Jason Genao is well-known for playing Ruby Martinez in Netflix’s show ‘On My Block.’ Also, he is popular for appearing as Napoleon in the Netflix original series ‘The Get Down’.

Picture of American actor, Jason Genao
Caption: Picture of American actor, Jason Genao (Photo: Instagram)

Jason Genao's Nationality

On July 3, 1996, Jason Genao was born in New Jersey, United States. Information about this actor's parents and family background kept private. Jason Genao has American nationality and is of Dominican ethnicity. Also, he has 2 siblings David Genao and Danny Genao

Initially, he enrolled at New Jersey high school. Later he was transferred to William L. Dickinson High School located in Jersey City, New Jersey. From Dickinson High School, he graduated. During his school days, Jason participated in numerous plays. 


In the year 2016, Jason Genao made his debut television appearance after playing the guest role of William Reeves in one episode of the series 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'. In the same year, he was cast as Napoleon in the Netflix Original series ‘The Get Down’. Jason played the role of Rictor in the critically acclaimed superhero drama flick ‘Logan’ in 2017. 

Jason Genao posing for the picture
Caption: Jason Genao posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

Then he joined the cast of Netflix’s series ‘On My Block’ as Ruby Martinez in the year 2018. This series ‘On My Block’ was ranked No.1 among 65 Netflix Original series in 2018 by business insiders. He was passionate about becoming an actor since he was a child, which ultimately led him to Hollywood. Also, he has emerged as one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. 

Jason Genao posing for the picture while sitting in the chair
Caption: Jason Genao posing for the picture while sitting in the chair (Photo: Instagram)

Having been inspired to become an actor by the 1947 French classic 'La Vie en Rose', Genao considers winning an Academy Award as his lifetime ambition. Genao is a multilingual and intelligent individual working on several upcoming projects.

What's Jason Genao's Net Worth? 

As per reports, Jason Genao has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. As per reports, he has been earning a salary ranging from $70,317 to $122,602. Genao's prime source of earning is only coming from acting. 

Jason Genao posing for picture with rose while car in the background
Caption: Jason Genao posing for a picture with rose while the car in the background (Photo: Instagram)

Likewise, Jason earned a decent sum of money out of the entertainment industry. As his career grows, Genao's net worth will surely be increased. He has been living a comfortable life, out of money earned from his acting career. 

Jason Genao's Eyes

A few years ago, Jason Genao was involved in a small car accident. During an interview with Hollywire, he explained that he was traveling in his car with his buddies because they wanted to play football. He and his pals acted rather recklessly by not wearing seatbelts. During that time, they were traveling on a Los Angeles freeway. They suddenly came under attack from a car that suddenly lost all control.

Picture of Jason Genao showing his eye
Caption: Picture of Jason Genao showing his eye (Photo: Instagram)

Unfortunately, Jason and his buddies were involved in an accident on the highway with a vehicle that was driving erratically. As a result of the collision, their car rolled numerous times and was a really traumatic experience for them. Jason and his friends were injured in the vehicle collision. Jason's eyes were numb and his eyesight was fuzzy.

What's Jason Genao's Disability? 

In the year 2021, Jason's mother passed away. Well, Genao has had a medical issue known as Eye Bags since he was a toddler. He has minor edema and heaviness under his eyes. His eyelids started to deteriorate because his muscles couldn't support them. Additionally, Genao has typical fat in his eyes, which aids in his vision.

Jason Genao clicking selfie
Caption: Jason Genao clicking selfie (Photo: Instagram)

Nevertheless, when he moves his head, he appears to have puffy lower eyelids. As a result of congestion and allergies, Jason developed eye bags. This causes him to lose his peripheral vision. The swelling of the eyes is also caused by a range of medical conditions, including thyroid disease. He also inherited this condition from his family.

Jason Genao Dating; His Girlfriend

Jason Genao is supposedly single. This actor is a private individual whose personal life information is kept private. As a result, limited information about his relationship status is available. Information about his affairs is very hard to find.

Jason Genao with his co-actors
Caption: Jason Genao with his co-actors (Photo: Instagram)

Jason is yet to reveal whether he is dating or not. It seems like Genao is more focused on her professional career. Jason has the ability to understand love but has yet to engage in a relationship. This handsome actor will be with his love of life.

What's Jason Genao's Height?

Jason Genao has a height of 5 feet 2 inches or 1.57 m tall. While his body weighs around 57kgs or 125 pounds. Jason has light brown hair with brown eyes. 

Facts About Jason Genao

  • Jason Genao is a New Jersey native but originally from the East Coast. 
  • Genao loves to cook and found himself obsessed with French cuisine then developed an interest in cooking.
  • Jason isn't afraid to speak his mind and openly supported the Black Lives Matter Movement. 
  • Genao understands the importance of self-care when working in an especially demanding industry. 
Jason Genao posing for the picture
Caption: Jason Genao posing for the picture (Photo: Instagram)

  • During his teenage, he played the role of a teenager on TV. 
  • Jason likes to read and has decided to use his time to read during quarantine. 
  • Despite being a popular celebrity, Jason is a private person. 
  • His professional career began when guest role in an Episode Of Law & Order: SVU. 
  • Jason loves to bring near the water and loves to relax at the beach and go swimming.
  • Genao is very serious about his acting career.
  • Jason has more than 1.6 million followers on his official Instagram account.