British author, Simon Reeve is a well-known television presenter popular for his travel documentaries. Also, he has featured in the BBC television series Tropic of Cancer, Equator, and Tropic of Capricorn. Also, he is the winner of the World Broadcasting Trust Award.

British author, Simon Reeve
Caption: British author, Simon Reeve (Photo: The Guardian)

Is Simon Reeve Australian?

Well, there is another Australian Simon Reeve who is also a television presenter and journalist, best known for his association with the Seven Network. But today we are going to talk about English Author & television presenter Simon Reeve born on 21 July 1972 in Hammersmith, England. So his ethnicity is English, having British nationality. 

Simon Reeve;s teenage picture with his dad
Caption: Simon Reeve's teenage picture with his dad  (Photo: Daily Mail)

His birth name is Simon Alan Reeve. He grew up along with his sibling brother James Reeve in West London. His brother James is a professional photographer. He completed his comprehensive school in West London. Then he joined Twyford Church of England High School located in London, England. Reeve also attended Highbury College located in Portsmouth, England.

How many languages does Simon Reeve Speak?

Author Simon Reeve can only speak the English language but his books are translated into over 20 languages. But many people think he can speak many languages because he is popular for his travel documentaries. So now, we can say that he only knows one language.

Who is Simon Reeve Wife? His Kids

Author, Simon Reeve is still happily married to his wife. Anya Reeve is the name of Simon's wife. His wife Anya is a television camerawoman and campaigner. The duo surely met while working together. But they are yet to reveal how their love story started. Also, the couple hide the record of when and where they tied the wedding knot. 

Simon Reeve with his wife Anya Reeve
caption: Simon Reeve with his wife Anya Reeve (Photo: Daily Mail)

Simon is the father of a son Jake Reeve shared with his wife. Simon and his spouse Anya have been living a blissful married life. He is yet to be part of rumors because of his personal life. 

Where Does Simon Reeve Live?

Currently, Simon with his family lives in Devon, exploring natural beauty. In an interview with the Guardian, he revealed 
“I miss London loads. I was born and bred there. “I moved to Dartmoor six years ago, mainly because my wife slightly forced me. “It was a chance to do the middle-class midlife thing of making a go of it somewhere remote. “It’s a bit testing but my lad loves it. He has a bushcraft knife, a large dog and lots of space. I can’t take that away from him.”
Simon Reeve with his wife Anya & their son
Caption: Simon Reeve with his wife Anya & their son (Photo: Facebook)


In the same interview, he revealed  

“Everybody needs to be pushed out of their comfort zone. “Otherwise, you don’t feel alive. But to get out of situations in places, I’ve claimed sickness, religious faith, cultural requirements or a sudden limp. “In the Caucasus mountains, people were physically pushing me to do the first dance at a wedding. “It was a very uncomfortable moment. I don’t dance and I’m not starting at a bloody wedding.”  

Simon moved out of London to live somewhere more remote away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights with his wife and son.

What is Simon Reeve Net Worth?

British Author, Simon Reeve has a net worth of around $1.5 Million as per reports. Also, he is earning a handsome sum of money working as an author. Also, he became best selling author and BBC documentary presenter. 

Picture of Simon Reeve sitting in a room
Caption: Picture of Simon Reeve sitting in a room (Photo: Daily Mail)

Also, he with his wife lives in a lavish house that costs over a million. His net worth will surely increase as he is still engaging in his professional career.

Simon Reeve Height

This handsome author stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches i.e 1.91 m tall. Simon has brown hair color with greenish-blue colored eyes.

Simon Reeve TV Shows & Books

After leaving school, Simon has done work in a supermarket, a jewelry shop, and a charity shop. In his spare time, Reeve began writing and researching, and working as a post boy at a British newspaper. After a long struggle path, he then started making travel documentaries for the BBC. Also, his travel documentaries became the best travel television programs enlisted by  Lonely Planet Publications travel editor Tom Hall.

Caption: Picture of Simon Reeve while traveling (Photo: The Mirror) 

Simon featured in the television series Meet the Stans in the year 2003. Also, he has written and presented the documentary House of Saud in 2004 and filmed inside Saudi Arabia. Simon has appeared in different shows such as The Americas with Simon Reeve, Explore, Tropic of Cancer, Indian Ocean, Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve, the Caribbean with Simon Reeve, Ireland with Simon Reeve, and so on. 

Also, he has worked as an author. Then Simon published books such as The New Jackals, One Day in September, and Tropic of Capricorn and translated into over 20 languages.