Dana White became popular for his role in the developing The Ultimate Fighting Championship's mainstream growth. Also, his current job as President of "The Ultimate Fighting Championship". 

Picture of American businessman & President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White
Caption: Picture of American businessman & President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White (Photo: The World MMA Awards)

Married Life of Dana White With Wife Anne; First Meeting

Well, Dana White married life with his wife going smoothly. Dana's wife name is Anne Stella after married she added White as her last name. So, her full name is Anne Stella White. In the year 1996, Dana and Anne became husband and wife. The couple applied for a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada on October 21 of that year and obtained a marriage certificate the following month, on November 15.

Dana White with his wife Anne Stella White
Caption: Dana White with his wife Anne Stella White (Photo: Listal)

White's tied the knot with his childhood love. As eighth graders, the two first came into contact. In Dana's twenties, when he lived in Boston, the couple continued to be in a long-distance relationship. Dana and Anne are having a wonderful married life. Dana has bought several mansions in Las Vegas, where the married couple currently resides. 

Short Info of Dana White's Wife Anne

 Dana White’s wife Anne prefers to live a secretive life and very little is known about her personal and professional life. Anne was born in a Stella family with her birth name Anne Louise Stella. On January 16, 1969, she as born but birth location remains unconfirmed. Neither her family, early life, or her parents occupation haven't disclosed.

Dana White with his wife Anne Louise Stella
Caption: Dana White with his wife Anne Louise Stella (Photo: Fabwags)

Hermon High School in Hermon, Maine, from where Anne graduated. She does her best to avoid the spotlight as she seems to prefer staying under the radar. The details of her professional career still hard to come by. However, Anne is a supportive wife. 

Dana Has 3 Kids (2 Son & a Daughter); Who are They?

Dana blessed with 3 kids (2 son & a daughter) with his wife Anne. The duo elder son Dana White III who graduated from Faith Lutheran High School in Las Vegas in 2020. Also, he has became American football player. 

Dana White with his wife Anne & their elder son White III
Caption: Dana White with his wife Anne & their elder son White III (Photo: Instagram)

Their 2nd son Aidan White who became senior at Valley High School in Las Vegas. Also, Aidan is an amateur boxer who won his first match in March 2018. Dana's youngest child, a daughter Savannah White

Dana White & His Wife Didn't Share Good Relationship with His Mother June

His mother, June White, spoke out to slam her son for allegedly treating the family callously in an interview in 2015. Dana broke his promise to take care of his dying grandmother, said the White matriarch, and that was the final straw. Her funeral was also not attended by him, despite his failure to come through for her.

“I don’t want to take anything away from him for what he’s done for MMA and the UFC”


Dana White picture attached with his mother June
Caption: Dana White picture attached with his mother June (Photo: Scrapdigest)

She added  

“I mean Dana has a high school education and that’s it. And I think it’s pretty amazing the things he’s been able to do… But he’s not a good person. He seems to have lost his character somewhere along the way.” “I have a hard time with Dana’s… marriage, I guess you could call it,”

June continued

“Because I’m a believer if you’re married, you’re married and that’s it. And if you don’t want to be, and you want to be out with other people, then leave the person you’re with. Don’t make a joke of your marriage, but his marriage is a joke.”


Dana's mom June with her friends
Caption: Dana's mom June with her friends (Photo: Sherdog Formus)

His mother June  alleged that her son “puts Tiger Woods to shame.” Moreover, she claimed he slept with his in-laws, as well as two different ring girls. Several books by his mom June White share more details about her son: Dana White: King of MMA in the year 2011 and Through A Mother's Eyes: The Dana White Story in the year 2012. It is not known what Dana thinks about either project, but it is likely neither he nor Anne are glad to see their dirty laundry being exposed.

Who is Dana White?

American businessman and the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana Frederick White Jr was born on July 28, 1969. He is the son of parents June White (mother) and Dana White Sr. (father). Growing up, he lived with his sister, Kelly White in Manchester, Connecticut. 

Picture of Dana White
Caption: Picture of Dana White (Photo: MARCA)

His mother and grandparents mostly raised Dana and his sibling sister. Dana is of Irish-American ethnicity. At the age of 17, he started boxing who graduated from Hermon High School in the year 1987. During his first semesters at both Quincy College and UMass Boston, he dropped out.

Picture of Dana White in an interview
Caption: Picture of Dana White in an interview (Photo: MMA Fighting)

Following this, he became a boxercise coach. White has led the UFC to become a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. Dana White net worth estimated around $500 million who earned $20 Million annual salary out of his work. White has a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75M. 

Health Issues of White

In May 2012, White revealed he had Ménière's disease a neurological disorder. Dana said "It's like vertigo but on steroids." During his youth, White claimed that he had been in a big fight that caused the disease.

Dana White posing for a picture
Caption: Dana White posing for a picture (Photo: Esquire)

White was scheduled to miss his first UFC fight in eleven years due to medical advice, so he stayed at home. The Orthokine treatment White is receiving for Ménière's disease has greatly reduced his symptoms, he says.