American actress, SanDee Pitnick is popular for her appearance in the 1980 film, Hardly Working, and portrayed the character of a dancer. But in her life also, she is a dancer. She has come to be known through her marriage with the late multi-faceted Hollywood star, Jerry Lewis.

Picture of American Dancer & Actress, SanDee Pitnick
Caption: Picture of American Dancer & Actress, SanDee Pitnick

SanDee Pitnick Bio

In the year 1951, SanDee Pitnick was born in the United States to American parents. 

According to reports, she grew up in a middle-class American family. Having American nationality, Pitnick is of mixed ethnicity

Is SanDee Pitnick Married? 

Pitnick's love story with Jerry started when they first met with the comic star in the early ‘80s. But Jerry was still married to his first wife Patti Palmer. But their marriage lasted from 1944 to September 1980 and both went their separate ways. After the divorce, SanDee's relationship started with Jerry. Actually, he proposed to her after years of dating and she happily accepted the proposal. 

SanDee Pitnick with her husband Jerry Lewis in their wedding dress
Caption: SanDee Pitnick with her husband Jerry Lewis in their wedding dress (Photo: Getty Images)

On 13th February 1983, SanDee tied the wedding vows with her husband Jerry Lewis. Their wedding ceremony was held at Key Biscayne, Florida. After their marriage, the couple lived happily together sharing life's ups and downs. 

SanDee Pitnick with her late husband Jerry Lewis
Caption: SanDee Pitnick with her late husband Jerry Lewis (Photo: Heavy)

SanDee lived with her husband Jerry for over 34 years until Lewis passed away in the year 2017. Now, she is a widow who lives a single life. After her husband's died she didn't remarry again. SanDee lived a single life after the death of her beloved husband. So, we can say, SanDee Pitnick isn't married now. 

Does SanDee Pitnick Have Any Biological Kids?

Unfortunately, SanDee reportedly suffered two miscarriages then only they decided to adopt a child together. So, SanDee Pitnick doesn't have any biological children. The couple adopted a beautiful girl named Danielle Sara Lewis born on the 24th of March 1992. Actually, she is the stepmother of 6 children prior to the arrival of their daughter Danielle.

SanDee Pitnick with her late husband Jerry Lewis & daughter Danielle
Caption: SanDee Pitnick with her late husband Jerry Lewis & daughter Danielle (Photo: Getty Images)

Her husband Lewis shared six children with his first wife, Patti Palmer. The six children of her husband Jerry are Gary Lewis, an American musician born on 31 July 194, Scott Lewis born on 22 February 1956, Christopher Lewis born in October 1957, Anthony Joseph Lewis born in October 1959, and Joseph Christopher Lewis born in January 1964. But Joseph died on the 24th of October 2009 because of a narcotics overdose. Also, he adopted a son named Ronald Steven Lewis in the year 1949 with his first wife. 

Is SanDee Pitnick Alive?

This actress SanDee Pitnick is still alive yet to be dead. But her husband Jerry passed in August 2017. He died at the age of 91. Her husband Jerry's actual cause of death was said to be cardiac-related disease.

Picture of SanDee Pitnick's late spouse Jerry Lewis
Caption: Picture of SanDee Pitnick's late spouse Jerry Lewis (Photo: Mediaite)

He passed away in the early morning at his home in Las Vegas. The actor had suffered from various ailments including prostate cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, type 1 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases before his death. So, SanDee is still alive and kicking. 

SanDee Pitnick Husband Jerry

SanDee Pitnick's husband Jerry Lewis nicknamed "The King of Comedy" was an American comedian, actor, singer, filmmaker, and humanitarian. He was born on March 16, 1926, and died on August 20, 2017. He had featured in over 60 films and live performances.

SanDee Pitnick with her spouse Jerry Lewis
Caption: SanDee Pitnick with her spouse Jerry Lewis (Photo: Express Digest)

Also, he worked as a director, producer, and screenwriter appeared in numerous television programs and released album recordings as a singer. He helped to develop and popularize "video assist" that apparatus enabling film directors to see what had been shot without waiting for developed film footage.

What is SanDee Pitnick's Net Worth?

After the death of her husband Jerry, she inherits all the property of her late husband. Also, Lewis left his estate to SanDee and their daughter, hence omitting his other children from his will. So, we can say that SanDee Pitnick has an estimated net worth of $50 million left by her husband at the time of his death. 

SanDee Pitnick sitting inside the car with husband Jerry
Caption: SanDee Pitnick sitting inside the car with husband Jerry (Photo: Getty Images)

Jerry was well-known for his outstanding comedy and acting style and his films have earned over $800 million at the box office. Also, he provides $450,000 annually to support his first wife and their children. Pitnick has been living a comfortable life & must have earned a decent sum of money out of her professional career. 

Career of SanDee Pitnick 

SanDee is an occasional actress who doesn't feature in many films after looking into her professional career. She featured in the movies and shows in the production of her late husband. In the year 1980, she gained wide popularity when she portrayed the role of a dancer in the American comedy film, Hardly Working. 

Picture of SanDee Pitnick
Caption: Picture of SanDee Pitnick (Photo: FameChain)

This film was also made under the production of her late husband Jerry Lewis. Then she featured in an episode of her husband’s TV show, Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon in the year 2005, and Telethon in the year 2014.

Dancing Career

SanDee was passionate about dancing from a very young age. In the early 30s, she used to perform as a dancer on the stages of Las Vegas. The actress Pitnick follows her passion for long enough. Now she is enjoying her retired life in the entertainment field.