Reed Paul Jobs became popular after his born to his parents Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs. His dad Steve was an American business tycoon, industrial designer, investor, and media entrepreneur.

Picture of Steve Jobs' son Reed Jobs
Caption: Picture of Steve Jobs' son Reed Jobs (Photo: Star Studds)

Does Reed Paul Jobs Siblings?

Reed Jobs full name is Reed Paul Jobs who was born on September 22, 1991, in California. Also, he is the only son of his parents Steve Jobs, (father) and mother Lauren Powell Jobs. As we all know, his dad Steve was an American business magnate. Reed's mom Lauren also an American businesswoman. Having American nationality, Reed is of mixed (Syrian, Swiss, German, and English) ethnicity. 

Reed Jobs with his parents & siblings sisters
Caption: Reed Jobs with his parents & siblings sisters (Photo: Quora)

He has two biological siblings and one step-sibling. His two-biological sisters are Eve Jobs, Erin Jobs, and half-sister, Lisa Brennan Jobs. Also, Reed enrolled at Stanford University located in Stanford, California. After the death of his father from an equivalent disease, he decided to do research on these deadly diseases. Also, Reed graduated with a degree in medicine from the University.

Is Reed Paul Jobs Married? 

Well, Reed Paul Jobs yet to be married whose dating life kept private. Knowing about the star kid's personal life is a bit tricky since he isn't active on social platforms. He is also rarely seen in public, who is a private person. However, this doesn't mean Reed never had a girlfriend. However, it doesn't mean, he has never had a girlfriend. Back in 2010, Reed was in a relationship mentioned in the book titled Steve Jobs wrote by Walter Isaacson. 

Reed Jobs with his father Steve
Caption: Reed Jobs with his father Steve (Photo: IGate)

During dinner with his family, Reed once asked his dad Steve to recommend a nice place for a date night with his girlfriend. Then his father Steve recommended he go to Il Fornaio restaurant. Reed had already tried to get a reservation but was unsuccessful. In an unexpected move, Erin told her brother that she would outfit a tepee in their backyard for his date, and Eve would prepare a romantic meal for them. According to Reed's story, he did have a girlfriend in 2010. Who knows, he might be in a romantic relationship with his mysterious girlfriend.

Reed Paul Jobs Parents' Relationship

Reed's parents were married for twenty years. Over the course of his life, Steve has been in many relationships, but none of them has lasted. However, everything changed in 1989 when he met Laurene. His future wife Laurene sat in the front row as he was giving a lecture at the Stanford Graduate School for Business.

Picture of Reed Jobs' parents
Caption: Picture of Reed Jobs' parents (Photo: Daily Mail)

Immediately after finishing his speech, he met her in the parking lot and asked her out because he was so in love with her. On March 18th, 1999, the lovebirds married after dating for a few months. His dad Steve's untimely death in 2011 ended their happy marriage.

Reed Paul Jobs Father Steve Jobs Cause of Death

Reed's father Jobs' cause of death was from pancreatic cancer complications. On October 5, 2011, he passed away at the age of 56. In spite of his long and public battle with the disease, he was Apple's face as he underwent treatment.

While wearing his trademark blue jeans, Jobs continued to introduce new products worldwide. A transplant was performed on Jobs in 2009 after he underwent surgery in 2004. Before stepping down as Apple's CEO in August 2011, he took three medical leaves of absence.

Live Humble life; What's Reed Paul Jobs Net Worth?

Despite being the son of Billionaire, Reed has been living a humble life. He has been living a simple life despite being born with a silver spoon. Well, Reed's dad Steve passed away but he left all the wealth and fortune to his mother Laurence. So, his mom Laurence inherited the majority of wealth. Therefore, Reed's mom Laurene Powell Jobs net worth is estimated at around $25 Billion. At the time of his dad's death, Steve Jobs net worth was around $10.2 Billion

Reed Jobs' mom picture Laurene with enjoying vacation in lavish boat
Caption: Reed Jobs' mom picture Laurene with enjoying a vacation in the lavish boat (Photo: Daily Mail)

Steve received 5.5 Million Apple shares when he died in 2011. Also, he inherited 138 Million shares of Disney when Steve died. In the year 2011, those Disney shares were worth $8 Billion. Then Laurence sold her half Disney stake for $7 Billion in 2017. Dividends from her Disney shares amount to $120 Million per year. Reed has been earning a handsome sum of money out of her professional career. Still, Reed Paul Jobs net worth is yet to be revealed in public. Many people assume his net worth might be over millions. 

Reed Paul Jobs Height

This handsome man has a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.72 M tall. While his body weighs approximately around 67Kg or 147 pounds. Reed has lovely warm brown eyes with light brown color hair. 

Career of Reed Paul Jobs

Reed Jobs has been working as a health director investing in cancer research. He became interested in studying cancer when he joined middle school. As a result, his senior report on cancer was related to cancer research. As soon as his project was completed, he presented it to the whole school. The audience was filled with his family members, including his proud father, Steve. After graduating high school, he went to Stanford University for his undergrad and post-graduation.

Picture of Reed Jobs
Caption: Picture of Reed Jobs (Photo: Pinterest)

In 2015, he graduated with a master's degree from Emerson Collective, where he currently works. He has been working as the company's health director since 2015. Reed's company was founded ten years ago by his mother Laurene. The company generally focuses on education, immigration reform, & health. Reed described his role in an interview from 2018 as investing in oncology projects at companies doing cancer research.

Reason Behind Reed’s Name

Laurene had a difficult time choosing a name for her firstborn child. After much deliberation, his parents gave him the name Reed Paul. The middle name, Paul, was the first name of Steve's adopted father.