Leanne Goggins was a dog trainer but popular as the first wife of Walton Goggins, a successful Hollywood. He is well-known for great movies and TV series like Justified and The Hateful Eight.

Late Leanne Goggins with her former husband Walton Goggins
Caption: Late Leanne Goggins with her former husband Walton Goggins (Photo: Networth Height Salary)

Leanne Goggins Parents

In the year 1967, Leanne Goggins was born in Canada to American parents. She was the daughter of Peggy and Arnold Kaun. Also, she has a brother JayThere was not much info regarding her early life. 

But she had a number of health problems caused by jaundice while growing up. Due to her illness, she start school late, but she studied till college. 

Leanne Goggins Cause of Death

The main cause of Walton Goggins' wife Leanne Goggins death was suicide. On 12th November 2004, she jumped from the 17th floor of a Los Angeles story building. However, Leanne didn't pass away immediately. She took to a local hospital and the health worker couldn't save her life.

Leanne succumbed to her injuries. Then investigations started regarding the causes of her death. However, investigations concluded that her cause of death was suicide. Also, they couldn't find anything to signify foul play.

The investigation reports showed that Leanne was struggling with chronic depression. It might have been worsened by the divorce months earlier. It has been over 15 years since Leanne Goggins’ death and Walton has since moved on.

Leanne Goggins Married Life

Well, Leanne met her future husband Walton Goggins in the year 1999 during the filming of Shanghai Noon. In Canada, he worked alongside Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan in the movie. After dating for a year, Leanne exchanged the wedding vows with her husband Walton Goggins in the year 2001. 

She moved to Los Angeles after her marriage. Everything seems to be perfect in their relationship. However, after three years of their marriage, conflicts and misunderstanding between couples arise. Then things started to crumble in their marriage life. Eventually, they ended their married life with divorce in the year 2004. 

Also, she was unhappy living in Los Angeles and wished to go back to Canada. She did not seem to fit in the life of Hollywood’s rich and famous people. Also, she was negatively affected by the actor’s busy work schedule. Her photos were pulled down from the internet since the fall of her famous marriage. Walton stayed single for more than 5 years. Later, he married Nadia Conners, a filmmaker, in August 2011, and became the parents of a son Augustus Goggins

Who is Leanne Goggins Ex-Husband Walton Goggins?

Leanne ex-husband Walton Goggins real name is Walton Sanders Goggins Jr born on November 10, 1971. He is popular for his role as Shane Vendrell in The Shield from the year 2002 to 2008. Then he played Venus Van Dam in Sons of Anarchy, Boyd Crowder in Justified in 2010–2015, Clay Hawkins in Lincoln in 2012, and Billy Crash in Django Unchained in 2012. 

Some of his films credits include Chris Mannix in The Hateful Eight in the year 2015, Lee Russell in Vice Principals from the year 2016 to 2017, Lawrence in Maze Runner: The Death Cure in the year 2018, Mathias Vogel in Tomb Raider in the year 2018, and Sonny Burch in Ant-Man and the Wasp in the year 2018. 

Then he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Justified. In the year 2001, he produced and starred in the short film 'The Accountant' and won an Academy Award for Best Live Action in the short film category. 

What's Leanne Goggins Net Worth?

Leanne Goggins had earned an estimated net worth of $300, thousand at the time of her death. Surely, she has collected decent money from her working career. 

But her former husband Walton Goggins has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. Her achievements ensured Leanne decent wealth until her passing.


Leanne Goggins was a dog trainer by profession. She was passionate about dogs and shared a strong connection with them. In Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, she had managed a successful dog walking venture in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood

Also, Leanne enjoyed moments with the animals, including going for hikes, swimming, and parties. She had worked as a first advisor of Canyon News.