Rolonda Rochelle is well-known for playing the role of Grandma Tilda in Big Fifty Documentary. Also, she is an Instagram star and lifestyle influencer.

Picture of Actress & social media personality, Rolonda Rochelle
Caption: Picture of Actress & social media personality, Rolonda Rochelle (Photo: Instagram)

Where was Rolonda Rochelle Born?

In Africa, Rolonda Rochelle was born on 5 September 1967 with the birth sign Virgo. Her birth or real name is Rolanda Wright. She moved to United States of America with her parents when she was very young. Therefore, Rochelle was brought up in the United States of America. Also, details of her parents and siblings kept private. 

Picture of Rolonda Rochelle's dad
Caption: Picture of Rolonda Rochelle's dad (Photo: Instagram)

Having American nationality, Rolanda is of Afro-American ethnicity. She seems close to her parents, who shared picture of her dad on Instagram. Rochelle is Christian by religion. Reports suggested, that she did her schooling at a local High School and completed her education. 

Career of Rochelle

In Atlanta, Georgia, she worked as a real estate agent. Rochelle has been working as a high-end real estate agent. Also, she was an Atlanta realtor. Rochelle rose to popularity for featuring in Kountry Wayne‘s comedy skits on Instagram. She has listed her work on social platforms although being an actress. Also, she has shared about a pro-aging on social platforms. 

Rolonda Rochelle posing for the picture
Caption: Rolonda Rochelle posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

Rochelle rose to popularity after playing the role of Grandma Tilda on Big Fifty Documentary ADC-based production that is primarily OCTET. It is based on the true story of Delrhinda Hood. Her looks of grey hair is most likely the main reason behind her role within the documentary film. Her looks and acting skill loved by people. Likewise, she as the part of the movie “Why Women Trip” released in the year 2022. 

Rolonda Rochelle posing for the picture
Caption: Rolonda Rochelle posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

Reports suggested, Rochelle is a brand ambassador to is still unknown to which brands. Likewise, she advocates for the elderly and urges others to embrace their age instead of feeling low-esteemed by its thought. Rolanda is a social media personality as well who inspires others to embrace their own age without being embarrassed. Also, she was a CASA volunteer who trained to fight for the rights of neglected and abandoned children. 

How Much Is Rolonda Rochelle Net Worth?

Rolonda Rochelle has earned an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Her excellent career as an actress is clearly her main source of income. However, she has earned most of her earnings working as a realtor. As per reports, she has earned over $76, thousand while working as a realtor in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rolonda Rochelle clicking a selfie while sitting inside the car
Caption: Rolonda Rochelle clicking a selfie while sitting inside the car (Photo: Instagram)

In her later phase of life, Rochelle started earning a handsome sum of money working in the entertainment industry. Also, she earned money through a brand promotion being a social media personality. Likewise, Rolonda has been living a comfortable life out of her earnings. Annually, she has been earning roughly $800,000 as per reports. 

Does Rolonda Rochelle Have a Husband?

As per reports, Rolonda Rochelle has a kid but details of her husband or ex-husband. Therefore, details of Rochelle's personal life not easily available. Many reports suggest, she is still single and have no husband or boyfriend. Details of her child's father still missing. Rochelle is the mother of a daughter whose identity kept private. 

Rolonda Rochelle clicking a selfie with her daughter
Caption: Rolonda Rochelle clicking a selfie with her daughter (Photo: Instagram)

Also, she shared a video showed her talking with an imaginary husband, only to discover later that she wasn’t married and didn’t have a husband. Later, she shared picture of her daughter on Instagram. She was out protesting injustice and equality for black women as well. On social media platforms, she didn't post anything related to her relationship. Rolonda often leaves her fans wondering why she is still single with all her looks and physique. Likewise, details of her past relationship records are also unknown. 

What is the Height of Rolonda Rochelle?

Rolonda Rochelle stands at the height of 1.72m or 5 feet 8 inches tall. Rochelle has dark brown eyes with grey hair. She is still active and healthy who exercise daily. Rolonda has more than 610K followers on Instagram.