American alligator hunter, Glenn Guist rose to popularity after featuring in the reality show Swamp People aired on History Channel. Then he has become a reality television personality.

Captin: Television personality, Glenn Guist (Photo: Pinterest)

Who is Glenn Guist's Brother? 

Usually, Glenn Guist celebrates his birthday on the 8th of February who was born in the year 1958. He is the son of parents Hubert Guist and Bonnie Albritton. His birthplace is Gonzales, Louisiana. Having American nationality, Glenn Guist is of white ethnicity.

He has 4 siblings Hubert Guist Jr, Mitchell, Tonya, and Daniel Guist. He along with his family then relocated to Conway Bayou Louisiana where they settled. He and his siblings' brother Mitchell developed an unbroken bond between them.

How Did Glenn Guist Learn Art of Alligator Hunting? 

Glenn Guist and his brother Mitchell learned the art of alligator hunting from their father. Both of them chose a lifestyle of living off the land of their father. 
Also, their father taught them the rare art of survival in the wild from the early days. 

Who is Glenn Guist's Wife?

Glenn Guist doesn't have a wife and never dated anyone. So, he never got married who is single till now. Glenn spent all his life in the swamp with his family. Also, he doesn't think of dating or married. So he hasn't any interest in making a family of his own. 

Glenn also keeps his personal life private and hasn't mentioned his love life in the media. The reality television personality is living single and doesn't have a wife. 

What's Glenn Guist's Net Worth?

Glenn Guist has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand as mentioned by different reports. He has collected decent worth by featuring in ” Swamp People”.
For showing his hunting adventures, he gets a well-paid cheque. Glenn Guist doesn't have any house but he with his late brother lives on a houseboat. 

Glenn Guist Brother Death

Glenn Guist brother passed away on 14 May 2012 and many of his fans shocking when his death was announced. Glenn's brother's cause of death of nature is most probably a heart attack according to the History Channel announcement. 

At the time of his death, he was doing what he knew best, actually building a houseboat near Pierre Part on the Belle River. Then medical report said he had a seizure which resulted in him falling off the boathouse. A responder called 911 and then helps arrived at the scene of the incident but all efforts to resuscitate him failed and the local hospital pronounced Mitchell dead. 

His brother Mitchell was born on 18 May 1964 and died at the age of 47 just four days away from clocking up at 48. Then Mitchell's body was placed in Lusk Cemetery in Gonzales on 19 May 2012. His death mostly affected Glenn who was very close to him. 


Glenn Guist depends on the swamp for his livelihood and learned hunting skills from his father. He has been a gator hunter all his life before he made an appearance in Swamp People. In Louisiana, he worked with his family in the Conway Bayou. 

He has been living in the swamp since his childhood. Then he along with his brother started featured as the regular cast member of the reality series, Swamp People. In the show, he has been since the second season of the series. Also, he is still going strong in the show. He is one of the few people who survived the management change in the year 2016.

Also, he has a personalized merchandise store alongside his work on Swamp people. Glenn has the excellent skill of hunting in the wild, primarily to teach people how to capture the dangerous alligators shown in the show.

In the year 2011, he and his brother Mitchell made their debut and were featured as skilled hunters in Season 2 of the “Swamp People”. The brother's debut is entitled “Two Captains, One Family”. 

Where is Glenn Guist Now? Is He Still Alive? 

Glenn Guist is still alive but living a low-profile life. However, many fans of the “Swamp People” show thought, he wouldn’t be coming back to the show but he did return.

He featured in the eleventh season of Swamp People aired on January 23, 2020. Glenn is continuing working in the “Swamp People” show carrying of a bot he and his late brother Mitchell's passion for Gator hunting. And we believe, Glenn will for a long time. At present, he is living in his houseboat. 

Glenn Guist's Eye

The audiences are more than curious to know what’s wrong with Glenn Guist eyes. He has tarnished eyes which are deep blue in one and dark brown on the other. 

He wears glasses but details behind the coloration of his eyes are still to be discovered. As per reports, the difference in the color of his eyes seems to have happened from Heterochromia Iridis.