Gene Raymond Chrisley is well-known as the celebrity dad of Todd Chrisley. His son Todd is an American businessman who became popular after the viral reality show, “Chrisley Knows Best”.

Picture of Todd Chrisley's father, Gene Raymond Chrisley
Caption: Picture of Todd Chrisley's father, Gene Raymond Chrisley (Photo: Find A Grave)

Gene Raymond Chrisley's Biography

Gene was born and raised somewhere in the United States of America. On May 9, 1935, Gene Raymond Chrisley was born to parents Leonard A. Chrisley (father) and Allie Mae Childers Chrisley (mother). Gene had American nationality and belonged to the white ethnicity.

Gene Raymond Chrisley's Married Life; His Wife

Well, only limited information about Gene's married life is available. Gene Raymond Chrisley got married to his wife Faye Chrisley in the 1960s. However, information about their marriage, and dating history still missing. As per reports, Gene's wife Faye was actually nine years younger than him. 

Gene Raymond Chrisley picture attached with his wife Faye Chrisley
Caption: Gene Raymond Chrisley picture attached with his wife Faye Chrisley (Photo: Youths4Success)

Out of their married life, they became parents of three kids. But sadly one of their children passed after a few months of birth. Gene and his spouse Faye's bond lasted for over forty-five years. Sadly, their blissful married life ended with Gene's death.

Gene Raymond Chrisley's Family

As we already mentioned, Gene was the father of 3 kids. His children are Todd Chrisley, Randy Chrisley, and Derrick Chrisley. Sadly, Gene & Faye suffered the tragic loss of their son Derrick after a few months of his birth. As per reports, all of their kids were born in Westminster, South Carolina.

Picture of Gene Raymond Chrisley's family
Caption: Picture of Gene Raymond Chrisley's family (Photo: Reality Titbit)

Gene's son Todd Chrisley is a businessman who became popular after became part of tv series 'Chrisley Knows Best' debuted in March 2014. His other child Randy Chrisley also a businessman but keeps a low profile. Also, Gene became the grandfather of five; they are Savannah, Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, and Grayson who became part of the tv reality show. 

Gene Raymond Chrisley Net Worth

The Chrisley family seems living a lavish life. Therefore, Gene might have collected a decent sum of money. However, the Chrisley family has been living in a 30,000 square-feet mansion. Also, the family shares pictures of expensive cars on social platforms. Also, his son Todd involved in tax evasion, wire fraud, and bank fraud got arrested in 2019 as well. 

However, Gene Raymond Chrisley's net worth has yet to be revealed to the public. However, in his lifetime, he lived a comfortable life. As per reports, Gene's son Todd's net worth is estimated in the negative $5 Million


Gene Raymond Chrisley Cause of Death

Gene Raymond Chrisley's prime cause of death became cancer. In the year 2012, he passed away in Atlanta, Georgia. At the age of 77, he died of cancer. The entire Chrisley family was deeply impacted by his passing at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Career of Gene Raymond Chrisley

Gene Raymond Chrisley had worked in US Army. Also, he fought in the Korean War and came back home alive. For his contribution, he won a bronze star as well. After retiring from US Army, he started working at Westpoint Stevens. 

Picture of Gene Raymond Chrisley in US Army dress
Caption: Picture of Gene Raymond Chrisley in US Army dress (Photo: Business Guide Africa)

The company is a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of bed and bath home fashion products. However, Gene is well-known as the father of Todd a reality tv show star. Sadly, he passed away before the show premiered. He is often talked about in high regard by the reality show family “Chrisley Knows Best”.