Kimberly Anne Scott gained popularity primarily due to her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband Eminem.

Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott
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When was Kimberly Anne Scott Bron? 

On January 9, 1975, Kimberly Anne Scott was born in Warren, Michigan, United States. Her biological father's information is still missing. However, her mother Kathleen Lou Doherty. She grew up along with her twin sister Dawn Scott. Having American nationality, Kimberly is of white ethnicity. 

Kimberly Anne Scott with her mother Kathleen
Caption: Kimberly Anne Scott with her mother Kathleen (Photo: The Sun)

Then her mom Kathleen married a man named Casimer Sluck. Her stepfather was an alcoholic man who was a very abusive drunk. The girls ran away from home because of this horrible domestic situation. She along with her twin sister enrolled at Lincoln High School, United States.

Reason for Kimberly Anne Scott's Twin Sister Death

Well, Kimberly & her twin sister Dawn experienced a tough childhood. They were always on the run, in search of a shelter. Sadly, her sister Dawn is involved in drugs activities. 

Unfortunately, Kimberly passed away in January 2016. Her prime cause of death was a drug overdose.

When & How Kimberly Anne Scott Relationship Started?

Kimberly Anne Scott's relationship with Eminem started after they met at a house party. Both of them were in their early teens. During their first meeting, she was 13 years old while Eminem was 15 years old. Instantly, the duo developed a liking towards each other. During the whole party, the duo was talking and considered the beginning point of their relationship. 

Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott with Eminem
Caption: Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott with Eminem (Photo: Daily Mail)

As per reports, their difficult childhood & music brought them closer. Kim and her sister needed a safer place to live after the party, so they asked Eminem if they could move in with him. The twins were taken to his home by Eminem, who was living with his mother at the time. Initially, Eminem's mother was shocked to see them, but as time went on, she grew fond of Kim. 

Married Life of Kimberly Anne Scott

After being in a loving relationship, Kimberly got pregnant while she was living with Eminem. Sadly, their relationship had already soured by then. The growing success of Eminem brought about a lot of differences between them. Despite their on & off relationship, she gave birth to a daughter Hailey Jade. Kimberly and Eminem's daughter Hailey was born on December 25, 1995.

Kimberly Anne Scott with her ex-husband Eminem
Caption: Kimberly Anne Scott with her ex-husband Eminem (Photo: Daily Mail)

Going through a troubled relationship, Kimberly Anne Scott tied the wedding knot with her husband Eminem. Eminem's real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. They got married in the year 1999. Despite being married, their relationship didn't work. Then he started hatred towards Kimberly through songs. The duo finally called it quits and got divorced in the following year. After the divorce, Scott was devastated. This was not due to her affection for Eminem, but rather to the fact that she had to manage her finances without a stable job. 

Kimberly Anne Scott with her ex-spouse Eminem
Caption: Kimberly Anne Scott with her ex-spouse Eminem (Photo: Pinterest)

Kim and Eminem reunited again and began living together again. For the 2nd time, they got married in the year 2006. Unfortunately, the duo remarried life didn't last long. Sadly, after three months of their remarried, Kimberly & Eminem got split again. 

Kimberly Anne Scott Mother of Three Children

Kimberly Anne Scott became the mother of three children; Halie Jade, Whitney Scott Mathers, and Alaina Marie Mathers. As we already mentioned Halie Jade is the only child of Kimberly & Eminem. From her relationship with Eric Hartter, she gave birth to a daughter Whitney.

Kimberly Anne Scott's picture attached with her daughters
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She along with her ex-husband Eminem adopted Alaina daughter of Kimberly’s twin sister Dawn Scott. They became the parents of Alaina after the death of her mother. 


Kimberly Anne Scott & Eminem Tumultuous Relationship

In order to show his hatred for Kimberly, Eminem did everything he could. After promising Kimberly that he would not say anything about their relationship, he invited her to one of his concerts. Sadly, he punched a doll representing Kimberly while rapping bad things about her while he was on stage. 

A bouncer was caught kissing Kimberly outside a nightclub by Eminem. Later, he was arrested for brutally assaulting the man. In his song, The Kiss (Skit), from the album, The Eminem Show, Eminem mentions this incident.

Kimberly Anne Scott Drugs Problems & Arrest

During the time of a tumultuous relationship, Kimberly Anne Scott started taking drugs as an escape route. In 2001, she was arrested for allegedly consuming cocaine. However, she was not convicted. 

Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott
Caption: Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott (Photo: Getty Images)

Then again a drug possession charge was filed against Kimberly in 2003. When she was found in possession of cocaine and with a suspended license, she was taken into custody.

What's Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth?

Despite being no job to contribute to her net worth, Kimberly has collected a decent sum of money. Kimberly Anne Scott has a net worth of $2 Million. Out of her divorce settlement, she received $52000 per annum. Also, she gets money from her former spouse in the form of spousal support and child custody.

Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott coming out of the car
Caption: Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott coming out of the car (Photo: Daily Mail)

Kimberly's ex-husband Eminem has a net worth of $230 Million earned from his professional career. Also, he is one of consistently the highest-paid entertainers in the world. As per reports, Eminem makes around $20 million a year. Out of his touring, he can easily make money between $30 Million to $50 Million. Out of his professional career, Eminem has made over $400 Million. Also, he makes $10 Million to $20 Million per year in a non-touring year.

Kimberly Anne Scott Attempted Suicide in 2021

Kimberly Anne Scott once again tried to take her life away after the death of her mother on 23rd July 2021.On 30th July 2021, police & paramedics responded to a call that someone was trying to take her life in Kimberly's building in Michigan. 

Scott was found covered in blood with several small lacerations on the back of her leg when the team arrived. Then she was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment by the paramedics. Kimberly has been discharged from the hospital & recovering at her home.

What's Kimberly Anne Scott Doing for a living?

As per reports, Kimberly Anne Scott is an American mercenary illustrator and writer. She was a drug addict who has attempted suicide before. Kimberly has been able to turn her life around for the best.

Picture of Kimberly Anne Scott
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Some of the books written by Scott are ‘Mommy! There’s a Snot Man Standing Next To You‘ and ‘Kids in Context: The Sociological Study of Children and Childhoods.’

What is the Height of Kimberly Anne Scott? 

Kimberly Anne Scott has a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall or 1.78 m. While Scott's body weighs around 62 Kg or 136 pounds. Kimberly has blonde hair with hazel eyes color. 

Where is Kimberly Anne Scott Now?

Kimberly Anne Scott is now keeping herself clean & staying away from troubles after facing many difficulties in life. After going through therapy, she seems to have redeemed herself. Also, she rarely makes any public appearances.

With her family, she has been living a peaceful life in her house in the suburbs of Macomb, Detroit. Now, Kimberly likes to stay away from the limelight and is making ways to make her life better.