Celebrity chef, Carl Ruiz was well known for judging several cooking competition television series on Food Network.

Picture of late American chef Carl Ruiz
Caption: Picture of late American chef Carl Ruiz (Photo: Delish)

Carl Ruiz Wife

Carl Ruiz was married to his wife Marie Riccio but the duo never revealed their marriage date. The couple may have exchanged vows in the mid-2000 claimed by some sources. However, he was single at the time of his death. He remained tight-lipped about when and how his relationship with his then-wife Marie. 

Carl Ruiz with his ex-wife Marie Riccio
Caption: Carl Ruiz with his ex-wife Marie Riccio (Photo: People)

The two also had similar interests in cooking and both used their skills in their respective business. Marie and Carl initially managed their hectic schedules, despite the difficulty of balancing family life and professional life. As a result, conflicts started in their married life, and couldn't handle the situation. Unfortunately, Carl got divorced from his wife Marie in the year 2018.

Opened a New Restaurant After Divorce

Despite the split, Carl and Marie's friendship remained intact, according to sources. He opened a new restaurant called La Cubana, in the Meatpacking District of New York City after a year of their divorce. His new restaurant specializes in authentic Cuban cuisine.

Carl Ruiz Ex-Wife

Carl Ruiz's ex-wife Marie Riccio aka Marie Kirby hails from New Jersey. However, she became popular as the ex-wife of the celebrity chef Carl Ruiz. On 13th February 1981, Marie was born in New Jersey. The Riccio family includes her parents Martin and Joyce.

Carl Ruiz's ex-wife Marie Riccio picture in front of her restaurant
Caption: Carl Ruiz's ex-wife Marie Riccio picture in front of her restaurant (Photo: Facebook)

Marie graduated from Rutgers University located in Newark Campus, New Jersey. She is of Sicilian ethnicity. Marie is the operator and owner of Marie’s Italian Specialties located in the Hickory Square Mall in Chatham Township, New Jersey. Also, she is well-versed in the art of culinary. 

Carl Ruiz Kids

Well, it is hard to determine whether Carl Ruiz was the father of 2 children or not. His ex-wife Marie Riccio is the mother of a fraternal twin. In October 2005, she became the mother of a son Robert V. Kirby and a daughter Michelle M. Kirby. However, she didn't claim Carl as her children's father. 

Picture of Marie Riccio with her children
Caption: Picture of Marie Riccio with her children (Photo: Facebook)

Likewise, many sources claimed Carl Ruiz is the father of 2 children. It is still unclear about the biological father of Marie's children. Marie posts adorable photos of her kids on her social media pages on various occasions like birthdays. Her kids Robert and Michelle graduated from Madison Junior School in mid-2020.

Carl Ruiz Cause of Death

At the age of 44, Ruiz passed away in his sleep on September 21, 2019. His cause of death has been confirmed as an atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease according to the office of the Maryland Department of Health's chief medical examiner. 

Picture collection of Marie Riccio
Caption: Picture collection of Marie Riccio (Photo: The Mirror)

According to the TODAY show, Carl passed away in his sleep in Maryland while visiting friends.  Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease occurs when
"the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients from your heart to the rest of your body (arteries) become thick and stiff — sometimes restricting blood flow to your organs and tissues," 

Carl Ruiz Parents

Talking about his family background, he was born to a Columbian father and a Cuban mother. So, Ruiz was of mixed (Columbian & Cuban) ethnicity. He was the son of parents Yezzid Ruiz and Elisa Ruiz

Picture Carl Ruiz with his mom
Caption: Picture Carl Ruiz with his mom (Photo: People)

Carl's brother named George Ruiz credits their mother and grandmother's cooking for inspiring him. He completed his education at Collegiate School. Also, Ruiz had a classically-trained chef who graduated from New York City's Institute of Culinary Education.

Facts About Carl Ruiz

  • Ruiz's full name was Carl Albert Ruiz also known as Carl "The Cuban" Ruiz (April 4, 1975 – September 21, 2019). 
  • He was an American restaurant owner who became a celebrity chef after working as a judge on various US cooking competition television series on Food Network, such as Guy's Grocery Games and so on. 

Picture Carl Ruiz with ex-wife Marie Riccio
Caption: Picture Carl Ruiz with ex-wife Marie Riccio (Photo: Twitter)

  • Also, he won the most as a competitor raising money as part of various tournaments.
  • At the time of his death, Carl Ruiz had a net worth of $3 Million approximated.
  • Carl Ruiz had a height of 1.75 M or 175 CM or 5 feet 9 inches tall.