After successfully auditioning for Popstars: The Rivals, Sarah Harding rose to fame in late 2002. Also, she won a place in the girl group Girls Aloud.

Picture of late English singer, Sarah Harding
Caption: Picture of late English singer, Sarah Harding (Photo: Self)

All About Sarah Harding's Children & Husband

Sarah cried about never having children mentioned by different reports. Also, Harding mentioned her split from her to-be husband Tom Crane as “one of the biggest mistakes of my life.” At the end of their relationship, she “never stopped blaming herself”. In her book 'Hear Me Out'. Harding wrote that chemotherapy “will have killed any chance” of having children and becoming a mother.

Sarah Harding with his ex-boyfriend Tom Crane
Caption: Sarah Harding with his ex-boyfriend Tom Crane (Photo: Daily Record)

The singer wrote
“I was saying how we never thought Nadine [Coyle] would be the first one of us to have a child, and that now three of them have kids. It might seem odd to worry about not having children when I don't even know how much of a life I have left, but it's there. The truth is, even if my prognosis was better, it still wouldn't be on the cards because of all the chemotherapy I've had. That treatment, harsh as it is, will have killed any chance I might have had. It's making me cry just thinking about it.”

Also, she added 

Sarah Harding with his ex-boyfriend Tom Crane
Caption: Sarah Harding with his ex-boyfriend Tom Crane (Photo: The Sun) 

“I've never stopped blaming myself. Losing him was one of the biggest mistakes of my life, but we just couldn't seem to find a way through the impasse”


Was Sarah Harding Married?

Well, Sarah Harding wasn't a married woman who passed away. However, she had desired to be married to her husband and had children as well. 

Unfortunately, her dream of getting married and having kids vanished with her death. Unfortunately, Sarah died on September 5, 2021, in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Sarah Harding Relationship History

After being in a relationship with Tom Crane for 5 years, they got engaged during a trip to the Maldives in 2010. Unfortunately, the duo ended their relationship 6  months before their planned wedding. Tom confirmed the break up said,

Sarah Harding picture attached with ex-boyfriend Paul Danan
Caption: Sarah Harding picture attached with ex-boyfriend Paul Danan (Photo: The Sun)

"Sarah and I have decided to take a break. I have nothing else to say". 

She also checked into rehab in South Africa to deal with her alcohol dependence and depression in October 2011. Harding's past relationship with Paul Danan, then after the breakup, she said "very lonely". Sarah said

Sarah Harding with ex-boyfriend Tom Crane
Caption: Sarah Harding with ex-boyfriend Tom Crane (Photo: The Mirror)

"A lot of my issues were down to being in a toxic relationship. For me, it stems completely from being hurt, 6 months before I was due to get married. It all just tumbled around me and I had to front everything and he f**ked off to Ibiza and I had nothing. And I felt like I had lost my family and my friends that we had all built for five years. I felt like I had no one left that I could turn to. I was very lonely, I had a few good select friends that helped save me from myself, which I am so grateful for. I’m very much a private person, so for me, it’s quite overwhelming to do this"

List of Sarah Harding's Ex-Boyfriends

  • Sarah Harding met her former boyfriend Calum Best in 2005 at the Elle Style Awards.
  • Also, he described their relationship as "eight months of madness". 
  • Harding and Tom Crane were in a relationship. 
  • After meeting in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2017, Sarah and US reality TV star Chad Johnson relationship started.

Sarah Harding with ex-boyfriend Chad Johnson
Caption: Sarah Harding with ex-boyfriend Chad Johnson (Photo: The Sun)

  • But their relationship ended after struggling with the long-distance aspect of their relationship.
  • Also, she dated music producer Mark Foster in 2013 but parted ways soon after. 
  • Sarah was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Mikey Green in 2003 but split soon after.

Sarah Harding's Facts

  • On 17 November 1981, she was born as Sarah Nicole Hardman in Ascot, Berkshire.
  • Also, she has two step-siblings brother whose identity is kept private. 
  • After, Sarah's parents' separation, she moved to Stockport at the age of 14.
  • She disowned her father's last name and then changed her surname to Harding after her father had begun dating a younger woman.
Sarah Harding posing for picture
Caption: Sarah Harding posing for a picture (Photo: Yakima Herald)

  • Before becoming popular, Harding had worked as a waitress at Pizza Hut, a van driver, a debt collector, and a BT telephone operator.
  • Also, her driving license was suspended for six months in 2013 after she was caught speeding in London. 
  • Harding had been diagnosed with breast cancer which became the cause of her death. 
  • At the age of 39, Sarah died on September 5, 2021. 
  • Sarah Harding had a net worth of $9 Million at the time of her death.