David Portnoy is a media personality well-known figure in the entertainment industry for being El Presidente of Barstool Sports. Also, he is an American internet celebrity as well as a blogger.

American Media Personality, David Portnoy
Caption: American Media Personality, David Portnoy (Photo: New York Post)

 Is David Portnoy still Married? 

Sadly, David Portnoy isn't still married. In the past, he was married to his wife Renee Portnoy. In the year 2005, he met Renee when she graduated from college where David was working for Yanke Group in Boston. After their first meeting, the duo developed feelings and started dating each other. The couple got engaged in 2008 after dating for three years. 

David Portnoy with his ex-wife Renee Portnoy
Caption: David Portnoy with his ex-wife Renee Portnoy (Photo: brainstudy)

David and Renee got married in 2009 and their wedding was not so grand. Their private wedding held in front of their loved families and friends. David rose to popularity as the founder of Barstool Sports after their marriage. The duo was living their blissful married life initially, however, they announced their divorce in 2017. The prime reason for their divorce seems to be David having an affair with a mystery woman. Also, the married couple has no kids together.

Who is David Portnoy Ex-Wife?

David Portnoy's ex-wife Renee is an American equestrian then now a social media star. She was born on 5th May 1987 under the birth sign Taurus. She was born and raised in Abington, Massachusetts. Renee enrolled at Boston University located in Boston, Massachusetts.  She has acquired a bachelor of science degree in international relations and business.

David Portnoy with his former wife Renee Portnoy
Caption: David Portnoy with his former wife Renee Portnoy (Photo: The Sun)

Due to her love of animals, Renee subsequently worked at a company that specialized in animal supplements. Dedicated to the care of neglected animals, Renee has raised funds for animal fostering shelters for years. In the year 2010, she landed a job at the company SmartPark then started working as a senior buyer at the organization. Also, she is a talented businesswoman as well. 

Are David Portnoy and Renee Portnoy Still Friend After Divorce?

Yes, David Portnoy and Renee Portnoy are still friends despite their divorce. Also, she appears to be on good terms with her ex-spouse. Renee still retains his last name, Portnoy who often shares Dave's blog posts. 

Likewise, Renee still lives in the house that Dave purchased in Nantucket. Renee, however, appears to be on good terms with her ex-hubby. 

Who is David Portnoy Dating? His Girlfriend

Currently, David Portnoy is dating Colombian model Silvana Mojica. As per Page Six Dave and Silvana (who is reportedly in her twenties) had been partying together and were "looking cozy" in March of 2021.

David Portnoy with his girlfriend Silvana Mojica
Caption: David Portnoy with his girlfriend Silvana Mojica (Photo: Distractify)

On social media, Silvana posted a picture of the two of them together. Also, the couple is a full-fledged couple judging by several Instagram posts. Also, there were rumors that the duo sealed their relationship by getting matching tattoos.

David Portnoy Past Relationship & Affairs

Previously, Dave was linked to a former professional cheerleader. Reportedly, he was dating former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Shannon St. Clair. They also shared some affectionate public moments. According to OK Magazine, the duo was spotted in multiple clubs in Miami, according to OK Magazine.

Picture of David Portnoy with Shannon St. Clair
Caption: Picture of David Portnoy with Shannon St. Clair (Photo: Instagram)

Shannon and Dave didn't confirm a relationship, so it's possible they were just hanging out as friends. Prior to this, David was in a relationship with his girlfriend Silvana. Also, he was spotted at the Preakness Stakes horse race with an attractive blonde woman in 2019. Then Reddit fans decoded that her name is Claire Jacobs

Picture of David Portnoy with his ex-girlfriend
Caption: Picture of David Portnoy with his ex-girlfriend  (Photo: Distractify)

David and Claire haven't been seen together since. Also, he dated Jordyn Hamilton back in the year 2017. Soon after they split then she allegedly cheated on him with a Soul Cycle instructor. It was hugely publicized and rampant on social media.

David Portnoy Sex Tape Leak

David Portnoy's hit the headlines after a leaked sex tape featuring him and Instagram model Sydney Raines. In the video, he was naked and holding a leash attached to a dog collar on a blonde woman. David can be seen yanking the woman's neck around by the leash and grabbing her face with his hand in the video. The video is unclear when it was filmed or how it got leaked.

Sydney is an Instagram influencer and model from Atlanta, Georgia. Soon after her Instagram followers boats over 10,000. Then she explained about the video leaked 
“Some might not approve of the video content but it was entirely consensual and it’s unfortunate that it is no longer private,” 
David Portnoy and Sydney Raines picture attached together
Caption: David Portnoy and Sydney Raines picture attached together (Photo: Latest Trending News)

Then she added 
“I won’t label this a mistake since we have both taken responsibility for it. But the fact that it was leaked and posted without our awareness or consent would be considered the true mistake." 
On the other hand, David released a video on Twitter addressing the tape after stocks in the company that owns Barstool, Penn National Gaming, depleted
“A stock is down because somebody has consensual sex? Are you f****** kidding me? I f***. Who cares?”


Quick Facts of David Portnoy

  • David Portnoy was born to parents Michael and Linda (nee Kaufman) on March 22, 1977.
  • He was born and grew up in Swampscott, Massachusetts. 
  • He enrolled at Swampscott High School and his classmate was ESPN's Todd McShay.
  • In 1995, he started attending the University of Michigan then graduated with a degree in education.
  • David is of Jewish ethnicity, having American nationality. 
  • He donated $500,000 to The Barstool Fund, a relief effort for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020.
  • Portnoy's campaign has raised over $39 million for 348 businesses as of May 2021.

Picture of David Portnoy
Caption: Picture of David Portnoy (Photo: Getty Images)

  • David Portnoy has earned an estimated net worth of $120 Million and turned his small-town print publication and turned them into a media giant worth $450 million.
  • Also, he has built a loyal fan following of “Go Pres Go” fans of the blog.
  • Portnoy has a height of 6 feet or 1.82 M or 182 CM.