British television presenter, Sarah Stirk is working as a reporter on Sky Sports Golf. Also, she has featured on sports news for the BBC News Channel, BBC World News, and Sports Today as well. She is the ambassador of Sky Sports Golf as well.

British television presenter, Sarah Stirk
Caption: British television presenter, Sarah Stirk

Sarah Stirk's Parents

On June 15, 1978, Sarah Stirk was born to parents Ken Stirk (father) and mother Anne Stirk. Her birthplace is England, the United Kingdom, and her birth sign is Gemini. She is close to her family and tweeted ‘Happy mother’s day on the occasion of mother’s day on her Twitter. 

Sarah Stirk clicking selfie with her mom Anne
Caption: Sarah Stirk clicking selfie with her mom Anne (Photo: Instagram)

Having British nationality, Stirk is of English ethnicity. She has siblings brother named Ed James. Her brother is an English disc maneuver, broadcaster, and journalist by his profession.

How Much Is Sarah Stirk's Net Worth?

The journalist has been earning more than the average salary from her working career. According to reports, the average salary of a television presenter on the BBC is between $331,000-$396,000. Sarah Stirk's net worth is estimated at around $2 million

Picture of Sarah Stirk riding the bicycle

Also, she has sold her luxury agency Xclusive Golf to from which she has earned a hefty sum of money. Also, she is working for different news channels earning a handsome sum of money. So, without any doubt, Stirk is living a luxurious life out of her earnings. 

Is Sarah Stirk Married? Her Partner

Sarah is still not married neither she has a partner. But it is the most asked or searched question by her fans. Probably she is single and has yet to make someone her partner. Stirk has kept personal life and relationship matters secret until now.

Sarah Stirk posing for picture of with her co-host
Caption: Sarah Stirk posing for pictures of with her co-host (Photo: Instagram)

It does not mean that Sarah is without any special one in her life, maybe it’s that it has not been known to the mainstream media yet. Stirk is in a relationship with her partner according to recent reports. She has kept her relationship status still under wraps. 

Sarah Stirk posing for picture of with her friend
Caption: Sarah Stirk posing for a picture of with her friend (Photo: Instagram)

There were several rumors regarding Sarah's relationships in the past but none of them was true. The journalist hasn't revealed her past or present affairs and relationship to the public. Stirk often dodges the questions regarding her love life.

Sarah Stirk Having Baby; Her Kids

Well, Sarah Strik having a baby son via IVF, not with her partner. Also, she is still not married nor has a partner. So, she didn't have a child with her partner. Sarah bravely announced that she was pregnant with her first child through IVF. She said;

Picture of Sarah Stirk showing baby bump
Caption: Picture of Sarah Stirk showing baby bump (Photo: Instagram)

“I knew I wanted to be a mum and, because of my age, I kind of had to get on with it."

Then she added 

“I didn’t really want to wait any longer.” It’s been a “brutal” process 

Due to her upbringing, Sarah has always shown strength when facing challenges. On the IVF process, Sarah said 
"I’m lucky that it worked first time for me as the whole thing is just horrendous."


Sarah Stirk clicking selfie showing baby bump
Caption: Sarah Stirk clicking selfie showing baby bump (Photo: Instagram)

Also, she added 

"After the initial excitement of “my god, I’m pregnant!” I was really quite low in the first trimester." "The difficulty of IVF emotionally and physically is something that’s not publicized enough. "A lot of the advice and help you need just isn’t there."


Who is the Father of  Sarah Stirk's Baby?

At present, Sarah Stirk hasn't mentioned the name of her baby's father. However, she opens up about her son's father when he is born. Sarah's said
"The sperm donor isn’t anonymous, so he’ll have the option when he’s older to seek out his dad."

Is Sarah Stirk Lesbian?

The Sky Sports Golf presenter, Stirk came out publicly as a lesbian after the first life-changing moment happened this summer. After struggling with sexuality during her 20s, she kept it a secret professionally. She says

Sarah Stirk posing for a picture
Caption: Sarah Stirk posing for a picture (Photo: Instagram)

“It’s taken me a long time to be comfortable, “But my big thing over the last few years has been trying to be more honest, transparent and authentic. "I want to be completely myself, because for so many years I wasn’t at all.”

Valentine Day of Sarah Stirk with Secret Partner

In the year 2018, Sarah Stirk shares "Happy Valentine's Day" with her supposedly secret partner. But many people assumed Sarah to be single and lonely. She has shared a photo of a coffee with a heart made out of cream. 

Picture of Sarah Stirk with her friend
Caption: Picture of Sarah Stirk with her friend (Photo: Instagram)

Stirk wished “Happy Valentine’s Day” via Instagram post, but it was unknown with whom she had the coffee date. However, she didn’t include if the photo was dedicated to any person or was just a joke.

Her Books & Membership

Also, Stirk has worked as a writer. She has been contributing to several golfing publications such as Golf International and A Place in the Sun. 

Sarah is a member of British television journalist stubs, BBC World News, and Year of birth missing (living people).

Career of Sarah Stirk

She began her broadcasting career with the prominent football team, Manchester United on MUTV. Stirk worked as a presenter on BBC’s East Midlands Today. After two years, she left working for BBC and started covering the PGA Golf Tour on the now-defunct Setanta Golf. In the year 2019, she began working as a sports news presenter for the BBC on the BBC News Channel in the UK and BBC World News. 

Picture of Sarah Stirk reporting
Caption: Picture of Sarah Stirk reporting  (Photo: Instagram)

Stirk was the host of the television news show “East Midlands Today” during her service at BBC. Also, she has reported on the Open Championship on the radio. She became part of the team on Radio 5 live‘s coverage of the PGA Championship and Scottish Open in the year 2010. 

Picture of Sarah Stirk talking interview
Caption: Picture of Sarah Stirk talking interview (Photo: Instagram)

Sarah has a passion for sports, travel, fitness, business, and personal development. Also, she is an aspiring drummer. Stirk has launched a Women’s Leadership Summit sponsored by the R&A.

What is the Height of Sarah Stirk?

Sarah Stirk has a height of 1.6 m or 5 feet 6 inches. While her body weighs around 127 pounds. Sarah has blonde color hair with blue eyes color.