British journalist, Martine Croxall is one of the main news presenters on BBC News. Also, she was the BBC's main presenter on the November 2015 Paris attacks. Likewise, Croxall has amazing speaking skills and a unique way of delivering the news has really attracted more viewers than expected.

British Journalist, Martine Croxall
Caption: British Journalist, Martine Croxall

Martine Croxall Parents

On 23rd February 1969, Martine Croxall was born as Martine Sarah Croxall in Hinckley, United Kingdom. Her birth sign is Pisces. She has a sibling whose name is missing. Also, she grew up in Stoke Golding located in the east of MIRA. Martine's father operated the Croxall Hosiery. Having British nationality, Croxall is of English ethnicity.

She joined the independent Bablake School located in Coventry. She actively participated in activities like HOckey, athletics, and school players during her school days. Martine joined the University of Leeds after completing her school education. Also, she got graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in B.A. Honorary and studied economies, economic history, sociology, and philosophy.

Is Martine Croxall Married?

This journalist, Martine Croxall is happily married to her husband Stephen Morris. In the year 2000, she tied the wedding vows with her husband Morris. Croxall's husband Morris is working as the managing director as well as a founder of the Facilitator Agency. She lives a very secretive lifestyle and details regarding her personal life and relationship details are limited.

This journalist Croxall rarely shows up and barely talks about her personal life as well. From their married life, she became the mother of two kids. Martine is the mother of a son born in March 2002 and a daughter in June 2004 shares with her husband. But she is yet to reveal the name of their children name. The family of 4 lives happily in St. Albans. Martine and Stephen's relationship going pretty strong as husband and wife. 

What's Happened to Martine Croxall Wedding Ring? 

Currently, Martine Croxall stopped wearing her wedding ring, and now no wedding ring on her figure. After that, the rumors of her divorce started and people think she is no longer married to her husband and is single now. The journalist, Martine always wears her wedding ring until 2018.

But the journalist Martine hasn't confirmed the news of her divorce. It is still a mystery whether she's parted ways or is still together with her spouse's husband. Also, she uploads only work-related posts on her social sites.

What's Martine Croxall Net Worth?

The journalist Martine has been earning more than the average salary working on the BBC Network. The average salary of a BBC journalist is around £35,981 i.e $47,476 dollars. Martine Croxall has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as per reports.

Croxall's hard work has earned her fame as well as wealth. For sure, her net worth will surely rise higher in her upcoming career. Also, she is one of the top journalists earning more than the average salary. Martine surely lives a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. 

What is the Height of Martine Croxall? 

The beautiful journalist, Martine has a slim body figure. She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall. While her body weighs around 68 kg. She has blonde hair color with blue color eyes. 

Martine Croxall Holds Back Tears as she announces the death of Prince Philip

The BBC presenter Martine Croxall holds back tears as she announces the death of Prince Philip. Also, she broke the news of the death of Prince Philip and appeared to hold back tears as she made the announcement live on air. 

Martine also switches outfits and wears black to announce Prince Philip’s death live on TV. She was seen delivering the news wearing a brown, long-sleeve dress with a gold necklace before the news broke.


After gaining work experience from BBC Radio Leicester, she started working as a Journalism at BBC. Croxall went to work at a BBC regional news program East Midland Today, Newsroom South East, and a filler program on BBC One’s digital version, UK Today. Currently, she is working as a news presenter at the prestigious domestic news channel BBC News Channel

Also, she sometimes appears to present international news on BBC World News. On 30th October, she started presenting World News Today. Now, she is one of the main presenters on the BBC network. She is well-known for her presentation on the Parris attacks for the BBC. Then she became the main presenter on the Paris attacks in November 2015. Martine is said to be a wise news presenter who wisely handled the situation of beginning the bulletins with an empty chair.

Her Charity Work

She has been presenting the audience with various sorts of News in her many years of journalism. Besides her professional career, she actively engages in volunteer work. Croxall worked as a governor of Babington Community College, Leicester, for almost two years. Also, she was the chairman of trustees in the Community Playgroup. 

It is a charitable trust for community preschool for child protection, recruiting and managing staff, and fundraising and grant applications to students. Also, she helped primary school students in reading and learning maths for almost nine years during her free time. Martine still gives career advice at various Universities and schools.