Filmmaker and head writer of animation at Rooster Teeth, Miles Luna is popular for writing and directing Red vs Blue and RWBY. Also, he is the winner of two International Academy of Web Television Awards for Best Animated Series that include “RWBY”, “Camp Camp” and “Red vs Blue”.

Caption: Voice actor, Filmmaker, & Writer, Miles Luna (Photo: Instagram) 

Miles Luna Mother

On the 24th of April 1990, Miles Luna was born in Plano, Texas under the birth sign Taurus. He is the son of mother Becky Luna who worked as a teacher but her father's details missing. Miles Antony Luna is his full name. By nationality, Miles is an American citizen and is of Irish and Mexican ethnicity. 

But he with his family moved to San Antonio, Texas where Miles spent most of his formative years. Also, he has a siblings brother Dylan Luna born on 25 April 1994. While studying in high school he showcased his creative edge. Then Luna joined the University of Texas located in Austin, Texas where he study Liberal Arts.

Who is Miles Luna Dating? His Girlfriend

Miles Luna is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Eleanor Main. His girlfriend is well-known as “Ellie”. Miles met his lover while working together on the Rooster Teeth project. Actually, she is the director, editor, writer, and camera operator all at the same time for the Rooster Teeth project. 

For a long period of time, the couple had kept their relationship under wraps. However, they finally revealed it during a Twitch streaming session. The love birds are yet to be married and don’t plan for marriage as well. But they are having a blissful relationship together. 

Previously, Miles was in a relationship with Arryn Zech who is also a voice actress. In “RWBY”, his former girlfriend played the role of Blake then as Emily Grey in “Red vs Blue”. In the year 2012, the duo started dating each other. After three years of relationship, they, unfortunately, had broke up without mentioning any reasons in the year 2015.

What's Miles Luna Net Worth?

Miles Lina has an estimated net worth of $1.2 Million from his different work. Working as a Filmmaker, he might earn money around $50,956.

Then working as an animation writer, he might get money between $120,000 to $86,500. Surely, Miles prime source of earnings comes from working as a director, filmmaker, and voice actor.

Why did Miles Luna leave Rooster Teeth?

After 10 years of working with Rooster Teeth, Miles Luna will be leaving Rooster Teeth. He has announced this shocking news minutes ago on the Backward Compatible stream. 

However, Luna will continue to voice for Jaune and will be writing for RWBY. But other details are yet to be published regarding his next works or projects. 

What is the Height of Miles Luna?

Miles Luna has a height of 6 feet 2 inches or 1.8 m tall. he has a healthy body that weighs around 167 pounds or 76kg. Luna has light brown hair with brown eyes color. 


Miles started his career with Rooster Teeth as an assistant writer on the popular science fiction “Red vs Blue” mini-series during nine and ten seasons. Then he debuted in writing and was promoted by Burnie Burns into a dual writer and director role, which effectively gave him control over the entire “Red vs Blue” series. 

Then Luna created RWBY and RWBY Chibi with Monty Oum and Kerry Shawcross. He became the longest director and writer of “Red vs Blue” after 2016. After that, he passed the position to colleague Joe Nicolosi. 

Then Miles elaborates on this matter extensively in the “Red vs Blue; Goodbye and Hello” post on the Rooster Teeth official website. He has been the Head Writer of Animation at the company since the year 2015. His most recent achievements include “Camp Camp” and “Nomad of Nowhere”.

Career of Luna

Also, Miles is a talented voice actor, who has managed to bestow his talents upon many of Rooster Teeth’s hit shows. The most significant roles of Luna include Jaune Arc in both “RWBY” and “RWBY Chibi”, Cronut, Felic in “Red vs Blue”, and David in “Camp Camp”. 

All of these characters received significant praise from both fans and critics alike. Also, he is immensely talented at anything even remotely cartoon-related.