In the USA election for the New President held in 2020. So there is a high chance of a New President being elected. According to reports, Joe Biden is in the lead beating Trump in the current election. So he might become President of the USA. 

Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden
Caption:Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden

Will Jill Biden Be the First Lady of the USA?

According to reports, Jill Biden will become the next  First Lady of the USA. It is certain now her husband Joe Biden secures victory over Donald Trump in the tightest US election race in 20 years. She has been a strong force behind her husband of more than 40 years. So Jill Biden will be the new First Lady of the USA. 

Who is Jill Biden?

In June 1951, Jill Jacobs born in  New Jersey to American parents. She is the oldest children among her five sisters and grew up in the Philadelphia suburb of Willow Grove. Having American nationality, Jill is of mixed ethnicity. 

She was married to former college football player Bill Stevenson before marrying her current husband Joe Biden. The couple wedded the Democratic presidential nominee in 1977, more than four years after his first wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident. He has proposed to her five times before she accepted.

Jill helped Joe raise his surviving sons, Beau - who later died of brain cancer in May 2015, at the age of 46. Then the couple shared a daughter Ashley, born in 1981.