Finlay Glen just grabbed the media attention for being a celebrity kid. He is popular as the only son of Scottish actor, Iain Glen, and his ex-wife, Susannah Harker. His father Iain is popular for starring as Dr. Alexander Isaacs/Tyrant in three films of The Resident Evil film series (2004–2016). His mother Susannah is popular for her as Jane Bennet in the six-episode 1995 British TV drama, Pride and Prejudice.

Iain Glen's son Finlay Glen
Caption: Iain Glen's son Finlay Glen 

Finlay Glen Parents

In the year 1994, Finlay Glen was born in Scotland. He is the son of father Iain Glen, and mother, Susannah Harker. Both of his parents are well-known actors. Having Scottish nationality, Finlay is of English ethnicity. 

His grandparents were Polly Adams and Richard Owens, both of them are worked in the entertainment industry. He has an uncle named Hamish Glen and aunty Caroline Harker. Finlay's cousins are Anemone Georgiana Calf, Cecilia Ann L Calf, and Louise Emma Calf. He has completed his education in Scotland but the info on his educational background missing. 


Who is Finlay Glen Siblings?

He is the elder brother of two sisters but he does not have any biological siblings. Finlay has two half-sisters from his dad's second marriage to Charlotte Emmerson. Her step-mother Emmerson is an English actress who voiced Sypha Belmont in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate.

Picture of Finlay's dad Iain with sibling Mary
Caption: Picture of Finlay's dad Iain with sibling Mary (Photo: Twitter)

She is the step-brother of Mary Glen born in 2007. Then his 2nd half-sibling Juliet Glen in the year 2012. Also he good relationship with his two half-siblings' sister. 

Is Finlay Glen Married?

The celebrity son Finlay is yet to be married. So he is single yet to make someone his wife. The actor Finlay might be dating someone privately as he is one of the good-looking and dashing guys. Also, he has never revealed much about his private love affairs with any social media sites. 

Picture of Iain Glen
Caption: Picture of Iain Glen (Photo: Twitter)

He seems to be living a happy single life without dating a girlfriend at the current moment. Finlay maintains a close relationship with his divorced parents beside his private life. He with his father Iain is often spotted attending football matches. Finlay's parents are actually really supportive of his choices.

Relationship of Finlay Glen Parents

His parents are no more together but share a good relationship after divorce also. Finlay's parents first met on the set of The Fear in the year 1987. The duo got married in the year 1993 after dating for a  half-decade. 

Picture of Finlay's mom and dad
Caption: Picture of Finlay's mom and dad (Photo: MarriedCeleb)

Then they became parents of a son and lived joyfully for an extended marital period until their separation in 2004. The pair officially ended their matrimony after 11 years of wedding.

Reason for Finlay Glen Parents Divorce

The main reason for his parents' divorce is believed to be the closeness of his father with another lady named Nicole Kidman. They performed naked on the set of The Blue Room and rumors of the affair started. His father Iain dismissed the rumor but the speculation. 

Iain Glen with his wife Charlotte Emmerson
Caption: Iain Glen with his wife Charlotte Emmerson (Photo: Twitter)

But rumors of their relationship resurfaced again after he started comforting Nicole after the breakup of the marriage to her boyfriend, Tom Cruise. His mother  Although Susannah kept defending her husband in public, his closeness with Nicole had already shaken the foundation of their relationship. 

Iain mentioned,
 “Both Susie and I would say that we have no idea whether we will be together for the rest of our lives.”
His parents' relationship failed to save their married life despite several attempts. 

What's Finlay Glen's Net Worth? 

The celebrity son Finlay has been involved in some sorts of their works. But he is yet to reveal his professional career. So, Finlay Glen's net worth is yet to be revealed in the media. But he is living a luxurious life as a celebrity son. Also, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 

Picture of Finlay's father Iain sitting inside the car
Caption: Picture of Finlay's father Iain sitting inside the car (Photo: Pinterest)

But his father Iain Glen has an estimated net worth of $3 million according to celebrity net worth. Reportedly,  he has earned $100,000 per episode for his role as Ser Jorah Mormont in the HBO fantasy TV series Game of Thrones from the year 2011 to 2019. His mother Susannah Harker has an estimated net worth of $10 million

Is Finlay Glen Actor? 

The celebrity son Finlay Glen is yet to be involved in the entertainment field. It is up to him whether to follow in his parents' footsteps or not. 

Finlay Glen sitting in a sofa
Caption: Finlay Glen sitting on a sofa (Photo: Celebrities InfoSeeMedia)

Currently, he might be engaged in some sort of profession. So he is yet to be an actor. But his father Iain and mother Susannah are some of the popular actors in the Hollywood industry.