American stuntwoman and former actress, Janie Liszewski is well-known as the wife of Eddie Van Halen, the legendary singer, and songwriter. Also, she is a celebrated ballroom dancer, and entrepreneur as well.

American actress Janie Liszewski with her late husband Eddie Van Halen
Caption: American actress, Janie Liszewski with her late husband Eddie Van Halen (Photo: The List) 

Janie Liszewski's Sibling

In the year 1970, Janie Liszewski was born in Pennsylvania. She is a private person whose parents or family have yet to be out. 

Having American nationality, Janie is of Polish ethnicity. She had a sibling brother Tom Liszewski who died in June of 2020.


She enrolled at William S. Hart High School located in Santa Clarita, California. Also, she attended Miss Diane's School of Dance located in Kansas City, Missouri to become a dancer. Then she went ahead to pursue a career as a professional dancer. 

Is Janie Liszewski Still Married?

Janie Liszewski is single yet to be married again after the death of her beloved husband. She was happily married to her husband Eddie Van Halen. Her beloved husband Eddie was a legendary singer, and songwriter. 

Their love story started, when they met one another for the first time back in 2005. Then they started dating when she was Eddie's publicist at that period of time. The duo got engaged on 4th August 2008 and after a year of their engagement, they got married. 

Janie tied the wedding knot with Eddie Van Halen on 27th June 2009. Their lavish wedding ceremony was held in Halen's Studio City where limited guests were seen to witness the moment. Unfortunately, from their married life, they didn't share any kids. Janie's blissful married life ended after the death of her husband Eddie in the year 2020. 

Janie Liszewski's Husband Marriage Failure & Children

Janie's husband Eddie was previously married to actress, Valerie Bertinelli before tying wedding knots with Janie. Back in 1980, they met for the first time at a concert in Shreveport Louisiana. The duo got married in California after a year of dating.

After twenty-five years of marriage, the duo decided to choose separate paths in the year 2005. In the year 2007, the couple's divorce was finalized which headlined all of the news channels. The duo still shares one son Wolfgang Van Halen born on 16 March 1991 from their relationship. His son is also an American musician and the bassist for the American rock band, Van Halen who replaced the late Michael Anthony. 

Janie Liszewski's Husband Death

Janie Liszewski's husband Eddie Van Halen died at age of 65. On  6th October 2020, he took his last breath in Santa Monica, California at Saint John's Health Center. His prime cause of death was throat cancer which he battled for the past five years. 

But his last 72 hours were massively painful and cancer had moved to his brain as well as other organs. At the presence of his beloved wife, Janie, son, Wolfgang, his ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, and brother, Alex, Eddie died. 

What's Janie Liszewski's Net Worth? 

Janie Liszewski has an estimated net worth of $1 Million earned from her professional career. The average salary of a stunt woman is around $70,000. Also, she has been earning ranging from $21 thousand to $215 thousand working as an actress. 

However, Janie Liszewski's husband Eddie Van Halen had a net worth of $100 Million at the time of his death. He had earned this hefty sum of money from his musical career. 

Career Ups & Downs of Janie

After her studies, she started her career as a professional dancer. In various stage shows, she together with her mother performs. Then she started her career as a stunt woman. From the year 2001 to 2005, she has over 16 credits to her name for stunt projects.

Janie first worked as a stunt woman in the movie The Wedding Planner. Some of her other stunt credits include Mulholland Drive, Max Keeble's Big Move, Bubble Boy, and many more. Also, she has worked as an actress but is popular for her bar dancer role in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn in 1996.

Also, she featured in CSI: Miami in 2003 and The Third Society in 2002. Janie even faced accusations that she and Louie were involved romantically for posting a lot of content with the dancer and only a few pictures with her husband.