Kelly-Rae Keith is still popular as the ex-wife of Duncan Keith. Her ex-husband Keith is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman.

Kelly-Rae Keith with her ex-husband Duncan Keith
Caption: Kelly-Rae Keith with her ex-husband Duncan Keith  (Photo: Sports Mocker)

Where was Kelly-Rae Keith Born?

In Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, Kelly-Rae Keith was born to Canadian parents. Her birth date and age information are still kept private. Her parents Dough Kenyon, (father) and mother Norma Kenyon. Having American nationality, Kelly-Rae is of white ethnicity.

Also, she grew up along with her two siblings brothers; they are Taylor Kenyon and Clayton Kenyon. During her childhood, she played basketball avidly. She studies at Penticton High School located in Penticton, Canada. Then she joined McGill Montreal College and completed her education. 

Married Life of Kelly-Rae Keith

In British Columbia Canada, Kelly-Rae met Duncan for the first time. Since their teenage years, they know each other. After dating for many years, the duo got engaged in 2010. Just after one year of their engagement, they got married. Kelly-Rae tied the wedding knot to her husband Duncan Keith in July of 2011.

Kelly-Rae Keith with her ex-husband Duncan Keith
Caption: Kelly-Rae Keith with her ex-husband Duncan Keith (Photo: Fabwags)

Kelly-Rae and Duncan became parents of a son Colton Keith. Their only child Colton was born on the 8th of May 2013. Both of them used to run a charity together in the name of their only kid Colton. However, the couple's relationship took a downward turn in 2014, and opted to separate.

Divorce of Kelly-Rae Keith in 2014

Kelly-Rae and her former husband Duncan Keith got divorced in the year 2014. They got divorced after things took a downward relationship. After the Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup championship run, news of the impending divorce hit the headlines. 

He opened up about his personal struggles with the Chicago Tribune; 

"I am going through a divorce. I’ve been separated for over a year now. I think right now my time needs to be spent with my son and I’m doing everything I can to spend as much time with him and dealing with a lot going on right now. I hope everybody can respect that and our privacy. Kelly and I are doing our best to co-parent Colton and raise him in a loving environment whether he’s with her or with me".

Kelly-Rae Keith Rumors of Affair

As per reports, Kelly-Rae reason for divorce is also considered rumors of affairs. However, it isn't true, they got divorced after Kelly-Rae and Duncan could handle relationship problems. As a result, they choose to get a divorce. Also, her ex-husband Duncan denied rumors that she had an affair with his Teammate, Patrick Sharp. 

Kelly-Rae Keith with her ex-husband Duncan Keith
Caption: Kelly-Rae Keith with her ex-husband Duncan Keith (Photo: MightyAdvice)

Only rumors of them having a relationship came out. There was a rift in the Blackhawks locker room as rumors were entirely unfounded and hit Keith hard as social media exploded with suggestions. He never addressed the rumors during the season. However, he makes sure nothing to do with his and Kelly-Rae’s divorce telling The Chicago Tribune. 

"I know there was a lot of talk throughout the year regarding Sharpie and that was all a complete fabrication as well. My divorce had nothing to do with anything except what was between me and Kelly-Rae, and that’s where I’d like to keep it." 


Also, he was considering legal action to put an end to the rumors and admitted that the talk had affected his on-ice play told The Chicago Tribune. 

Kelly-Rae Keith Loses Bid for $150K in Monthly Spousal Support

Kelly-Rae Keith lost her bid to receive $150, thousand in monthly spousal support in British Columbia Supreme Court as per reports. Also, she had sought the sum in addition to $69,270 in monthly child support. Kelly-Rae had claimed suffered “economic hardship and disadvantages” stemming from her split with NHL player Duncan Keith.

Her ex-husband Duncan had been paying Kelly-Rae $10,000 per month as well as another $10,000 monthly for the mortgage and other expenses with the couple’s home since the relationship ended, he claimed, in British Columbia Supreme Court. However, the court ordered Duncan to pay $15,000 per month for the care of their son after ruling out Kelly-Rae’s claim for money. 

Is Kelly-Rae Keith Married?

After the divorce, Kelly-Rae Keith isn't married again. Also, she has started living a low-profile life, Therefore, only limited information about Kelly-Rae's current personal life. 

Picture of Kelly-Rae Keith with her kid
Caption: Picture of Kelly-Rae Keith with her kid (Photo: Pinterest)

Her ex-husband Duncan Keith is rumored to have a new girlfriend. However, he hasn't officially shared any information. Therefore, without any official information, we can't confirm the news of this new relationship.  

Kelly-Rae Keith's Height 

Kelly-Rae Keith has a height of 5 feet 10 inches tall or 1.77 M. While her body weighs around 62kgs or 136 pounds. Kelly-Rae has blonde color hair with hazel eyes color.



Kelly-Rae Keith also played basketball for McGill University. During her playing career, she won Rookie of the Year in the CIS conference. Also, she was a 5-time athlete of the year and Team MVP at Penticton High School. Kelly-Rae was a talented and proficient basketball player. In 2001/02, she was named Quebec Conference Rookie of the Year.

Picture of Kelly-Rae Keith while she was in high school
Caption: Picture of Kelly-Rae Keith while she was in high school (Photo: famousfix)

At present, Kelly-Rae Keith runs a charity under her son's name. She along with her ex-husband Duncan opted to focus their charitable efforts on the financial side of medicine after Kelly-Rae needed knee surgery stateside and found the cost to be overwhelming. As per reports, she is selfish and egocentric.

Kelly-Rae Keith's Net Worth

Kelly-Rae Keith has surely collected a decent net worth out of her working career. Also, she has earned a decent sum of money out of a divorce settlement with her husband Duncan Keith. Kelly-Rae has been living a comfortable life as well. 

Her ex-husband Duncan Keith has a net worth of over $35 Million earned out of his professional career. As per reports, he has collected $71,650,000 out of his entire career earnings. Also, he has earned $5,538,462 as an average annual salary.