Lewis Howes became popular after becoming author of New York Times bestselling books, The School of Greatness and The Mask of Masculinity. Also, he is an American Business Coach who was a former football player, entrepreneur & keynote speaker.

Picture of American Business Coach, Businessman, Athlete, Keynote speaker, Lewis Howes
Caption: Picture of American Business Coach, Businessman, Athlete, Keynote speaker, Lewis Howes (Photo: People)

Is Lewis Howes a Married Man?

Well, Lewis Howes is not a married man who had involved in several relationship. Despite being in a relationship many beautiful ladies, Lewis yet to tied the knot. Howes was unable to make wife out of his relationship with former girlfriend. On the 18th of January 2019, he met Yanet Garcia. Then they started dating, Lewis fall for her. Also, he has talked about his feeling on podcast;

Lewis Howes with his former partner Yanet Garcia
Caption: Lewis Howes with his former partner Yanet Garcia (Photo: Twitter)

“Little did I know how magical this past year would be,”

Lewis is grateful for having someone like Garcia who inspires him to be a better man every day. Also, she moved to USA to live with Howes. Sadly, Lewis split with his girlfriend Garcia. At present, Lewis Howes is single. 

Reason for Split with Girlfriend Yanet Garcia

The love between Lewis Howes and Yanet Garcia apparently, the rupture would not be reversed. Due to this, their Instagram accounts are no longer filled with photos together, which led to the break-up of their relationship.

Lewis Howes with his former girlfriend Yanet Garcia
Caption: Lewis Howes with his former girlfriend Yanet Garcia (Photo: Twitter)

“He couldn’t handle jealousy, he told him that one thing was to be sexy and sensual and another was to show his private parts, that that was not for him. Also, he said that, with her fortune, she had no financial need to be on that platform because, in addition, the obscene comments of people began to grow and they demanded that she come out naked or they canceled her subscription “

As per reports, Garcia tried to explain Lewis that he would never “exceed” the limits of his publications, but it was not enough. 

“He tried to make him understand that he would always take careful, artistic photos and would never exceed certain limits, but Lewis told him that things were better up there”

Picture of Lewis Howes kissed by ex-girlfriend Yanet Garcia
Caption: Picture of Lewis Howes kissed by ex-girlfriend Yanet Garcia (Photo: Pinterest) 

 Sadly, he ended up losing her. Also, she deleted all the photos of them together on Instagram. Since Yanet already had her eye on another man, she no longer fought for the relationship.

Who is Yanet Garcia? His former Partner

Lewis Howes former partner Yanet Garcia is a Mexican weather presenter, actress as well as model. Also, she is popular as the World’s Hottest Weather Girl. Garcia had worked for Mexican television’s morning program, Hoy. 

Picture of Lewis Howes ex-partner Yanet Garcia
Caption: Picture of Lewis Howes ex-partner Yanet Garcia (Photo: Instagram)

Working as actress, she featured in the Spanish comedy movie, Bellezonismo. Also, she runs a YouTube channel where she posts her interesting vlogs and workout videos. Likewise, she has became an Instagram model who has millions of followers.

Lewis Past Relationship & Ex-girlfriend

In the past, Howes was in a relationship with girlfriend Whitney Miller. Sadly, the duo 7 years relationship ended with ugly split in August 2019. 

His breakup was hard for him since he described how he felt like drowning after it ended. Lewis said; 
“There is a new adventure waiting for you and you can be happier, more fulfilled and experience more love than ever before” 


What Happened to Lewis Howes?

At the age of 5, Lewis was raped by his babysitter’s son who is a man. However, his identity is not disclosed. Also, Howes battled with depression for a period of 18 months.

Who is Lewis Howes?

On March 16th, 1983, Lewis David Howes was born who is an American author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. Also, he is the host of The School of Greatness, a podcast. His mother name is Diana Howes while father identity yet to disclose. At the age of 19, his got married in a middle-class life. 

Lewis Howes clicking selfie
Caption: Lewis Howes clicking selfie (Photo: Instagram)

He grew up with three siblings a brother Christian Howes, and two sisters Katherine Howes, and Heidi Howes. Lewis grew up depressed because his brother was jailed. Having graduated from Principia College in Elsah, Illinois in 2005, Lewis studied there in 2001. In college, he won several awards in several sports competitions.

Lewis Howes posing for a picture
Caption: Lewis Howes posing for a picture (Photo: Instagram)

To date, Lewis has authored three books. His books include The Mask of Masculinity, LinkedWorking, and The School of Greatness. Also, he once set the NCAA record for most receiving yards in a single game with 418. After playing only two games for the Arena Football league, he suffered an injury that ended his career. Lewis Howes net worth estimated around $10 Million. Howes has a height of 6 feet 3 inches or 1.90 M.