Francesca Nora Bateman rose to popularity after being born to celebrity parents. Likewise, her both parents, well-known actors in Hollywood.

Francesca Nora Bateman with her parents & sibling
Caption: Francesca Nora Bateman with her parents & sibling (Photo: Pinterest)

Francesca Nora Bateman Parents

Born to parents Jason Bateman (father) and mother Amanda Anka on 28 October 2006. Her birthplace is Los Angeles with the birth sign Libra. Her father Jason is an  American actor, director, and producer whereas her mother is an actress. 

Francesca Nora Bateman with her dad Jason & sister Maple
Caption: Francesca Nora Bateman with her dad Jason & sister Maple (Photo: closer weekly)

Francesca is of white ethnicity and having American nationality. Also, she has a sibling sister Maple Sylvie Bateman born on February 10, 2012. She is 6 years older than her sibling sister who shares a great relationship. Her aunts are Justine Bateman, Anthea Anka, Alexandra Anka, Amelia Anka, and Alicia Anka.

Relationship of Francesca Nora Bateman

This celebrity daughter surely will find her true love in the future. However, she shares a great relationship with her parents & siblings. Francesca's parents got married on 3rd July 2001. 

Her mother is the daughter of singer Paul Anka. However, they didn't share info about how and when their relationship started. Since 200, they have been living a blissful married life. 

Lavish life of Francesca Nora Bateman

Francesca Nora Bateman was born with silver spoon in her mouth. Since her birth, she has been living a lavish life out of her parents' money. Francesca's father Jason Bateman has a net worth of $30 Million

Francesca Nora Bateman's parents Jason & Amanda
Caption: Francesca Nora Bateman's parents Jason & Amanda (Photo: PopSugar) 

Her parents paid $3 million for a home in Beverly Hills in the year 2013. On the property, they proceeded to perform a massive renovation. Jason and Amanda bought the property next door for a bit under $2 million in the year 2018. 

Francesca Nora Eyes Color

Francesca Nora Bateman is a beautiful lady who has pair of brown eyes. However, there are rumors that she has different colored eyes but that is not true.

How Jason Bateman Ruined His Daughter's Childhood?

Her father Jason revealed how he ‘ruined his daughter’s childhood by revealing to her that the Easter egg bunny was not real, nor Santa and Tooth Fairy during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2018. 
“[She said,] ‘Daddy, here’s what I don’t understand. Bunnies don’t lay eggs, right?’ ” Bateman says. “And I’m like, ‘That’s true.’ And she said, ‘So I’m having a hard time putting a couple of things together here.’
Francesca Nora Bateman walking with her father Jason
Caption: Francesca Nora Bateman walking with her father Jason (Photo: Pinterest) 

And I said, ‘What’s the problem?’ And she said, ‘The Easter-egg Bunny: Not really, right?’ “ I said, ‘I’m pretty sure that’s real, honey. What do you mean?’ She goes, ‘I don’t think it’s real, and I don’t want you to lie to me right now because there are a few kids in my class who say that it’s not real, and I don’t want to be an idiot … Pinky promise with me right now that the Easter-egg Bunny is real.’ “


Facts About Francesca Nora Bateman Father

  • Francesca's father's full name is Jason Kent Bateman born January 14, 1969, in Rye, New York. 
  • Jason started acting on television in the early 1980s.
  • Bateman's mother, Victoria Elizabeth, a flight attendant, and father Kent Bateman American actor, writer, and director.
  • Also, his siblings' sister Justine Bateman is an actress. 
  • Jason has three half-brothers. 
  • He never finished high school due to not finishing his finals while filming Teen Wolf Too.
  • Also, Jason was managed by his father until Bateman was 20.
  • He won the celebrity portion of the Long Beach Grand Prix in the year 1987. 
  • Jason struggled with an addiction to alcohol and drugs throughout the 1990s. 
  • He is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.