Catrin Pugh was given a one in 1,000 chance of survival following a coach crash. Now, she has become a physiotherapist to help other burns survivors.

Picture of Catrin Pugh
Caption: Picture of Catrin Pugh (Photo: BBC)

Biography of Catrin Pugh

Catrin Pugh was born in the year 1994 to English parents. He grew up in the city of Chester in the United Kingdom. She is the daughter of Sara Pugh (mother) but her father's name is missing. 

Catrin Pugh with her mother Sara Pugh
Caption: Catrin Pugh with her mother Sara Pugh (Photo: dailypost)

Having British nationality, Catrin is of English ethnicity. After completing her high school education, she joined a local University. Pugh qualified as a physiotherapist. Also, she has a sibling brother. 

Career of Catrin Pugh

After the accident, Catrin Pugh became a social media personality. Also, she has become a model, activist as well as a professional speaker. Likewise, Catrin is a part of the Perfect Nudes beauty line. A BBC series called Extraordinary Portraits, where she was featured. Pugh's portrait was created by Kelvin Okafor, an artist. 

Catrin Pugh posing for the picture
Caption: Catrin Pugh posing for the picture (Photo: BBC)

Catrin has become a physiotherapist. Also, she has benefited others by spreading positive attitudes. She has worked at the Merseyside-based charity’s rehabilitation center. Likewise, she has assisted many survivors with a variety of therapy, including both emotional and physical support. Pugh works for the Katie Piper Foundation charity, helping burn survivors and those with visible scars.

What's Catrin Pugh Net Worth?

As per reports, Catrin Pugh has earned an estimated net worth of $500, thousand. Reports suggested that, Pugh received a seven-figure settlement after the accident. Also, she earned money from her work as a speaker, activist, and model. 

Catrin Pugh posing for the picture
Caption: Catrin Pugh posing for the picture (Photo: Twitter)

Therefore, Catrin has been living a comfortable life. All thanks to the money, she has collected from her professional career. Likewise, Pugh earns a handsome sum of money from sponsored collaborations, and brand endorsements. 

Does Catrin Pugh Have a Boyfriend?

Well, the persona life of Catrin Pugh is yet to be out in the media. But reports suggested, Pugh doesn't have a boyfriend and living a single life. However, her past affairs or boyfriend details isn't mentioned. Catrin has surely dated a few boys in the past. After a terrible accident, Pugh's life changed.

Picture of Catrin Pugh with her friends
Caption: Picture of Catrin Pugh with her friends (Photo: The Leader)

Caitrin is also not involved in any rumors or scandals. She hasn't divulged details about her private life. Caitrin's relationship status and dating history remain unknown. It is almost certain that she will be in a relationship in the near future. Surely, Pugh will have a boyfriend or husband in the future and have her own family. 

Catrin Pugh's Accident

In the year 2013, Catrin Pugh was involved in a horrific accident. After the accident, the bus crashed near the French Alps and resulting in a massive fire. At the time of the accident, she was only 19 years old. 

Picture of Catrin Pugh before the accident
Caption: Picture of Catrin Pugh before the accident (Photo: BBC)

Catrin was traveling back from a ski season when flames ripped through the coach. In the horrific accident, the 63-year-old driver was killed and injured several passengers. Also, doctors gave the teen just a one in 1,000 chance of survival. 

What Happened to Catrin Pugh?

Catrin Pugh spent three months in a coma after being burned. Also, she underwent 200 surgeries as a result of the fire. Her body was also 96 percent burned, including every inch of her scalp and soles of her feet.

Picture of Catrin Pugh after the accident
Caption: Picture of Catrin Pugh after the accident (Photo: dailypost)

In order to help Pugh heal, her mother and brother have donated skin from their thighs. She is one of the survivors of the French Alps Crash. After her recovery, she said 

 “It was like a scene from a horror film. I thought I was going to die. I remember them asking me where it hurt the most and me screaming ‘it hurts everywhere.”