Laura Lasorda rose to popularity as the celebrity daughter of Tommy Lasorda. Her father Tommy was an American professional baseball pitcher as well as a manager.

Picture of Laura Lasorda with her mom
Caption: Picture of Laura Lasorda with her mom (Photo: Dodgers Photog Blog) 

Who is Laura Lasorda Parents? 

Laura Lasorda was born to the parents of Tommy Lasorda (father) and mother Jo Lasorda. She has yet to unveil her birth date, age, and early life.

Laura has American nationality and is of white ethnicity. Also, she has a sibling brother Tom Lasorda Jr. She appears to be an educated woman who completed secondary education at a local high school.

About Laura Lasorda Sibling

Laura Lasorda has a sibling brother named Tommy Lasorda Jr who was known as “Spunky”. Unfortunately, her brother died on June 3, 1991, due to complications related to AIDS. Tommy Jr was always thought to be gay. 

Picture of Laura Lasorda with her friend
Caption: Picture of Laura Lasorda with her friend (Photo: Getty Images)

His parents denied that his son was gay told his son died of cancer. Laura's parents named a gymnasium and youth center in memory of their son, Tom Jr, in Yorba Linda, California on September 7, in the year 1997.

Is Laura Lasorda Married? Her Husband

Laura Lasorda surely married and made her own family. However, she has kept details of her husband & kids private. Likewise, she has kept her personal life private away from the spotlight. She hasn't revealed the identity of her beloved husband or partner. Laura has kept love life as a major secret of her life. Surely, she has the capacity to comprehend love life.

Picture of Laura Lasorda mom and dad
Caption: Picture of Laura Lasorda mom and dad (Photo: heavy)

Without any information, we can't say Laura is a happily married woman and had her own family. Also, she is free from any rumors of controversy regarding her personal life. Laura has been living a low-profile life. Her parents have been married since 1950 and ended their blissful married life after the death of her dad Tommy in 2021. 

Living a Comfortable Life; Her dad Tommy Net Worth

Laura has been living a comfortable life since her childhood. Surely, she has collected a decent sum of money out of her mysterious career. However, information on Laura Lasorda's net worth and earnings is missing. But her dad Tommy Lasorda had an estimated net worth of  $15 Million at the time of his death. 

Laura's dad Tommy Lasorda in a classic car
Caption: Laura's dad Tommy Lasorda in a classic car (Photo: Orange Country Regsiter) 

He has collected this hefty sum of money out of his playing career. After his death, he left all his property and net worth up to his wife and daughter Laura. From his fruitful professional career, he earned a name as well as wealth. 

Laura Lasorda Father Tommy Death

At the age of 84, Tommy was hospitalized in New York City after suffering a heart attack. His heart attack was not considered to be overly serious and after treatment went became healthy. He was hospitalized for heart problems on November 8, 2020. Later it was reported to be "in serious condition" then he was intensive care.

Picture of Laura's dad Tommy Lasorda
Caption: Picture of Laura's dad Tommy Lasorda (Photo: ESPN)

After a week of his hospitalization, they made a public announcement and then taken out of the intensive care unit as his condition continued to improve. He entered sudden cardiac arrest at his home two days later and was rushed back to the hospital. Soon after, Tommy was pronounced dead at the age of 93. His prime cause of death was a heart condition or heart attack. Tommy was buried next to his son in Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California. 

Short Info of Laura Dad Tommy Lasorda

  • Well, Laura Lasorda came into the spotlight as the celebrity daughter of late American professional baseball pitcher and manager.
  • Her dad's full name is Thomas Charles Lasorda was an American professional baseball pitcher and manager (September 22, 1927 – January 7, 2021).
  • From the year 1976 to 1996, he managed the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). 
  • In the year 1997, Tommy was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager.  
  • From the years 1954 and 1955, he played in MLB for the Dodgers then played for the Kansas City Athletics in 1956.

Picture of Laura's dad Tommy Lasorda
Caption: Picture of Laura's dad Tommy Lasorda (Photo: 12UP)

  • Tommy became coached for the Dodgers from 1973 to 1976 before taking over as manager.
  • Working as a manager of the Dodgers, Tommy won two World Series championships. 
  • Also, he was named the Manager of the Year of the National League (NL) twice.
  • Tommy's uniform number 2 was retired by the Dodgers.