadian film actor, Brendan Penny
Caption: Picture of Canadian film actor, Brendan Penny (Photo: amazon) 

Does Brendan Penny Have a Wife?

Since 2010, Brendan Penny is happily married to his mysterious wife. It's safe to say, he is a private person who doesn't like to talk about his personal life. Brendan has never posted a single photo of his lovely wife. Likewise, he rarely mentions his wife on social platforms. However, he congratulated his mysterious wife on their wedding anniversary in 2017, through a Twitter post.

Picture Brendan Penny kissing his co-star
Caption: Picture Brendan Penny kissing his co-star (Photo: Instagram) 

Well, Brendan's first photo on Instagram related to his wife but could see her name on his phone is written as “Babers”. Penny has never revealed her real name, yet the photo reveals a text message in which she told him to go to bed despite a messy house and no food in the fridge. He shared this joke with his subscribers because he thought it was funny. So, we can say Brendan Penny has been living a blissful married life with his mysterious wife. 

Is Brendan Penny Family Man? His Kids

Yes, Brendan Penny is a family man. Also, he is the father of two kids shared with his wife. Well, Brendan is yet to shared information about his 2 children (son & daughter). Likewise, information about his children kept private like his wife. 

Picture of Brendan Penny with his kids
Caption: Picture of Brendan Penny with his kids (Photo: Instagram) 

However, Brendan often posts photos of his kids on his official Instagram account. Penny is close to his family and makes sure to spend most of his free time with his family. He is a mystery man when it came to his personal life. Also, he appears to enjoy being a father as well. 

About Brendan Penny Wife

Brendan Penny kept information about his wife private. Therefore, the name of his wife is yet to be out in the media. As per the report, Brendan's wife name is Lisa Gerrard. However, Penny is yet to confirm the name of his wife. 

Brendan Penny with his co-actress
Caption: Brendan Penny with his co-actress (Photo: Instagram) 

Brendan wife works as a Marine Biologist. Other details of his wife still remain private. He along with his mysterious wife reside happily in Canada. 

Brendan Penny Talks About His On-Screen Romance

Brendan Penny keep keeps his wife and children’s details private but is open about his professional career. He also talks about his onscreen romance. Back in 2018, Penny, for example, flaunted his onscreen romance with Jessica Sipos from Chesapeake Shores on Instagram. 

Brendan Penny clicking selfie with his co-stars
Caption: Brendan Penny clicking selfie with his co-stars (Photo: Instagram)

The romance between the two was adored by fans of Chesapeake Shores. His TV girlfriend was praised not only by fans but also by Penny. Also, he posted a photo of them together with a very appropriate caption on the last day of their shoot for the show’s final season. 

Facts About Brendan Penny

  • On the 9th November 1978, Penny was in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 
  • Having Canadian nationality, Brendan is of English ethnicity. 
  • His birth name is Brendan James Penny who grew up in both Ottawa and London. 
  • Brendan Penny earned a BS in Accounting from Fanshawe College, London, Ontario. 
Brendan Penny posing for the picture
Caption: Brendan Penny posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

  • In the year 2002, he pursues an acting career.
  • As per reports, Brendan Penny has earned an estimated net worth of $3 Million
  • Brendan Penny has a height of 6 feet or 1.82 meters tall with grayish-blue eyes color.