Yusef Rasheed grabbed the spotlight as the husband of American tennis coach Oracene Price. Price had trained Venus and Serena Williams notable among the best tennis players of all time both her daughters. 

Picture of Oracene Price's husband Yusef Rasheed
Caption: Picture of Oracene Price's husband Yusef Rasheed (Photo: Soulwalking)

Ethnicity of Yusef Rasheed

Yusef Rasheed was born to American parents in the United States of America. So he was grew up in USA. Therefore Yusef held American nationality and was of Black ethnicity.

How Yusef Rasheed Married Life Ended?

Unfortunately, Yusef Rasheed married life ended with his death. Before Yusef's death, he was married to his wife Oracene Price. His beloved wife Price is an American tennis coach. After knowing each other well, they tied the wedding knot. In their wedding friends, family and relatives were invited. However, the date of their marriage and venue not disclosed till now. 

Yusef Rasheed's wife Oracene Price with their daughter
Caption: Yusef Rasheed's wife Oracene Price with their daughters (Photo: Glamour Path)

They became parents of three children being being married. Yusef and Price became parents of three daughters, they are Yetunde Price, Isha Price, and Lyndrea Price. All of his daughter now became grown up and living their life. Their daughter Yetunde was a former beauty salon owner and registered nurse, Lyndreaa Web designer; and Isha a lawyer. Everything was going well in their married life. However, their married life ended with death of Rasheed in the year 1979. 

Cause of Yusef Rasheed Death

Yusef Rasheed cause of death due to a sudden heart stroke. He passed away in the year 1979 leaving everything behind. His family were shocked by sudden death of Rasheed. Yusef died in his house then his wife took care of their kids and raise them giving a comfortable life. 

Reason of Yusef Rasheed & Price Elder Daughter Death

Rasheed and Price elder daughter Yetunde Price main reason for death was murder. On 14th September 2003, she was murdered in Compton, Los Angles County California. At the time of her death, she was with her boyfriend. 

Oracene Price with her daughter
Caption: Oracene Price with her daughter (Photo: Married Celeb)

She was murder by 2 members of the Southside Campton Crips street gang opened fire on the SUV as per the prosecution. She was pronounced dead shortly after arriving hospital because bullet passed into her head. The murderer punished for their acts. 

Did Oracene Price Marry Again? About Her Husband & Kids

Yes, Oracene Price married for the 2nd time after death of her first husband Yusef Rasheed. Price 2nd husband name is Richard Williams who is also American tennis coach. They got married after a couple of months dating. Price and Williams tied the knot in presence of friends, family and relatives in 1980.

Oracene Price with ex-husband Richard and their daughters
Caption: Oracene Price with ex-husband Richard and their daughters (Photo: Married Celeb)

They became parents of two children (both daughter). Her elder daughter Venus Williams born on June 17, 1980 then welcomed their 2nd daughter Serena Williams born on September 26, 1981. Now both of her daughters Venus and Serena became well-known tennis player. Price and Williams relationship did not work, so they decided divorce. In 2000, they filed for divorced and their finalized in 2002 after going through legal process. 

Net Worth of Oracene Price

Well, Yusef had earned decent sum of money out of his mysterious career. Oracene has been earning money out of her professional career. As per reports, Oracene Price net worth estimated over $1 Million

Oracene Price's daughter Serena with a car
Caption: Oracene Price's daughter Serena with a car (Photo: EssentiallySports) 

Her daughter Serena Williams net worth estimated over $210 Million as per celebrity net worth. Price elder daughter Venus Williams has an estimated net worth over $95 Million as per reports. Oracene living a comfortable life out of her money. 

Who is Yusef Rasheed Wife?

  • Yusef Rasheed's former wife Oracene Price American tennis coach born on April 3, 1952.
  • Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan who completed her high school education from Buena Vista High School in 1970. 
  • Then she joined Western Michigan University located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • Oracene Price worked as a nurse after Rasheed's death. 
  • Her coaching overshadowed by her role as mother to Venus & Serena.
Picture of Oracene Price
Caption: Picture of Oracene Price (Photo: Twitter)

  • However, as a coach, Price has been called underappreciated.
  • She learn tennis herself to help teach her daughters the technical aspects of the game. 
  • Price focused and disciplined helped to build a solid foundation of self-esteem for her daughters.
  • Despite being coach, Oracene became popular as the mother of Venus and Serena Williams among the best tennis players of all time.
  •  Oracene Price is still alive who is mentally and physically fit as well.