Martin von Haselberg is an Argentine-born actor who is well-known as the celebrity husband of an American actress, Bette Midler. 

Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette Midler
Caption: Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette Midler (Photo: Heavy)

What's Martin von Haselberg's Nationality?

His birth date is January 20, 1949, and was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His full name is Martin Rochus Sebastian von Haselberg. Also, he was the youngest child of his parents but details of his parents missing. He has three siblings brother whose identity kept private. 

Having American nationality, Martin is of German ethnicity. At the age of 12, he left Germany with his family. He grew up in England then moved to the USA. Also, his early life and educational background missing. Martin once mentioned that he had attended several boarding schools but was a terrible student and asked to leave two schools.


He enrolled at the British drama school ‘East 15 Acting School’ and got acquainted with Brian Routh in 1970. A character named Harry Kipper was created through months of improvisation by the two. To use the character of Harry Kipper, they experimented with various theatrical formats. They began touring and performing after they were expelled for being "too experimental". Harry and Alf Kipper, the UK comedy duo that originated from the UK, consisted of two distinctive characters. Von Haselberg and Routh, however, often found themselves unable to remember who was "Harry" and who was "Alf," so they dropped the name "Alf" and began using "Harry".

Picture of Martin von Haselberg
Caption: Picture of Martin von Haselberg (Photo: IMDb)

As a result, ‘The Kipper Kids’ became known as ‘Harry and Harry Kipper’ in 1971. Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, Von Haselberg and Routh mainly performed in Europe. Their performance act was noted for its harshly loud tone and comic content. He relocated to Los Angeles with Routh in 1975. He also starred as part of ‘The Kipper Kids,’ along with Routh, in the 1980-released American musical fantasy–comedy film ‘Forbidden Zone’. In 1989, The Kipper Kids were featured in the American comedy film UHF (as themselves) which was released worldwide as "The Vidiot from UHF". In a 1989 episode of the TV series ‘Moonlighting,’ the pair appeared as gravediggers in a dream sequence titled ‘I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld’.

Picture of Martin von Haselberg with his friends
Caption: Picture of Martin von Haselberg with his friends (Photo: Getty Images)

After collaborating actively with his 'The Kipper Kids' partner until 1982, Von Haselberg and his partner were no longer regularly seen performing together. They last performed together in 2003 at the ‘National Review of Live Art,’ Glasgow. Von Haselberg also appeared alongside Routh in the 1988 television special 'The Mondo Beyondo Show,' in the segment dedicated to 'The Kipper Kids'. He produced the TV film ‘K.O. Kippers’ for ‘Cinemax’. The 1990 'HBO' TV movie 'Mum's Magic Mulch' by 'The Kipper Kids' never aired.

Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette in the beach
Caption: Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette on the beach (Photo: Pinterest)

As part of 'The Kipper Kids,' Von Haselberg also appeared in the 1990 American comedy film 'The Spirit of '76.' In the 1991 blockbuster supernatural black comedy film 'The Addams Family,' he performed the song 'Playmates' with Routh. The American Film Institute produced several films by Von Haselberg. He starred as the lead in a number of notable movies, including 'People Are No Damn Good' (1991), 'Quiet Lives' (1991), and 'Your Turn to Roll It #54' (1992). In the year 1994, he directed an episode of the series Tales from the Crypt. After becoming a painter, Von Haselberg recently created several large photographic images. Floatulents are inflatable sculptural forms that he has developed.

What is Martin von Haselberg's Net Worth?

Martin von Haselberg has an estimated net worth of $250 Million, collected out his career. The majority of his net worth has come thanks to his career and relationship with Midler. The couple has an impressive shared real estate portfolio. Martin and his wife Bette's primary residence has been a large triplex apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York City for many years. The duo bought the 7,000-square-foot property in the year 1996 (it also has 3,000 square feet of outdoor space). 

Martin von Haselberg coming out of the car along with his wife Bette
Caption: Martin von Haselberg coming out of the car along with his wife Bette (Photo: Getty Images)

They spent 2 years remodeling and connecting the units soon after purchasing it. Then his wife Bette put the 14-room apartment on the market for $50 million in September 2019. Also, the duo owns a number of properties in Hawaii, most notably a 38+ acre property on the island of Kauai. In the year 1988, she paid $1.5 million. Likewise, Bette owns another 58,000-square-foot property nearby.

Who is Martin von Haselberg's Wife? His Kids

Martin von Haselberg has been happily married to his wife Bette Midler for more than 30 years. Before they tied the wedding knot, the couple had a whirlwind romance. Martin and Bette got married just 6 weeks after they met. The duo wedding was a “spur of the moment” decision. They eloped at the Starlight Chapel in Las Vegas and an Elvis impersonator conducted the ceremony. 

Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette Midler
Caption: Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette Midler (Photo: Getty Images)

On December 16, 1984, Martin von Haselberg got married to his wife Bette. Also, the couple didn’t buy any photos from their wedding day.  However, the couple unexpectedly received their wedding day photos in the mail. Out of their married life, they became parents of a child. Martin is the father of a daughter Sophie von Haselberg shared with his wife Bette. 

Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette Midler & their daughter Sophie
Caption: Martin von Haselberg with his wife Bette Midler & their daughter Sophie (Photo: People)

His daughter Sophie was born on November 14, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, US. Also, the couple's only child follows her parents' footsteps and became an American actress. His wife Midler revealed that she and her husband endured a rocky patch until they agreed to make a real go of things for the sake of their daughter Sophie. Also, the couple managed to maintain such longevity in their relationship.

What's Martin von Haselberg's Height? 

Martin von Haselberg has a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.7 m tall. While his body weighs around 136 pounds or 62kgs. Marting has light white color hair with brown eyes.