Ellen Hamilton Latzen is a former child actress who came into the limelight after playing the role of Ellen Gallagher in the film 'Fatal Attraction'. Then she is also well-known for her performances in Mr. North, Boys Life 2, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Family Ties.

Caption: Former Actress, Ellen Hamilton Latzen (Photo: Instagram) 

Ellen Hamilton Latzen Parents

Ellen Hamilton Latzen is the daughter of parents Bob Latzen (father) and mother Anne Hamilton. Her birth date is July 26, 1980, under the birth sign Leo. Her father Bob worked as a salesman and her mother Anne a web designer. But her parents ended their married life with divorce when she was 4-years-old. 

Ellen has an American nationality and is of white ethnicity. She has two siblings sisters Amy Latzen and Elena Latzen. She enrolled at a Vermont boarding school located in Rockingham, Vermont. Then she attended the California College of Arts located in the San Francisco Bay Area. After that, she attended New York University located in New York City.

Is Ellen Hamilton Latzen Married?

Well, this former actress Ellen Hamilton Latzen is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Dave Baum. But Ellen is yet to make her beau Dave her husband officially. So, she is yet to be married. Regardless of being carried on with a clandestine life, she posted a couple of pictures with her beau.

As per her Instagram, she met her future husband Dave unexpectedly at Phish's yearly Labor Day run at Dick's. In the year 2015, the couple started dating each other From that point forward they are together and have a solid holding. Right now, the duo is neither engaged nor shares any plans of getting married.

She posted an image with her beau on her Instagram and wished him on their two years commemoration on September 7, 2017. Ellen and Dave have a delighted relationship cheerfully with no separation bits of gossip. We hope their relationship goes like this and soon get married.

What's Ellen Hamilton Latzen Net Worth? 

Ellen Hamilton Latzen has brought in a fair amount of cash working as a child actress previously. But now, she isn't active in the entertainment industry. Ellen Hamilton Latzen has earned an estimated net worth of $13.5 million. Also, she acquires a salary of around $100,000 every year, when she was active in the entertainment industry.

Ellen has featured in hit moves and tv series collected an attractive measure of cash for her work. Then she featured in the film 'Lethal Attraction' which collected worth around $320.1 million at the box office against the production budget of $14 million.

Also, she appeared in the film "The Equalizer" which gathered worth $192.3 million at the box office. The production budget of the film around $55 to 73 million. Ellen showed up in the film "Public Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" which gathered worth around $71.3 million at the box office against the production budget of $25 million. Ellen is carrying on with an extravagant life who dwells in Los Angeles.

Is Ellen Hamilton Latzen still Active in Her Acting? 

Ellen Hamilton Latzen is not currently active in the acting field. After she enrolled at a Vermont boarding school she quit acting for focusing on her study. Also, she once said "If somebody were to recognize me now, I'd be very impressed" when asked about her retirement.  

Ellen had been out of the industry for more than decades. When questioned asked about her come back,
“It would’ve been a lot of effort to get back into it, and I wasn’t really ready to do that. And even though I loved acting and was passionate about it, at that point, I really wanted to be another person, and I decided to walk away,” Ellen explained.


What is the Height of Ellen Hamilton Latzen?

Ellen is a former actress who has a healthy body. She stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches or 1.5 meters tall. While her body weighs around 76kgs i.e 167 pounds. Ellen has black colored hair with dark brown eyes color.

Current Career of Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Currently, she has been working as a podcaster. The former actress is now producing a podcast titled "Watched as for Now". The show is all about her experiences working as a child actor. Mainly, she discussed the life of a child involved in the acting business 

Career Highlights

Ellen started her acting career all thanks to her mother. At the age of 6, her mother took Ellen to acting auditions when she saw an advertisement in the paper. Then she audiences hopes for a new experience in her daughter's life. She was not sure about her audition also she thought her acting skills weren't pretty enough for the role.

But she got the role of the daughter of Michael Douglas and Anne Archer's daughter beating thousands of other girls in the movie Fatal Attraction. Ellen was active in the acting field for around a decade from the year 1987 to 1997. During her active career. she had worked in 6 films and TV series altogether. But she retired from the acting career to focus on her study.