Payton Myler rose to fame for posting jokes, challenges, reactions, videos, and humorous vlogs on her Payton Delu channel. Also, she is an American YouTube star, actress, martial artist, and gymnast. 

Picture of Payton Myler
Caption: Picture of Payton Myler (Photo: Instagram)

Payton Myler Twin Brother

Payton Myler along with her twin brother Paxton Myler was born on September 6th, 2008. She is the daughter of parents Shane Myler (father) and her mother Allie Myler. Her dad Shane is a Stunt Artist, writer, director, and actor. While her mom Allie is also a YouTube star.

Childhood picture of Payton Myler with her dad Shane
Caption: Childhood picture of Payton Myler with her dad Shane (Photo: Instagram) 

She has two siblings brothers Bryton Myler and Ashton Myler. Both of her brothers were seen on Ninja Kidz TV. Payton has American nationality and is of white ethnicity. In June 2019, she was a level 8 gymnast and a first-degree black belt martial artist. As per reports, Payton is home-schooled. Her middle name is Delu


Payton Myler became a popular face after being a regular cast member of ‘Ninja Kidz TV. Her journey to YouTube stardom started in 2017. In ‘Ninja Kidz TV., she alongside her twin brother Payton and two other siblings. Then, she became a member of the children’s action YouTube channel Ethan Fineshriber was created on February 9, 2017. On March 23, 2017, their first video was ‘POWER RANGERS MOVIE KIDZ TEASER!. The movie was a parody of the ‘Power Rangers’ movie and Payton was playing Kim, a girl who was given the pink power coin.

Payton Myler posing for a picture
Caption: Payton Myler posing for a picture (Photo: Instagram)

A series of Ninja Kids TV videos on Star Wars, superheroes, and fantasy characters were produced in the months that followed. Each of their uploads now receives millions of views due to the channel's rapid growth. Following are the most popular videos of the channel ‘BOYS vs GIRLS! Super Birthday Bash! Twin Ninja Kidz!’; ‘Gymnast vs Giant! Who is Stronger, Payton or the bodybuilder?’; ‘Sister vs Brother - Twin Gymnastics’; ‘Justice Kidz, Ninja Kidz TV’ and ‘Paxton Smash! Team up with SuperHeroKids!’.

Payton Myler picture with the puppy
Caption: Payton Myler picture with the puppy (Photo: Instagram)

On May 5, 2018, Payton created her own channel and posted the first video ‘Payton's First Video on July 6, 2018, Ninja Kidz TV highlights!. On her YouTube channel, she has posted a wide range of content, including challenges, vlogs, and reactions. Her first music video was released on the channel on December 22, 2018. In a short period, her YouTube channel’s content has garnered a significant number of views. Also, Payton's popularity has expanded to other social media outlets like Instagram.

What's Payton Myler Net Worth?

The different website has suggested Myler's different net worth. As per reports, Payton Myler has earned an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Previously, her net worth was $500, thousand. Her prime source of earning is YouTube. 

Payton Myler posing for picture showing the bike
Caption: Payton Myler posing for a picture showing the bike (Photo: Instagram)

Also, Payton earns money by promoting brands like L.O.L. Surprise!, Rainbocorns, Peek A Boo Toys, 5 Surprise Mini Brands, Present Pets, Zuru Toys, MATTEL, and others. From her YouTube channel, she earns an annual salary between $111.4 thousand to $1.8 Million.

Payton Myler Relationship Status

Payton Myler relationship status is single as per reports. Many fans of this social media personality are interested to know about her personal life. Also, Payton seems to be a private who hasn't shared much about her personal life. She shared a mutual relationship and affection with her parents. 

Picture of Payton Myler with her friends
Caption: Picture of Payton Myler with her friends (Photo: Instagram)

Payton has knowledge about love or being in a relationship. However, she isn't in any affairs or romantic relationship yet. In the coming days, Payton might engage in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend. Then she might shares information about her affairs with the public. 

What is the Height of Payton Myler?

Myler is still a teenager, therefore, her physical appearance will be changed. Payton Myler has a height of 5 feet 5 inches tall or 1.65 m. She has a gorgeous body with a beautiful look. Payton has blonde hair with hazel eyes.